Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back Online, Post-Move Debrief; added 05-03-2007 update

I am connected again, both phone and internet run off the same coaxial "cablevision" cable. The Asian skinheaded installer with the grotesque tatoos on his arms took over an hour; the difficulty was having the intercom system connected (twisted pair line) to the cablevison line. But because the typical phone outlet was on was on the N. side of the hallway, and the "cablevision" on the S. side, he had to run a physical line to connect them that crossed the bathroom door, the entrance door and the closets. This is similar to the in-pavement street wirings the perps undertake, except that they now have me similarly covered right in my own apartment. Of course I wasn't allowed to contemplate what he had planned, per designed cluelessness, a condition that is becoming more prevalent of late.

He made sure to do his head bobbing, the round hairless one that it was. And I suspect, the perps made me look at it more than I wanted to, as I am quite sure that they control nearly every aspect of my attention. This is based on the fact that "I" look at the strangest things or places when I am engaged in another activity. This is another example of changed behavior since the assholes invaded my life, Before Over Harassment, or BOH as I call it.

He also did his slow clothing change, a move that repeats in many instances these days. This usually occurs where I have extended contact with someone, say for more than ten minutes. They almost always take off, or put on, and item of clothing in my presence. In the former instance, they usually remove a grey or neutral colored clothing item, often to reveal a T-shirt which exposes their arms, which may be decorated with tatoos, something I am loathe to see, especially in quantity. In his case he had a dark brown colored T-shirt, and I assume that there was some kind of energetics interaction the perps were looking for in combination with his light brown skin tone.

As part of the clothing games today, the perps put on an operative in front of me at the checkout line with his black leather jacket half-on. He spent the entire time with his jacket covering one arm and over half his back with the other half draped and exposing his deep burgundy colored shirt. This also tells me the perps don't have much of a clue as to the color energetics interactions if they are going to be this blatant about their methods. In earlier days they would of put on an operative changing into or out of his jacket, having "just decided" in the checkout. But for them to have this fucker there half dressed is way too stupid, even for this hikey-bikey town.

I have also remarked in the past at the profusion of leather garments in this town, in much greater number than ever before. Mostly the "leatherjackets", as per the insect's common name, are in black, though the perps will sometimes arrange another color in concert with nearby other colors, including those of adjacent parked vehicles. My theory is that leather garments are highly energetically reflective from the various tanning metal salts, hence their widespread use in the operative's wardrobe.

The moving of my belongings from my brother's place was partially complicated in that he was also moving his sort-of-girlfriend, a native Indian woman, to another location in the city, as her job location has moved. (She has her own place). This created an intermingling of the moving parties who were conducting moving out of the same house and driveway locations. At one point, the perps had arranged three of them standing outside on sentry duty "waiting" for me to exit the house. No one explained how she got so many of her items at my brother's place when she did not need to store any items there as she had a two day head start in moving. nor did my brother explain his obsession over relocating brown colored items about; a canvas tarpaulin, a foam cushion, and various slips of cardboard. The items that I tucked away "somehow" were retrieved for me to see again, sometimes in differing lighting conditions (inside his basement, in his shaded carport, and then outside in direct sunlight).

And it was no surprise in hindsight that some of her items were placed on mine, the ironing board, long an item of considerable interest to the perps, (as part of the laundry process, which always merits intensified harassment), being one such example. Think brown, and brown colored skin tones, as this being a subset of the perps' longstanding fixation on this color and all its energetic ramifications.

Moving was brutal; the actual physical relocation of my belongings from two locations went OK, but the perps put me through all manner of adversity in putting items away, wiring up the computer, putting the Ikea furniture together, and anything else that I had to assemble, sort, order, box etc. For nearly all of the eight hours of unpacking and assembly they had me cursing their planted fuckery. As an example, I would tap in the pins to support the shelves, put the mallet down, and when I turned around again to resume the next task, the fuckers pulled out the pin out again. This kind of juvenile bullshit was sustained for all my unpacking and move-in activity.

As usual, the perps laid on sustained street noise, which has been amplified (aka augmented) to be constantly louder than it would be otherwise. I am six stories up, and the noise is louder than my last in-town apartment one block away that was four stories up with no appreciable traffic count difference. The noise volume is barely attenuated from that of street level. Past travelling experience in Europe tells me that above three stories there was rapid attenuation of vehicular traffic noise, and at six floors the noise was at a faint level. (This includes the quaint European habit of leaning on the vehicle's horn). But owing to some clever sound/noise modification methods of the perps' seem to regularly apply, I get a second floor level noise volume on the sixth floor. (And of this update, 05-03-2007, it is continuing as the imposed "normal").

