Thursday, March 01, 2007

An EarlyStart

A earlier start for harassment today, replete with smell up my nose as I type this. These come from nowhere, though it is the smell odf the cleaning solution used in the next door bathroom, I was in there earlier, and it was not this strong. It maybe the hint for me to open the window, as most communications from the perps are oblique; hints, planted reactions etc.

I am getting more stroboscopic assaults of late; first thing when I was up there were at least three annoying strobe in my face, under the cover story of errant reflections. If that is the case, why are there so many now, and none before the harassment started?

And a very predictable rotation of vehicles and their respective colors occured outside this morning, and the "chocolate stalking" is now becoming 100% coincident when I eat this prescribed food. That is, being noisestalked while I eat chocolate, though of late, it is nearly always someone taking a coincident shower in the next door bathroom, only 3 to 4' away, through the wall, marked up with the usually maser concentrating markings, akin to pencil.

More nightime awakenings to be thoughtstalked by the upstairs "goings on", which are 100% coincident. And, I never awakened in my sleep before, and it is not the aforementioned noise, as it follows my thoughts at that time, it does not wake me up. Funny that I was unable to state this to the doctor who was looking to get some kind of clinical angle on "sleeping better". Any doctor who tells me that he has "brain lubrication" medication is a nutter IMHO. And of course he is the lynchpin in the entire cascade of benefits and subsidies. And to cast himself in this light (again), he resorted to this pathetic metaphor last week, probably for air time only, as we have had frank conversations as to how simplistic and misleading his model is, especially with the medication on offer. Then he brings it up again.

And as I type that I am getting more overhead creakings and floor poundings after an extended run-up of coughing and hacking, again forced and obviously protracted. Plus, the assholes make me cranked up about this, when in fact, if I was allowed to have an unfettered reaction, I wouldn't give a shit.

And on the visual front, where the news websites are displaying more human faces, or portions thereof, there is a decided shift to cast them with a differing cast of colors; red, yellow, greenish, darkened (low contrast), purpled, browned etc. All this in Caucasion faces, then again with other races. And if I delete a web site from my Bookmarks as it is getting too spoofed, why it shows up again, and "I" have somehow forgetten how visually odious it is, only to have the image flashed in my face again. And often, the perps will augment the news with animal images and especially those of chimps and gorillas for some kind of test/elicitation of reaction and/or associated energetics.

It is a long way of saying, that the visual processing and associated energetics of faces is not my problem so why should I be constantly fucked with and experimented upon? And as I type that stock phrase, as series of squeakings and front door slammings erupted from a serial herd of operatives moving through this putative rooming house. All else is quiet; the all-quiet order has gone out, and this must be prime time for remote assay operations. Maybe I should eat something to piss them off.

The usual noise flurries of hallway tromping, front door slamming, room shaking, sudden squeak noises ("door hinges"), coughing and hacking, forced as it is (four months of not getting better), outside loud mufflered vehicles, . And of course, constant maser and plasma action in my field of view, another game that doesn't get the write ups it deserves owing to its ubiquity.

This is the post lunch and post yoga period, though I cannot profess to know why these two are back to back events. Yoga had six women and me, a similar statistic to when I was doing cardio and aerobic exercises in Everett when I lived there. The men are doing gangstalking outside, walking back and forth in black clothing, and even black hoodies. Later, they put a man in white out there, as one of the seeming cooking staff that works in the commercial kitchen next door. And the visible street parking is duly arranged, deep green and deep red vehicle in view. The room is full of masers and plasma beams, and the perps even put a dark green beam over my bare foot as I was looking at it, presumably to simulate the green veins in it. Anyhow, I like the class, or at least am controlled to like it, as I cannot tell the difference anymore.

And I note, the ever increasing streetsweeping was also undertaken on one side of the throughfare I cross to get to yoga. This is an almost daily situation where the perps arrange streetsweeping on my walking route. And it was a daytime streetsweeping, around parked vehicles, and it is most strange as it is normally an early morning event, before vehicles are parked in any number.

