Monday, March 12, 2007

Sensory Disorientation

I stayed at my parents last night; the First Feral Family of gangstalking and consigning their newborn to nonconsensual human experimentation. And, pretend the documented learning disabilities never happened, never mind the rest of the ongoing harassment when the sick assholes went overt on me in 2002, the inception of living hell.

I am being fucked with in ways I cannot adequately describe; sensory disorientations and planted notions that have no relevance to anything at hand. This is the el primo harasssment day (Monday) it seems, as the perps want to replicate their degree of control and energy field quantification everywhere else as that at my parents' house and my room here.

Oddly, they always let me shave with a minimum of harassment at my parents' house, save the two face cuts this morning. The razor cuts cleanly and with a tenth of the noise that happens here at my room/cell. Here, the skin bunches up in front of the razor, and there is this noise that goes on with supposedly cutting the hairs that has never happened before. And it is the same razor blade I hasten to add.

Another crap fuckover stunt; they forced me to take a crap at their place again, this time they caused my underwear to be soiled and plastered shit all over the region in question. That neccessitated a shower to clean up, and more hassle to deal with cleaning my underwear as I had no spare clothes there for an overnight stay.

The Feral Parents were both duly ensconced in the living room watching TV when I came downstairs after the clean up shower, and neither asked why I had been showering at 1630h or so, within an hour of arriving, as the bathroom adjoins the living room, and the sound transmits readily through the intervening wall. Just another example of the depraved level of personal intrusion into my life, and this particular activity has long been a hotbed of perp research, not only for me personally, but the entire process of sewage, septic fields and all of the rest. It is no surprise that Victoria dumps untreated raw sewage into the ocean, unheard of for cities of 300,000 or more population. That might be the final perp payoff for the city, funding and building sewage treatment plants. Enough said on that topic.

A walk into downtown to get my watch set to daylight time (the manual is packed in storage) and then to the grocery store immediately after lunch turned out to be a major freak show. Some 80% of the gangstalkers were males, this after 1300h, all wandering around apparently jobless it seem. This was not the business or government workers beat, it was the supposed shoppers and residents. I will spare the details, but I have never seen so many ambulatory gangstalkers out on a normal weekday all with nothing to do it seemed. As usual, all my grocery store locations I went to had gangstalkers in place, and they even put on some of the ridiculous cowboy and Tilly hatted types in shades no less.

At one resturaunt that I once frequented, a white clean shaven bearded man exited, and as I first saw him, my vision got suddenly doubled and pissed with, and the perps wouldn't let me shake it off for a few seconds longer. He must of been a morph-over of someone I know, as he seemed to be "featured", and the vision perturbances were coincident with me seeing this person.

Anyhow, I am sure it was that my outing was soon after lunch that was the big attraction, eating brown colored tortillas. And there were plenty of brown dressed gangstalkers along the way, some in brown and white, the latter being a popular reference tone it seems. Plus, these brown dressed gangstalkers had their toungues hanging out, and licking their lips as they walked. Just the usual, only slightly different than all the street spitting that precedes me.

The afternoon was spent on web news, and there were some stories about a famous newspaper columnist, Jack Anderson, being tailed by the FBI, and that his kids engaging in distraction techniques to annoy the operatives. Funny how these stories are coming up more often; perhaps this life of harassment has its own energetic properties that the perps are after. Upon typing that, I got the room shaking routine.

A gentle and rhythmic tapping noise has started up and it should be a no brainer to stop hearing it with hearing protection as it isn't very loud. Wrong; the perps do something with sound, I call it "projected sound" and bring the same noise inside of my earmuffs. That is how it goes all the time now. I suspect the only purpose they served is that they are plastic and dark green colored, one of the primary gangstalking colors, and having them at my head served some kind of purpose at the time.

Some peace and quiet with noise flurries that erupted when emailing a fellow TI and composing it in reference to the geographic component of harassment. There are two elements; one is that they like to keep me moving around in town, or the Pacific Northwest, now going for 10 locations in seven years, since I first moved to Everett in 1999. And the other, is that the perps have the Quisling Corps, the thought-to-be-friends, and the First Feral Family, re-trace my routes in Europe, mainly UK (I'm of UK heritage), France, Germany, Austria, northern Italy and here in British Columbia. I have remarked on this before, and there is no question, the perps like me to see news from these locations, encounter the country names, and all other reading or visual feints that they set up. There is a regular beat of "tourists", even into November, who happen to be stopped in front of me in stores and on the sidewalk. It is about that time again I suspect.

And the advent of going to daylight time at this time of year is to continue the dusk onset at the time that I make dinner and eat it. This coincidence has been a constant preoccupation with the perps, and they also like me to add in the halogen lighting at this time as well. I could get even more dull and describe the order of sequence that they have been attempting; halogen light before olive oil is poured in the frypan, after, before the frypan is put on the hot plate, etc.; you get the idea, the onset and diminishment of light sources is a very big deal for these assholes. And I am sure it could be sorted out in a week if they bribed me as a cooperative subject. But no, five fucking years of being harassed as the centerpiece of a freakshow without a script and never told as to what play I have been scripted into. Fucking sick and depraved.

Enough for a blog, and time to publish this one, mis-spellings and all.

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