And worse yet, more than the above noise augmentation, I also get planted noise where there is no cover story of passing vehicles that might be the putative source. This includes the characteristic noises of vehicles (e.g. Harley Davidson type motorcycles, Vespas, buses etc.) that are occuring when there are no such vehicles present, determined by looking outside. Back to the bad old days again. The last location did not afford me any view to look to confirm the particular vehicle's presence.

This is the first apartment where I have moved in and there is no fridge; the fuckers have arranged a temporary "shortage" said to be an appliance manufacturer supply problem and one is due to arrive today. In the past I have noted that the perps seem to have no end of "problems" with refrigerated food (e.g. coincident noisestalking), so this stunt does not surprise me in the least. This forced the toss out of a partially used cooked chicken, and the perps also have a long track record for causing the premature disposable items out, food or material objects.

And now I am waiting for the building manager to arrive as there are leaks at the kitchen and bathroom faucets, a medicine cabinet that is loose and a few other "glitches" that fit the harassment profile. The perps don't seem to be able to get a handle on all the energetic properties of water, especially that used for cleaning dishes and for personal hygeine. Hence these water games. My last three residence locations all had "scheduled" water outages that posed various inconveniences. At the last location they even punctured a flexible shower waterline to have a sample of the same water source spurting out in advance of it travelling four feet to the showerhead. This is just more of the absurd and daunting list of objectives the perps still seem to have "problems" with and for which I get fucked over until they have figured them all out. Their objective of total mind-control is almost complete as personally experienced, and that is only a subset. Their problems of remotely applied energetics assay, especially as it relates to colors and clothing, are made to be mine, even if I have never consented.

The maser and plasma action in this new apartment has continued unabated; I get plenty of the wispy trails and the zingers bouncing around in my vision, and I get the color plasma flashes to transiently augment what is in my current vision.

Over two fucking hours ago the building manager said he would come by to deal with the (planted) glitches that are "happening". And he has not yet showed. This was the same thing as the pre-move inspection; he left me in this apartment for over half an hour by myself when he said he would be a minute. And if the recent past is a guide, we will meet up in the elevator or lobby and I will be obliged to return with him for an in-suite joint gangstalking. It if fucking senseless to be dealing with this crap all the time. Why cannot a kitchen faucet work first time, all the time?

Stil no manager, and still no fridge. The assholes have hung me out to dry for another day in partial chaos. As only the manager has the keys for the downstairs lockers, there is no way of getting my unneeded boxes (think brown color) and other items out of here. And no cooking with the fridge out of commission for keeping leftovers. A total pain to have my move held up like this.

The perps also pulled another Fuckover in taking a crap; they blocked the toilet and made it overflow (never happened before as the bowl will only take a tank full) onto the bathroom floor. As they had just finished plastering my ass to take a shit, and they also soiled my underwear, I was in the midst of taking my shoes off when the fuckers were flooding the floor. To avoid getting wet, I hopped over the water and ended up taking one shoe off outside the bathroom, the other was already off when I was inside, Givent the perp's fetish over footwear and shoes, the fuckers had this one planned all the way. The shit games had dropped off in recent weeks, but as this is a new residence, the fuckers decided to go all out. They also fucked my recall as to the location of the latex gloves I wanted to use, and the same for the two white towels that could of been used to clean up the bathroom flood they created.

I cleaned the floor up and then showered and changed. This way, the fuckers had the shit plastered onto my ass for longer, as these tasks took priority. And as my plunger was "somehow" missed in the move yesterday, I somehow think my brother was in on this fuckover stunt. At his place in the room where my belongings were stored, he grabbed the broom and mop, (latter itemm used to clean up the mess), but "somehow" he missed the plunger which I need on a regular basis. The overflow would of been less likely to happen if it were on hand. And also feeding into the FUD Fuckover (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), one of the perp's objectives, is that I now must be on guard for the next crap I take to ensure this doesn't happen again. More tiresome sick minded games from the juvies at Fuckover Operations.