The class is a one minute commute from my room, although crossing a busy thoroughfare, busier for the bidirectional trains of coordinated gangstalking vehicles, as there is no north/south commute in this city, or at least, along Cook St. And in that minute, they had two Volvo 245's on me; one (metallic gold colored) making a right turn in front of me, and a second one (burgundy colored) making a midstreet turn beside me as I was entering this putative rooming house. And it so happened that I had a gold colored Budda figure in my hand, as it was a gift from the instructor who was to have her last day today, but her plans changed. Whether that was for real or not I don't know, but it was interesting that the perps have me tell my mother this last night as I she was offering a lunch today, and I told her that I needed to go to yoga in order to find out what the disposition for the class was going to be. All these dovetailing plans and feints.

The perps have been planting more burgundy vehicles around me I note; the first thing this morning they turned a burgundy colored trades van under my window, had the scarlet shirted driver get out for no reason, get back in, make extra passes at turning around, and then took off, parking nowhere in this neighborhood. Within five minutes, a metallic copper colored vehicle came to park in this same parking lot, outside my window. And there has been more of these of late, and there also is a drive to have me see copper colored objects, e.g. CPU coolers and the like.

After some herd movement of the operatives/gangstalkers they went quiet for a while. Then keychain jingling becomes vogue suddenly, and then the next four hallway passers-by "happen" to all be doing this. It is amazing how this "group behavior" can become so quickly changed.

An overhead pounding erupted when the image of Halle Berry as Catwoman was displayed. There is no question the perps plant provocative images on me, and for a four month duration, they had me staying up to 0200h on porn viewing, something I haven't done before or since. It serves to remind me how much I wasn't able to control these planted "needs". All too funny from the perp side, and that planted behavoir is rich with possibilities to fuck someone over.

And some recent news that Canada is joining the US in military like behavior; a US AWOL soldier in Nelson BC, a location I lived for three years, got word from the US Army to capture this individual and put him in jail for a non extradictable offense. Since when do these clowns have a new supervisor south of the border?

And the second I start printing a single page, the first in weeks, the assholes pull a suck job outside my door. That is a vacuum cleaner, and with any luck, they will suck up those four white pieces of plastic outside my door that are self-aligning each day. Four in file today, yesterday, three in file with one orthogonal piece. And I am getting typo fucked for that, time to stop for a while.

A 75 minute nap was ordered and I duly succumbed until 1715h when a screaming kid outside woke me up.

And the perps decided to kill the frypan tonight; the handle was manipulated with some clicking sounds at lunch time, though only one of six spot welds had given out after I took the handle apart to have a look. But at dinner time, just as I was finishing drying it, the handle "let go" and all the spot welds went at once, and even leaving the frypan with holes in it. I was especially pissed as I have had it for 30 years nearly and it has never given any problem. And besides, it has a copper bottom that evens out the heat real evenly, and never spot burns.

So it would seem, there is something about the frypan that the perps cannot account for in their energetics harassment, so they decided it had to go. This has occured for a teapot, a coffee maker, two pairs of shoes (08-2006), two PC hard drives of widely differing parentage and age (02-2007) and many others. I have been using this frypan daily for the past 5 years, and now they decide they cannot "handle it". Which tells me, if that represents their progress, they have at least another year of harassment and torture lined up.

The perps put a sharp head pain into me for a minute, no doubt timed for the absurd regular closing of vehicle doors in the adjacent parking lot, and the assemblage of youths yapping it up for some reason outside my window. Fucking bizarre why anyone would hang out there.

A peaceful spell and then some belt buckle jingling outside my door, then the room shake once the operative had exited.

And three rounds of firecrackers erupted in the past 10 minutes; at this time of year without a celebration in sight, the firecracker management fuckery has started up again.

The nearby glass bashing act has started up again; there is no reason for this to occur. If the cover story of a street garbage collector is meant to be kept, then why is he hancling his glass bottles at this time, when all recycling operations would be closed?

It is all part of the iterations of noise and vibration and their possible contribution to remote energetics assay, particular to those that involve my brain in real time.

A series of squeaks from the hallway has erupted, all without any associated personnel action, but this is nothing new. All events are getting less credible, and more are unattributable, bizarre and over the top. A read of past blogs should confirm that, though it is an activity I never seem to do, save the labelling of all blogs, that is, keywording each 2007 blog.

More firecrackers tonight, and one just a minute ago, timed to me noticing some spoofing of this blog. Then more overhead squeaking erupts.

Time to blog off, and not feed this idiot show any longer

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