Saturday, March 03, 2007

Streetsweeping for Chocolate

More glass bottle bashing last night to be my serenade for getting to sleep. About 20 minutes after getting to bed the act starts up again. The usual suspicion as to the timing applies, as the prone position seems to create a whole new set of human energetics interaction that the perps don't yet understand. And this has a diurnal aspect as well, hence the daytime naps that are not needed, and the sometimes hours of head flipping before being allowed to sleep.

In another round of improbability, the city maintenance streetsweeper "arrived" outside on the street at about 0930h this morning while I was about to begin to eat the chocolate that is part of the standardized breakfast diet. Past readers will know that the perps have a pervasive and constant problem with the brown color in the course of my harassment, and this is about the only brown colored substance that "I" will eat. And that takes me further back to explain that there have been week long durations where I did not want to eat it, or even see or smell chocolate. So this current chocolate infatuation is totally controlled IMHO, and is serving to further the perps' games with respect to this color. Nearly all my brown colored clothing has disintegrated in the past few years, and the only item that I have in that color are socks.

Anyhow, having the City streetsweeper out on a Saturday morning is totally bogus, as they never come out on this day unless it is early morning, before the streets become busy with parked vehicles. The streetsweeper schedule has gone totally haywire, and the only remaining consistency is my proximity. A read through of 2007 blogs will identify some of the unusual appearances of this vehicle/sweeper, though I am sure that some were not blogged.

The usual noise flurries and herding of operatives in creating semi-legitimate noise in adding to the noisescape. Vehicle door slamming is the latest, and all the drivers and passengers not only close their doors in this fashion, but the noise is standardized no matter what vehicle it is. The noise is largely the same each time, and only differs slightly by volume. This standardized vehicle door closure noise has been going on for at least three months, and represents one of many that have become "harmonized" to a single template.

I cooked my first meal from scratch in the new fry pan to the audience of a noise flurry of vehicle door closures and vehicle movement outside. And the perps also had some guacamole fly off my fork and onto the wall just for fun. As any new event or new object in action gets the worst of their juvenility games from a distance, I expected worse. Believe me, buying and using a new frypan is not that exciting, and it is only in the context of the perp's unabated harassment does dull events take on any interest. These are the same people that organize my cornflakes in the bowl and on the spoon every morning, and also now like to arrange shoelaces that lie under the shoes. It is fucking tedious as it is depraved to put anyone under the microscope like this.

The overhead clunking is coming on as I look at a stock market summary page, the first time in at least eight years, since I moved from my job in 1999 and didn't get PointCast anymore. I have no idea what happened to it, or if it is even around, but the concept was great in having all the customized newsfeeds, and I am woefully ignorant of what came to replace it. That deserves a web search.

And doing just that got me a whole lot more noisestalking and thudding, with a few chair shakes in there too. There is nothing in my past that is not intended for exploitation, likely because it was deliberately planted for some reason. And too bad, it did succumb to market pressures, even if it was valued at $450 million in its heady days of 1997.

Tea and chocolate has been duly consumed, and now I get a horn beeping vehicle with no one in it just under my window as the PC has started up its vibrations again. In the latter case, the PC vibrations have moved up to boot-up time when they usually began at least 20 minutes later. More iterations of noise and stunts it seems. And I predict the PC vibration will no longer occur with a few weeks. All my case tightening activity of last week counted for nothing.

Another round of noise flurries of the identical nature has erupted in the hallway, this must be the post-teatime noise flurry in an attempt to correlate the same noise to pre-teatime energetics. With tea and chocolate only inside me it should not be a big deal, but I suspect I am being rather naive here, as food digestion is a big deal.

And I note that in running a second Quicken report on my finances I can only break even if there is no PC sabotage or other like expenses. Currently, the perps have me expending $200 extra per month than I recieve, and their planted chocolate obsession is a big part of that.

A yawning attack has erupted, and this is likely scripted to expose the inside content of my mouth, the most difficult location to remotely assay for its energetics. This is consistent with the perp behaviors in public of open-mouthing, lip licking, tongue hanging, spitting, air blowing and eating on the go (gangstalk). There have been some spectacular events in this realm, and it is amazing how often it has occured around me. There are even spit trails on the sidewalk in advance of me walking that route. Even the suits get into spitting on occasion, though open mouthing is their chosen preference. As I see it, my mouth contents and related energetics is my own business, and not that of an secret organization that won't come out of the closet for some religious reasons. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

A 40 minute nap, this time without the games of recovering from it. I got my usual noise/voice operative on wakeup duty, his voice is very gravelly, and the voice that is given me is much the same.

Back to the regular operatives conversing in the hallway, and then resuming the same noise activity as above. Then the glass bottle bashing act starts up in the middle of this confrontation in the hallway.

Dinner is done, and I wasscripted to overhear confrontation activity in the hallway, this erupting when I was putting on the new frypan. Now it is the glass bashing act's turn, timed to accompany me while doing the ever-noisestalked select, cut and paste routine.

More coughstalking; every 10 minutes or so. Also part of tonight's noisescape is loud mufflered vehicles passing by, and only the hoarse exhaust system compromised version, no performance muffler noise tonight.

The coughing act is being brought in close to me, only three feet through the wall to the next door bathroom. There has been no regularly used noise that hasn't moved in closer, and been sourced from the hallway or bathroom, the glass (or crockery) bashing is an example.

More coughing and hacking commences as I take on a new activity, blogging. There are two of them on duty tonight, taking turns in timing them for coincidence with actions like mouse clicking, or in association when I recognize a name, word definition or other congnitive event.

Enough of the dull stuff for tonight, and reporting on the strange goings on, and time to call this shut-in day done.

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