Monday, March 05, 2007

Room Pounding Again

After a lazy day yesterday (no blog) I am back at my room/abode in this putative rooming house, and am suffering the noise and vibration of a serial herd of operatives egressing the building by slamming the front door (everytime) and that serves at the excuse for "causal" in shaking this room/ It continues every 2 to 3 minutes, back to the frat house analogy. This room shaking spell has being going on for 20 minutes now, and I surmise that the entire population of this place (~16) has turned over at least once. The reality is that I am likely the only one who actually lives here, which would make it the same as the last location, an apartment block of 140 units on 10 floors, and the place was largely absent of tenants. This became even more clear when there was an 0400h fire alarm, and there really wasn't many residents out there on the street.

I spent the night at my parents' place, being the target of their gangstalking behaviors and routines, and with my father's pathetic dementia act, he gets excused for all kinds of bizarre behavior. Last night he was on lean-forward duty, a move long witnessed by me in the gangstalking community, and reserved usually when they are seated, and lean forward, stretching their spine for some reason related to energetics study. And true to form, each time he leaned forward a maser beam would emanate from the wall, cross the space between his back and the chair, and hit me, though thankfully, there was no impact felt. There were plenty of other plasma and masers flitting about, as well as my parents wandering in front of the TV, itself a source of magnetic radiation. And the usual hand waving and gesticulating and having their hands cross in front of their faces.

More typo assault, time to end this for now.

The noise flurries ended for an all-quiet order when I was making and eating lunch, especially when I ate a large slice of brown chocolate cake that was left over from my mother's birthday five days ago. Not that I gave her a call or a card or anything, she being the lead in serving me up for this incessant purgatory.

The hallway spraying of putative air freshener stunt just erupted in this suddenly all-quiet house. And I did not blog my early Sunday morning events, where I was awakened for the usual overhead clunking and squeaking, and additonal hallway egress, sometime around 0500h. One of the added extras then, as usually it is only the overhead clunking that I get, was the hallway air freshener sprayed at that time. More of the patently absurd, that anyone would be doing that activity at that time of day, let alone the "spray from the doorway" habit that it has lapsed into.

Other than that, an all-quiet order has gone out, and the usual creepiness, possibly a planted notion, has arisen. I have been severely creeped out in the past, and I could never figure this out until the mind-control possibility was made apparent.

The glass bashing act now continues outside, at some distance away, and I assume, is a method of correlating inside energies and detecting the same ones outside. It is all very complicated, and I am usually noisestalked and/or gangstalked anytime I enter or exit a building.

The flip-flop walk noise has been going on since I moved in, and for some reason the operative is pacing back and forth, and could well be the putative manager of this supposed rooming house. It is a noise that has always got on my nerves, and having only 2' outside my door suggests that someone knows that, and is giving me the shiv. Nothing new there, as so much of the harassment has to do with presenting favored and unfavored noises, sights, colors, beings, objects, personal comportment etc. Very often there will be a rash of Volvos around me, which was the make of my vehicle until I gave it up last year. Yesterday, when leaving driving my parents' Ford Escape, the perps put on a Volvo 245 driving by, another one turning in mid-street temporarily preventing egress, and a third parked on the street, closest to the intersection I stopped at. All this in less than 50' of road, and 30 seconds duration. What is the perps' problem?

And still the flip-flop noise continues, as the make-me-nuts annoyance of the afternoon. The pre-dinnertime period is one that attracts plenty of noisestalking as I surmise all my digestive activity is over, and now the perps can chase the energetics of neural activity with less energy noise, especially those that are sensitized by external aural events. The backbeat noise combination is one that has been chasing me for years now; adding a quieter beat onto the initial beat.

Another rile-me-up time making and eating dinner, and even doing the dishes is a pain as the perps remotely interfere with my grasp, and won't let me hang onto things in a secure manner. They need to screw me over that, and not just once. This time it is the new frypan; they won't allow it to be grasped in a normal manner and somehow mash my fingers into it, or over it. They have had the same perverse habit of preventing me from grasping the soap bottle, the same kind and color I have been using for over four years.