I took 2.5 hours to get my laundry done, and I got the usual freak show of color coordinated characters passing through, going on sentry duty or otherwise gangstalking. I had a full laundry load when I moved in yesterday, and today's fuckover in taking a shit only added more urgency in getting it done. Plus, I suspect it was a crossover of me taking my laundry to the laundromat from the new residence location when I am likely to later use the laundry facilities in the building.

Besides, it was the only sensible contribution I could make to getting things done. The manager never showed up, and I am still another day without a fucking fridge. I almost feel like going somewhere and getting one immediately delivered. I reckon the assholes would have me blocked on that one.

As I approached the laundromat the perps had placed the brother-like gangstalker at my old (putative) rooming house residence at the laudromat, rolling a cigarette from a red colored tobacco pouch. I couldn't believe it; this fucker has been put on me constantly in that shithole (putative rooming house) and here he is there at the laundromat some 10 (walking) minutes away. This is the same asshole who waits for me in the hallway to exit the bathroom in the supposed rooming house and now "happens" to be the first gangstalker at the laundromat after this residence relocation.

I am getting severe typo sabotage as I am typing this, time to cease journalling for the moment.

And more self-flooding on the kitchen counter, this time the water ran underneath the plate with the chicken meat on it. Note that there was no leakage from the faucet as it was not on while I was away doing laundry. Yesterday, it was the storied frypan's turn in the same kitchen counter location that was spontaneously flooded, a half cup of water or so. Needless to say I am extremely pissed at being jerked around and the rest of the excuses that go with it.

I am getting severe vision impairment as I am typing this; time to call tis a blog posting for the day.

I decided to repair and enhance the above posting and add today's events below.

And still no fridge; the manager says "tomorrow for sure" on the phone when I asked him for locker storage access. And he never arrived and my belongings are still backed up in my apartment. My jaded perspective tells me that the perps want the regular fridge items to be clustered together on the counter. These would be the "restricted diet" items of peanut butter, jam, GF bread and once each day, I get some fresh cooked chicken. As best as I can tell, they are also having me use differing packaging; the plate with Cling Wrap, the wrapping from the grocery store, and with only one garbage can, they also seem to be evaluating the combination of the contents in close proximity, inside the the white plastic bag.

And they have put on a significant number of "plastic bag people"; these are the operatives/gangstalkers with grocery store plastic bags in hand, which is a relatively normal event, except that there are so many of them. At yoga today, the perps put on operatives as long haired male vagrant types circulating outside with two black plastic garbage bags each, doing their "stand around" duty, and not having any cover story relating why they were doing this.

And as the yoga classroom is a half story below grade, and adjacent to the public entrance to a commercial kitchen, there is a reason for people to be exiting with their frozen food purchases in small (white usually) plastic bags, but not bringing large plastic garbage bags to the kitchen.

While at yoga there were many more "reflectance" games where bright reflectance was arranged (IMHO) to come from parked or passing vehicles to shine onto my face, or lesserly, on the walls and ceilings of the yoga classroom (where I was looking, and sometimes twisted in a pose). And it so happened that at one point there was a white vehicle parked outside and the sun happened to be beaming into my face, "reflecting". And the coincidences went on from there; there were various gangstalkers interupting the beam, passing through it to create stroboscopic like effects, and at times, some even stood in front of the beam of reflected sunlight and moved slowly. This was the habit of the above mentioned vagrants and their plastic bag act as it turned out; get the scumiest gangstalker demographic and have them stand in front of the same light beam that was also reaching me, 8' deep from the windows, at 4' below grade, some 20' away.

Upon some analysis I realized that there was no way in this N. aspect location with the sun was not yet at its zenith to be reflecting southward and managing to "find" 2' of vertical window to shine through and on me. And the car window was not angled to facilitate this circumstance IMHO. I have long complained in the past, and in these blog postings, about being stroboscoped by faux reflectance and other putative causes on the streets and inside buildings, today's continued "beaming" does not surprise me.

And the coincidence of the back twists, extensions and other spinal extensive yoga poses with the light and reflectance games also struck me as odd today. This suggests that the perps are upping the game stakes and arranging more light and athletic duress (in a good way) arrangements.

And at six stories up, I also found that I was getting "reflectance" on the ceiling of this apartment, an E. facing location, seemingly from passing vehicles. It just doesn't add up, and especially the shape and pattern of these anomalous light games.

I also noted above that the out-of-town brother like gangstalker "showed up" at the laundromat yesterday evening. And true to past experience, more of my putative neighbors of my last residence location also "showed up" when I was outside today. The building manager and next door neighbor "happened" to be walking oppositely when I was on my way to yoga, and then afterward, the male long blonde hair act "happened" to be arriving at the grocery store as I was in the checkout.

