Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My News Reading Accompaniment

A commotion is going on outside my door while reading about the latest Indonesian aircraft crash. The cynic in me suggests as this is the third in recent months, this particular news item represents a planning on the perps' part. This is to separate the energetics of the "Indonesian" commonality from the other parts of the story. Possibly, and they constantly noisestalk me over these disaster stories all the time. More smells, wall banging, whistling, cell phoning, flip flop footwear noise, chatting etc. And now the PC vibration noise, and water in the pipes noise, the traditional noisestalking that has followed me to every residence, four of them, in the past 4 years.

It now seems that four months of front door slamming and room shaking isn't enough; so what is on the perps' script? Slam it harder, and so it was thus. And extra room shaking and that of the window, although tight in the frame, "somehow" rattles on demand.

I went to the housing helping people today; and dealt with the particulars of having to look for a place with their assistance. It was a half hour of relief from being noisestalked, gangstalked, although a one foot diameter dark plasma cloud "showed up" over the table between us for a second or so.

Another territorial sidewalk fuck today, and the fourth of the past year. A white haired pedestrians/gangstalker woman in a brown corderoy jacket was walking straight at me in left-hand driving mode and got pissed when I complained about it. (I was mind-fucked into stepping on the grass to avoid her, when normally I would of taken a run at the asshole). Then 10 seconds later a MIB was walking in the same direction, on the right side, per normal. I suspect he was there to gangstalk me for my post-rant state at the asshole woman who drove straight at me in her left-hand drive fuck minded condition.

There were the usual 300 to 500 vehicles coursing by in formation and clusters of coordinated clusters and/or design commonality as I walked to my two destinations. Two yellow school buses parked were outside the fire department, home to an all yellow colored fleet themselves. And if that weren't enough, and further along (5 minutes), a male gangstalker was 20' ahead and walking normally toward me in a puke yellow jacket, and then a blonde woman came from the right side and was about 10' away, leading ahead of me. And in another amazing coincidence, her yellow blonde hair matched the male's puke yellow jacket in color near perfectly. This would seem to be a case of attempting to capture her "blonde aura" and somehow leverage that to assess/measure the relative detriment of aura associated with the male and his despicable choice (har, har) in jacket color.

Another lead-ahead male ambulatory gangstalker on the street was some 50' ahead of me, and lead me for some three blocks (10 minutes) and also "happened" to be going to the same store as I was. And lo, if he wasn't gangstalking me and flipping his hands about in the store in two locations, and not appearing to be doing any shopping.

My grocery store visit was another holy gangstalk event. The stocking "staff" were placed in five locations, four of the five locations I went to, and they were busy crouching down with knees on the floor even, nearly all of them in black clothing, the seeming standard there. Their other role is to parade brown cardboard boxes in front of me, especially at aisle constriction locations. Never have I seen a grocery store with so many staff in the aisles, and at a busy noon day time. And the cashier that makes repeated pass-bys was also on duty again, she must be six for six in sucessive store visits in "happening" to course behind my back, packing my groceries, or as a cashier. (Normally in that store there is very little same-till coincidence with the cashiers). She must be my big girl gangstalker of the day, one of the perps' core gangstalker demographics.

And I can be assured that all my intrinsic likes and dislikes are near public knowledge, and that the perps construct gangstalking and stunt scenarios around each. The brown color problem that I am routinely exposed to (per above cardboard boxes) comes to mind, with some more below. Whis has been covered in my favored/unfavored quantification, whatever that means in perpland in all their sick-minded depravity.

Another building pounding door slamming; when is this bizarre orchestration going to end? It is emininently possible to close the door quietly, and the only person that does that is me.

And do it again, the third such today, this being the inaugural day of loud door slamming, as opposed to regular door slamming.

The perps wiped out my browser bar and were on top of me with overhead clunking noises as I attempted to steer out of that predicament. Small things are the biggest things to fuck with these days;

Finally, some relative quiet, even after tea and chocolate. Though, the chocolate "crumbed" itself, as there must of been at least a dozen crumbs that self-erupted, one on the sleeve of my short sleeve shirt before it disappeared. Objects defying gravity are nothing new here. And in concert with the event of having chocolate, the perps put on a chocolate brown Volvo 244, the same make as my last vehicle, and 20' beyond it, they put on a mid-brown Volvo 850/V70 wagon, the style before 2001 when that model got the jelly bean look with kicked-in like door panels. And the perps seemed to have arranged for the aforementioned brown Volvo 244 to be backlit with the sun behind it, likely to reduce the intensity of the color and to possibly thwart me taking a picture of it.

The onset of shower stalking; that is, gangstalking in the next door bathroom in the form of taking a shower. In this case the associated noises were timed for mouse clickings, text selection (blue reverse text box), and page display onset. Mostly, in a rare post dinner time, the noisescape has been on the calmer side with the odd front door slamming and the associated room shaking. I had a group of girls chatting outside my room in the adjacent parking lot for five minutes, and then they took off. There is no point in asking why this would be happening in a dark corner on a Wednesday evening, as the cover story requirement is routinely ignored nowadays.

There has been a dull, but tolerable, roar of noisestalking tonight, except when it got into a noise flurry when I happened to be writing an email to a fellow TI, Anthony Brina, and when I addressed him in the possessive term "your", a glass bottle bashing noise erupted at that precise moment. It is simply amazing timing these assholes have.

Another short noise flurry erupted when I cleaned up the opening paragraph of this blog, in reference to my cynical take on the latest Indonesian aircraft disaster. I wasn't meaning to be insensitive about it, and I will admit to being jaded by the commonality of these events and the associated noise and plasma action anytime I read or see pictures about them.

A bum note to end this, but that is the nature of doing time in a covert constrictrions of my freedome

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