Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pounding and Zapping

I got my overhead pounding with a coincident zapping, the first of the day, and an early one at that. The sickos were on an all-quiet order, and then the overhead hammering started up like a bolt from the blue. It is fucking sick that I am not allowed to have an uncontrolled thought.

The above pounding and zapping was the opening salvo of a noise flurry that has erupted. The operatives are herding in and out of this building, slamming the door (all of them), which is the assigned "cause" to then shake this room, some 20' away. Plus, they are all wearing army boots or something like it, as the tromping noise in the hallway and stairway is nearly identical. I wouldn't be surprised if they were wearing uniforms as well, for color continuity. Added to the noisescape were the ubiquitous banterers outside, maser and plasma action (a constant), and a few others like loud mufflered vehicles trailing off in the distance. That latter item is also becoming ubiquitous, as the have at least one per every five minutes or less, and often in cascades, much like the siren games that have abated some of late.

Yoga was partially sabotaged today; a plumbing leak soaked some chairs and books, and later moved onto the corner of this dropped portion of the ceiling, almost into the class area. A bucket was procured with a towel in it, and as if I didn't get enough of this at my room, the drip noise started up, and then it developed a back beat to it, to add more sonic variability. Later, the perps added some additional noise that was similar, but had an origin in closer to me for yet more fuckery purposes.

As I see it, this had noise value, as it could serve to correlate some of the dripping noise I hear in my room, to there, at yoga. Also, running water seems to offer a greater advantage for measuring the energetics of line of sight activity. Last week, the perps opened up a geyser from the fire hydrant at this one intersection that they seem to go nuts over with all manner of gangstalking and other feints. (Pandora and Cook for locals).

And I am sure with the perp's foot fetish still playing, the fact that I had to move my runners out of harm's way to prevent any water damage was also a perp bonus. That I keep my runners routinely in the area where the leak occured, and no one else does, suggests that the perps had this planned from the getgo, at least 6 weeks or more.

And as I "happened' to be the last person to arrive at the yoga class, even if 5 minutes early, I was dislodged from my usual location and moved 3' east of it. And today, they had me between two grey-hairs, one the recent male, and the other who normally habituated my left side, a woman on my right.

Another perp bonus from the leak was to have the light turned off with all the class present, as they love to play with lighting. In the latter minutes of the class, the perps put on their highly reflective vehicle trim games, with the astonishing amout of reflection coming directly at me from the parked vehicles outside. It is simply amazing how much "activity" goes on and yet the assholes won't come out of the closet.

There was the usual parade of vehicles outside of the yoga class; white, deep red and some blues which are playing big of late. There are two same colored blue vehicles outside this room as I type, down from three earlier. The numbers of shiftless males outside has dropped some, and now they are into wearing uglier colors, e.g. yellow and bright reds. When I first set off for my one minute commute to the yoga class, they put the ubiquitous WIN charity dudes on a side by side lead-ahead gangstalk, one with a mid-brown top, and one with a similar grey scale grey colored top. These are the same two who are in constant hangaround mode, as they operate under the cover of loading and unloading the WIN charity's trucks, some 50' from here. They might be morphovers of people I know, but if they are, there are no similarities that I am allowed to percieve.

I am getting more cessation of hostilities mind plantings of late, and accordingly I am getting pissed about this as they have all been lies. The excuse is that the moving will turn into a fairy tale ending, and I will live happily ever after. It is just a more tenacious jerkaround, the game of suck and fuck, where nothing comes out as planned. And often, some of the shills will drop hints of "wonderful things will happen" (because of the upcoming move). Been there, done that.

I got an in-room visit from the housing coordinator moments earlier. He seems to have more getup and go than the last two combined. It is all very strange to have three in the last month, but as I do all the work, I really don't care a whole bunch. The perps gave me a creaky labored voice for the occasion, and didn't let up. Normally they put on a throat clearing to change my voice as the cover story, but this time it was all the same. After he left, they then put on red plasma flashes and clouds that followed me wherever I looked. Thankfully this only lasted for 30 seconds or so, but it was disorienting in the least. The outside natterers also arrived for the last of his appointment, and served as a bridge after he departed. The overhead clunking also was put on while he and I were in conversation, no doubt there was something that was thinking of that wasn't controlled by the assholes, hence the situational noisestalking.

The post-dinner digestion period is now the subject of a train of operatives exiting this rooming house, all doing their front door slamming, which serves as the cover for shaking my room. There are other additions to augment the noise flurrry; talking "residents", tromping of feet and other hallway hijinks. The perps have three differing blue colored vehicles in the adjacent parking lot, and an additonal white, black and a deep metallic red colored vehicle out on the street. It seems the whites and blacks serve as color references for the games they continue to play. Soon, overhead clunking will arrive if past is prologue.

As predicted, the perps hammered the floor overhead loud and sudden enough to get me to complain out loud, and likely because a simutaneous zap injected into the mix. And if the pattern of noise is predictable, how can this be conveyed as a clinical cause? This overhead noise followed the departure of a blue pickup truck under my window. This pickup timed itself for a post dinner arrival, and was heavy on the thumpy music so it could be heard from a distance. Now the drumming group is getting a hearing as the nightclub nextdoor opened up its emergency door for 10 seconds.

And more overhead pounding, this time at the very instant a projected plasma variation of the text on a web site was displayed. And now the squeaking sounds of the front door and the faked water use. Normally high frequency noise doesn't travel far, but anywhere around me it does.

A group of chattering young people arrived outside my room to supply their banter from the right side. And they even added the specialty of the dysfunctional whistler into the pack, presumably as a the high frequency contribution to this noise flurry. Same old, same old.

A dull evening with some quiet, this time spent in the cause of bookmarking web pages of interesting books that I might read one day. Regular readers will know that the perps get no end of harassment mileage out of select, copy, and paste Windows functions, as well as re-crafting the title to be readable.

Time to blog off and call this a wrap, dull as it has been save the ceiling leak stunt at yoga today.

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