Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Frenetic Noisescape

This morning has been very noisy, even before I was allowed to get up, there had been about 5 room shakings and a next door bathroom showerstalking to cover me from the prone position to the vertical, changed and all. Every aspect of dressing and clothing changing gets routinely noisestalked; e.g. grasping of the new clothing item, placing my legs in my pants, fastening the zipper and buttons etc., all get noisestalked usually many times, with varying noises and pitches.

Other TI's mention an underwear obsession of the perps; the planted girlfriend of Anthony Brina took an extra pair to work each day, and changed into them at some point in her "work". As always, it is not my problem, so why do I get harassed over it?

And as I type this, another herd of operatives has exited the building, which is at least the third total turnover of all possible residents in this putative rooming house. It has been on and off, along with smell jamming into my nose, maser and plasma action, dynamic vision impairments and outside "neighborhood" noise. Now a confab has started up in the hallway, a re-introduction to the male jocularity eruptions within earshot.

I did a chicken run to the grocery store; this is the aquisition of a cooked chicken from the grocery store, and as it does me for three weeks, it becomes a matter of intense perp interest. This is likely related to their interests in what I eat with what other foods, and the fact that I have been on nearly the same diet for 5 years almost. And "somehow" I don't mind that, a total contradiction to my pre-assault and overt harassment days.

It was a zoo in the store, and doubly busy with "shoppers", especially ones who tail me between store locations, or others were pre-stationed as to specific store locations I visit, all without a shopping list.

Likewise, there were many extra gangstalkers on the streets and clusters of specific vehicle colors, reds and whites being the most common. At one parking lot within a range of 30' they had arranged seven grey vehicles all in differing orientations, all mid or darker greys, and not the typical silver grey color they utilize, the same as that of my last owned Volvo 245.

And more plastic objects are "showing up" in the hallway; a 2'x1' pink plastic shelf-like object arrived last night, and seems to be ignored by the usually vigilant manager. Yesterday, they put a CRT television outside beside the front door, and even a bicycle in the too-tight hallway.

A more common stunt of late has been to somehow extract saliva from my mouth and paste it onto the outside of my chin, as if it had drooled out which is not the case. Invariably, this occurs when I am eating, and relates to the perps needing to know the energetic properties of inside my mouth, and the likely reason for an increase in street spitting and the open-mouthed and lip licking operatives that I encounter regularly.

This putative rooming house has turned over about six times so far today, for all the operatives herding through in serial form. Each exit or entrance "results" in a door slamming and then my room being shaken some. It has been an all-day event, sometimes in flurries, but it is rare that it continues like this.

And I am getting more steady planted notions as to a near future cessation of hostilities, and I am not allowed to dismiss this possibility as I once was. So far, in disbelieving this noxious lie, I have been 100% correct. Another TI did not help when her response to my detailed email was "hang in there", the same remark as one of the swim club quislings said to me in 2003, another vote of confidence. It is the latest continuous mind-fuck, and has never been correct. A few planted thoughts have been correct, but it is so rare that it is not worth considering, as usually it is a set up for dashed expections, one of the greatest perp themes going.

This stunt type may have been behind one of the most cruel examples going, if my supposition is correct in that the situation was managed and not an honest mistake. This was the case of the 13 Sago Mine miners trapped underground in Jan. 2006, and after two days of rescue effort, they first announced that the miners were all safe to the relief of the involved families. Then, three hours later, no, they were all dead save one. As far as I know, there has been no explanation as to why that very important news was 100% erroneous. And, from what I read, there isn't a definitive reason why there was an explosion. The company investigation indicated a lightning strike was responsible, as one was seen about that time, while the union claims it was falling rock that sparked a methane accretion. In the former case, there is no explanation of how on-surface lightening could reach 280' underground. Some investigation.

I had some rare peace and quiet reading audiophile stories online, albeit through a veil of masers (aka "floaters") and vision impairments. Then a noise flurry "woke me" to begin blogging again. The glass bottle bashing act started up again, and a new one, pin-like jabs at my arm, but nothing there as the cause.

A few more noise flurries of five minutes each and then two male groups outside my door speaking at the same time in a cross talk arrangement. Then another round of this with them further away. As usual, the earmuffs did not help as the sound was "arranged" to penetrate through them.

The usual maser and plasma games, and continued vision impairment when I was reading Audiogon listings for used stereo equipment. Then the page displays got real slow suddenly, so that was the end of that pastime.

Enough for a posting, and time to put another tedious day behind me.

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