The assholes also flew the olive oil bottle off the fridge and onto the floor, though no spillings or breakage, and this is the third time this has "happened" in this residence. Past blogs have detailed the perp's olive oil obsession and how they constantly noisestalk me pouring it into the frypan, and on one occasion, pulled a newly purchased bottle from my hands and smashed it on the ashphalt to create an oil slick there for the remainder of my tenancy. This sick minded intrusion and defilement covers everything I do, and yet they won't show their gutless faces to expedite their sick-minded quests.

I am getting the continuous fart harassment, where it goes on for an hour or more, usually timed to outside regular noises of vehicles engines trailing off in the distance, all noisy and/or loud mufflered ones of course.

Then if that weren't enough, the fruit fly from nowhere arrives and dances about in my view, in front of this LCD display, and somehow manages to remain uncaught, when I rarely miss. Some more overhead pounding starts up, as I suspect this is a big moment while I digest the last of the brown chocolate cake after dinner, in the intensively perp stalked dusk onset period.

The perps are sending in brown colored Volvo 245's to gangstalk me these days, and there must be some kind of progress in their color fuckery games that permit this, as they never did before. And I have done the brown vehicle ownership thing in the long past, a VW Westphalia (camper van), one of my ex-wife's fuckup ideas that had more to it than I realized at the time. The engine burned out, then it would stall out at a certain point of warmness and was a regular at the shop. Even the warrantied parts didn't last the duration and had to be replaced. It was the last time I owned a VW, and that was 1983 or so, and I haven't had the inclination to consider one since, even though their vehicles are much different now. And the owners of the current model Jetta's really like them, but given that I do not have the financial resources to run a vehicle, all of them are off the table.

And continued voice-morphing all day today; a different sound of voice everytime I say something out loud, and often when I am reduced to hissing at the perps, as they are controlling my inclination to scream at their continued juvenile stunts.

And all-quiet order has gone out, and with the exception of the glass bottle bashing activity that just erupted, the perps seem to be deep into their noise abeyance period.

Some relative quiet over the past hour, save the fart harassment (remote invocation). And as an update on the toilet games, I was treated to another toilet incident at my parents' place yesterday. Their massive old-style water wasting and always dependable toilet "somehow" couldn't take all that I supplied it with, which was an small load by my standards. Five flushes later, and at least two plungings, the water would flow out when flushed, but "somehow" there was this one chunk with attached toilet paper resisted this torrent, and kept coming back, almost like a cork. And so it was that my mother "happened" to hear me swearing at the depraved sickos who fuck with every shit I take (again), and "offered help". That is, read gangstalking with me and the plunger in the close quarters of this bathroom, and this residual lump that defied both gravity and conventional hydrodynamics. Then one more plunging, and it went away. The story on this was that it was an orchestrated First Feral Family gangstalking of my shit in the toilet, and with the plunger in hand.

I cannot begin to describe how utterly pissed I am at not being able to take a shit with the certainty of it being an innocuous experience like it is for most people. I am forced to plunge toilets, take showers to clean up, have soiled underwear nearly every time, all because of some sick minded gutless and depraved assholes have some kind of bent mission where my personal circumstances are immaterial to their venal objectives. And they won't show up to account for this humiliating intrusion into my personal life, and continue to trash my existance by remote means. And worse yet, they created the neural/psychic/color problem through their own bloody minded stupidity by way of traumatizations thay they incurred in my developmental years. The perps' problem with shit, brown and everthing related to it IS NOT MY PROBLEM. So why am I being relentlessly harassed over it? I want a fucking answer.

And as I typed that rant, I got the squeaking stalk, the putative floorboards noise again, just outside my door. So much for privacy, and it is likely all of the above rant was supplied by mind control, as there wasn't any noisestalking until "I" finished the last of the paragraph.

Enough thought work for tonight, assuming that I did the thinking and not the actuation of planted thoughts and actions.

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