The perps also put on a rare "just standing there" sentry in mid-street with no cover story. This fucker was in a stance of legs apart with arms crossed over his chest and facing me from a block away in the middle of the sidewalk, standing outside of a wire fenced playground, seemingly disinterested in anything but looking cool. Not that he was dressed for it in his baggy black and white shorts and his bandy legs with strange shadow patterns on them, with a dark top on. As I approached within a half block he changed his stance some, to relieve the more aggresive tone to it, and rotated toward facing the street. He was wearing shades so I couldn't see his eyes to determine if he was "all there", though he did look back at me as I was staring at him to determine his mental makeup. A bus stop was only 30' away, and he could of easily put on this act under the cover story of waiting for a bus, but no, this was an out-and-out nut show for me to see. Only now have the perps let me in on the strangeness of his legs from my first sighting, as they should not of been in shadow as they were.

The gangstalkers were all over me after today's yoga, as I made a rare stop at the hardware and lumber store to get some items for the apartment. They fucked me over at the checkout with four debit card "failures" (swiping, password) which allowed the next person plenty of time to have his 2'x2' brown box on edge, facing me as I went through this pre-arranged humiliation. Another case of "brownstalking", this time at the checkout, one of the most fiercest gangstalked and stuntstalked regular activities that I do. There is something the perps want to know at the moment of payment; this is routinely "coughstalked" and today, they even had the aforementioned next person's "partner", (always a suspect arrangement in my orchestrated existence), encircle me at the checkout. It is fucking nuts to be under this much scrutiny, and I will make it a habit to not go there again if I have any say in it, and am allowed to recall today's checkout humiliations. (Not usually the case).

Even getting in the door to this hardware and lumber store was arranged; they had two ambulatory gangstalkers with lengths of wood arranged on their shoulders in conversation, and the exit was between them. As I passed through this gauntlet, they each stopped talking and began moving in opposite directions, as if there was a mutually understood choreography. (Which there is, I maintain).

When I was departing, and still in the shade of this drive-through area, another, a vaguely familiar gangstalker was headed directly for me, only 20' away, and not seeming to be entering the store which is where I had just come from. It was more important that he got close it seemed. If it was who I think it was, based on similar look to his eyes, then this would be the same person that constantly crowded me at swimming, when I swam with the swim club. (This was where at least six perpetual "workless" males were in circulation, and as far as I can tell, was also a significant recruiting ground for more of the assholes).

And further on my way back from the hardware store, there was a redi-mix truck pouring concrete for a small sidewalk job, which for most people is nothing out of the ordinary. As explained in many blog posting, and especially here, proximity to concrete in its many forms of being just poured, new, and all the way to very old pourings, is yet another of the perp fixations that are imposed upon me. There are way too many redi-mix trucks passing me by, and especially toward locations where there isn't much building activity. There has also been a significant amount of public works "traffic calming" installations where concrete islands are created in mid-street. There is another significant street island project planned for this city on one of the main arteries where the transit buses are to also be re-routed down the center of the street.

I also note that the perps have ground down two concrete sidewalk locations between this new residence location and the grocery store. This is where concrete paving slabs heave and create potential tripping dangers of surficial humps and edges, which are removed by some kind of grind down of the concrete to expose an ablated and contiguous face. This has also recently been done on my other beats from my past residence location.

I just wonder if this news item about the Oakland Bay Bridge entrance ramp isn't related to the perp's continuing research into the energetics interaction of concrete with vehicles, persons (starting with me, per above), clothing and the rest of the games that go on with colors. Taking out an access ramp with a quarter million per day vehicle count is no big deal for these assholes, as this could aid in them developing their concrete energetics interaction model they must be furiously working on. This might explain why they assiduously gangstalk me entering and exiting buildings, as usually there are changes in differing concrete types, ages, batches etc.

And the street marches and protests would be another example where there is a substantial alteration of street (asphalt or concrete) energetics interaction; no intervening vehicles, but large masses of person to street interaction. Just musing...

I am getting more vision impairment fuckery now; whitish plumes and flares are appearing, often in concert with specific words that are perps' frequently noisestalk, or when I make changes to past blog postings. So I am taking this excuse to call this a posting to cover two days, as there has been substantial modifications to yesterday's blog.

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