Saturday, March 24, 2007

Room Slamming

This odious practice of slamming the front door as the "causal agent" in having my room shake is getting to extreme piss off proportions. I wasn't enough that the assholes were doing this while I was reading a newspaper before lunch.

And the fuckers are at it again, just as I finished the above paragraph. And consider that this did not happen at all in this putative rooming house until 11-2006, and now it happens at every egress, making this entire scheme arranged to say the least. As mentioned yesterday, this room slamming would be worse for the four intervening rooms that are closer to the front door, but "somehow", the seeming residents don't mind. Which suggests that there are no genuine residents in those rooms, and none anywhere else.

I did a visitation to the grocery store earlier, and got the shiftless males on ambulatory gangstalk duty, and Mr Passport Tosser showed up twice, once outbound, and once inbound. He was dressed in two tone reds, not unlike the color palatte of vehicles outside my window in the adjacent parking lot before I set off. On his second gangstalk, he stayed at the intersection with a "Walk" signal on, and did an in-place ramble, talking to no one. In his follow-me days at the hospital (two visits, 8 months apart), he did not engage in this seeming pattern of speech. All for me to hear him and for his colleagues to map human voice in my brain at that intersection where the perps devote great effort in stunts and feints (Pandora and Cook for locals). As noted before, he wears many cover stories, and now holds the gangstalking record of 10 appearances as a non-family, or otherwise an non associated, gangstalker/operative.

And there were at least two teleported operative parties on gangstalk duty on my way to the grocery store; one brief look away from the direction I was heading, and poof, two parties of males some 30' apart, coming toward me. Nothing new there except increased prevalence.

Another evident trait is to have their oncoming ambulatory operatives pass me on the right side, a contravention to the normal right hand "drive" rules of pedestrian traffic. In each case they had the fuckers as seeming head cases and swing way wide on my right side, making any countermeasures to be obvious. Both were dressed in light brown coats, the first was male, and the second was female.

On top of that, I even got an ambulatory female gangstallker walking toward me with a red colored umbrella wearing shades, on a rainy day no less. There are days when it seems that I am on a movie set and these stereotypical acts are put on stage.

By the time I got back from the grocery store, there were six red color variants parked around this house and room, that being about 60% of the availible parking. The even put on a burgundy Volvo V70 pre-2002 out in front of this house, and not visible from my room like the remainder of the red-variant vehicles.

As I key this through the greyish maser beams that shoot across this keyboard, the perps are still on room/house shaking, and are getting me extremely irritated by this. All fucking day, every operative egressing this house slams the front door. This putative rooming house has 16 residents, and there has been at least twice as many egressing to take part in the Grand Slam, this one of a continuous nature.

And as it is their latest and greatest play, one can be sure the assholes will keep this up until I leave, hopefully May 01. Just like the overhead slamming and clunking in 09-2006 and the subsequent "eviction" of the perpetrator, they will continue to play this until the end. I can expect my next residence to have an overhead neighbor of equal noise output.

More house slamming/room pounding with an added voice over to the noisescape. This is fucking inhumane and outside the Geneva Convention on treatment of prisoners.

Another room shaking; enough to make me jump out of my seat. Translated into perp actions; loud enough to have the orchestrated jumping reaction to seem as if a legitmate reaction.

Some relative quiet over the last hour, and no zapping or room shaking. The masers and plasma beams are prevalent, but they are not half the disruption of physical vibrations. Even the noisestalking was muted, the coughing and hacking and the glass bottle bashing were evident, but not annoying.

Enough to blog off this dreary day, and get ready for another. Worse than prison.

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