Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Online Tax Filing

A laundromat morning.

As mentioned in past blogs, the perps have a fixation over laundry, and especially mine. As I regularly go to a public laundromat, this is a wide open activity to parade their gangstalkers and related shills and vehicular activity. And true to form, it gets weirder in small increments.

Today's major fuckover was for the perps to stop one of my two washing machines while the other one beside it was left running. They had the washing machine appear to start with the lights on, "machine in use", but it didn't when I took a look after the alloted time, expecting it to be done. This then delayed the entire process, and forced two dryers into action instead of the one combined from both washing machines. This stunt has been pulled before, and "somehow" I "forgot" about this again, when I never forget about all these fucking games that go on.

Not a big deal, but an obvious one, and the attendant didn't seem to apologetic either, especially knowing this was the second such event. While sitting at the windows inside and reading the magazines, a woman came from outside and hammered on the window behind me, and then entered the building, but stopped in the doorway. I was mind-fucked into saying something like "what did you want?" and then the fucker backed up, never revealing their face, and not apologizing or explaining either. This rude behavior is also getting more common nowadays. Then, and minute later I was forced to look behind me and the asshole was sitting in a vinyl chair outside, and the attendant, Goth Girl was taking her picture with a digital camera. Anyhow, glass bashing has been mentioned before as a perp aid to remotely measuring energetics, as with all noise and vibration.

Another "customer" came with a steel mesh tote on wheels, the signature of perp activity I have come to know, and walked past the front counter and then "disappeared" into the back, ostensibly for the washroom. She re-emerged some 20 minutes later and takes her tote to the furtherest washing machines that I could see and starts her washing. But as it turned out, she wanted to sit by her washing machines, so she walked the length of the store and grabbed the wood chair beside me and took it back to the washing machines to "watch over" her laundry. Then, she brings out an white enameled bucket, some 18" high, and puts it on the washing machine in my view. Where could the bucket of come from, as her tote wasn't large enough? She put it away a few minutes later, and then went through this little game, "bucketstalking" perhaps, at least one more time. I have never seen an enameled bucket before, and it must be at least 50 years old or more, when enameling was a common process to create a smooth and nonreactive surface. I took this to be a white enamelled steel (her supplied white bucket) and off-white enamelled steel (almond colored washing machines) distance dependent energetics comparison.

Anyhow, she wasn't done, and later asked the attendant where the washroom was (as if she didn't recall from her earlier "disappearance") and then takes her tote off in that direction, never to return, as at least another half hour elapsed before I left the laundromat.

The perps got onto the Cheers show, where everyone seems to know the attendant I call Goth Girl. One came in a black colored outfit and a white beard, no laundry, and used the PC's there for 15 minutes before walking out, and not appearing to pay for it.

Then comes Mr. Way Cool with the bicycle helmet, the toque over his forehead and shades on that were placed on the outside of the toque, and having no ears to rest on, and yet stayed on his head the entire 40 minutes he was in action. He did a talking shift with Goth Girl outside for 10 minutes, then they came in and "worked on" the PC's together for 30 minutes, talking all the time, and then they resumed their conversation outside for another 10 minutes or so. Nothing too odd in that, save this absurd level of familiarity that Goth Girl has with the non-laundering public, and Mr. Way Cool's style of toque and eyewear that he kept on outside and inside.

Then a skinhead in a toque arrived after that with three loads of laundry, using the very same washing machines that I used, and he stayed planted in the proximity of my clothes that were in two separate dryers for the reason noted above. His gangstalk duty near my drying clothes was for some 20 minutes or so, and then he departed only a few minutes ahead of me going to the same location to retrieve my clothes from the dryers to then pack into my duffel bag. Said duffel bag was in the center of plastic bags and a brown plastic basket that were adroitly placed beside it by other "customers".

Other laundromat weirds, or near-weirds, were a woman in an orange top, who then put a black sweatshirt on for me to see, as she was on sentry duty for a moment, doing a pretend "stun out" (aka street theatre), and then she got into shaking and rustling her black plastic garbage bags that she came with, in addition to her brown plastic basket. And then, as if to lay a trail down, a woman in a red thick wool sweater arrived in a wheeled tote that was also red colored, a similar red to her sweater.

Adding to yesterday's games, the perps planted more dog shit on the street, refreshing yesteday's piles and adding a new one. I owned a Newfoundland dog for six years before the perps took him out with cancer, and I have done my dog shit time. It is over.

And as I type this, a perp thug buddy is in view outside, and doing nothing but whistling at nothing, standing at a wall bounding the adjacent parking lot, he being 50' from the street. Totally bizarre, another "make a noise" stunt for no reason that adds up.

I got sucked and fucked bigtime; after going through the hoops of passwords, account creation, another pass code in the mail, and a final access code today, the assholes hit me with a new one. This was all to complete and file my income tax return online as the system appeared to do. WRONG. Or more like, mind-controlled to be sent down the wrong road yet again. I now need to buy/acquire/find software that creates a *.tax file, and that is what gets sent to the income tax authorities. Over two weeks of fucking around, and this. I haven't looked on the web yet, but there might be some free shareware. This is just another example of being jerked around in the the "suck and fuck" game, where an expectation is constructed and then dashed after the last hurdle has been cleared.

After above kvetching, the UFile site had Canadian tax filing software, and was free for poor folk like me. And of course the application was the only one that showed up in a Google search, and it was duly fucked with to force mistakes and jerkarounds, but in the end, I was finally allowed to complete it. Meanwhile, the noise assault started up, and was augmented with hallway spraying ("air freshener"), plasma and maser games, and plenty more of my kvetching, aka vocalizing my complaints. As I do this only once a year, I am sure this was a huge event for the perps, as they like to stalk all my financial activity.

I filed my health care premium assistance form after dinner, which borrowed from the income tax filing I did before that. As it "turns out", it is a PDF form that is filled out and then printed, to be then sent by snail mail. I also get plenty of noisestalking and plasma games each time I sign my name. There is something the perps want to know about this event, and I am not sure why, except for the generalities of "psi energy".

And I got plenty of plasma and maser action while making dinner tonight, this time without artificial lighting, as the late sun was bright enough. Again, the kind and quantity of lighting sources is of extreme interest to the perps, and they will mess with the light output of the halogen lamp to continue this game. Presently, they are sucking down the halogen floor lamp light output and casting me into a dingey state, likely for the entire evening.

While making dinner, and when reaching for objects such as plates, forks, knives etc. there would be a trail of a maser sitting between my hand and the object, and it would sit there for my hand to pass through it, to no effect that I could tell. These are the trailing wispy kind that float about and act like some kind of fluff being tossed in a light breeze. Sometimes a point source maser type would emanate from the object I was reaching for, which effectively intersects the two masers.

As far as I know, when something is magnetically charged up, it is not a big stretch to control masers to flow from objects, and that includes me, IMHO. While shaving, I routinely see these filamentous wisps of blackish fluff coming off features of my face, ears, chin, nose etc. The perps have been dogging me for years over shaving activity, and put out a full complement of colored vehicles (colorstalking) outside my window and have their operatives out there too on sentry duty. This event also gets noisestalked, and of late, they are pissing me off in advance of shaving to get me riled up, and therefore (IMHO), more amenable to remote measurement of my energetics.

I recievedd an on-street stroboscopic assault yesterday when packing my laundry to the laundromat. These are nothing new, and walking under any tree where some sunlight penetrates the canopy is an excuse to hammer me with this odious form of assault. Though there were some important differences this time. The assault was red light, which I find more disturbing than the white light stroboscopic assaults. And even more interesting was the proximate activity; an East Indian man was walking toward me at the time, and he had his perp-issue kleenex (white) at his face in a wipe his nose act, one that is increasingly common of late, for all demographics. I assume that the kleenex act is to serve as white color reference at the moment of interest. Anyhow, regular readers will know that the perps have an interest in presenting various races to me, live or as images in magazines and online. And as part of this, the perps also have an extreme interest in the color brown and all its manifestations, including that related to skin color. So it would seem that this red color stroboscopic assault was all about some kind of color interaction test; red strobing with a brown skinned individual coming toward me in a distance dependence test and packing a white color reference object, his kleenex, with him as he closed the distance. As always, the perp's color problems and the rest of it is not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it? It is fucking sick and depraved, never mind the history of fuckery that has gone on before then.

More pounding and room shaking as the perps noisestalk me reading about Royal Rife, a genius who developed advanced microscopes that could see fantastic levels of resolution, up to 31,000 times magnification, an incredible feat by today's standards, save that of electron scanning microscopes. As always, there is the taint of sabotaged technologies, advanced cancer treatments and obstructed commercial implementation. His findings didn't fit the planned pattern of future technology of the "high cabal" is my conspiratorial take on this.

Until the perps struck and began overt harassment, I wouldn't of believed 10 David Ickes standing in front of me and providing incontrovertible proof of world event orchestration. Now, I see more patterns that fit the bigger picture that is consistent with an organization that is capable of harassing victims remotely for their lifetime, 52 years in my case, and isn't quitting anytime soon. And I have a notion that they didn't start from scratch and learn mind control from me alone, but were well versed in this back in 1954 when they began on me.

Anyhow, while reading the straight black text on white, the perps started up their vision impairment fuckery, and are continuing to do this along with typo sabotage which will now end this blogging for today.

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