Friday, March 09, 2007

Gangstalker Encroachment at the Laundromat

I was allowed to get onto laundry earlier today, an 0750h get-up time is unheard of. I was treated to some early (~0400h to 0500h) noisestalking overhead, with the mandatory wake-up to get me in a state of thinking about matters so all thoughts could be thoughtstalked with the noises of tapping, clunking, squeaking, and now a new one, a rustling noise. And they even blew their cover story, having the tapping occur directly overhead, and the coincident rustling sound from the other side of the room. One person cannot be in two places overhead to make the combined noises.

And for the very first time in nearly five years, the perps also blew their gangstalking cover in public. While at the gangstalking centre called London Drugs where I went while my laundry was in the wash cycle at the laundromat, a dithering fat bag gangstalker in a brown leather jacket got a clear and unequivocal hand signal from the operative who was first hanging around outside when I entered. He had since came inside, and from 12' away, was pointing to this ditz woman to leave the cashier lineup where she was ahead of me, and go toward him to the customer service desk where there was another cashier. Once she started to leave the checkout, he moved outside, not bothering to make any familial connection with the woman. I suspect it was a gimme; one of those "mistakes" that I was meant to see, as I have never seen this gangstalker-to-operative interaction before.

And a new style of coughing in this putative rooming house; start running in the hallway and then commence to cough outside my door on the fly. Fucking pathetic. There have been three coughers taking turns this morning since I got back from the laundromat, and every five minutes or so, one of them gets the honors of bringing this sound to my ears.

This hasn't been the only instance of gangstalkers breaking into a run, without the cover of a planned exercise cover story. On the street today, one male in a black leather jacket and jeans erupted into a run at the "Walk" signal some 70' distant, and ran across the intersection and continued running toward me in my intended walking track, and then skirted around me and ran by. No cover story for the bus or anything like that.

The laundromat gangstalk activity is never dull; they put on two males doing laundry, and one hung around my washing machine and dryer, the other (as above) paged through his papers and applied the yellow highlighting to his "reading" when he didn't have the highlighter pen in his mouth. The male gangstalker hanging around at my laundry also made sure to tail me after, and then before, I attended to my laundry in the dryer. An extra trip to the dryer was needed as I was mind-fucked into "forgetting" when it was to be ready. It is all planned to the millisecond.

I got the tubby blonde in shades in a red and black jacket at the laundromat, likely in a capacity to provide "blonde aura" so the male gangstalkers could borrow/compare/whatever they do from this. And just before that, while on the sidewalk and headed for the laundromat, the perps put a blonde woman kissing a presumed boyfriend at great length, and then he getting in my way to block my egress on the sidewalk. This too, must be some kind of attempt to add "blonde aura" to the male, though I must admit that I don't have a better explanation of this habit of planting blonde women in my proximity and then coinciding her presence with the shiftless fucks that arrive later.

And the laundromat visit included the above studious male gangstalker standing still like a sentry when I departed, his hands behind his head in an "contemplative" stretching pose, one that is very common among the perp assholes. Again, it was a blatant gangstalk move to me, to be seen in such an absurd stance, though I have seen worse. One time they planted an adult gangstalker flapping his arms up and down as I was driving by.

The laundromat attendant, whom I call Gothgirl for her dark clothing, was on the job today. She did her usual pacing about, ironing, and attending the counter, as well as putting on her terrible heavy metal rock music. Then she took off her long black coat as I was walking behind her, and later, almost bizarrely (to me) she washed her hair in one of the deep sinks. And her usual cigarette smoking behind me while outside games, and the dangling unlit cigarette in her mouth when I arrived. I have remarked on this pose and prop before, where the cigarette is unlit, but hanging from the gangstalker's lips. I assume, it might be a test for brown color (tobacco) wrapped in a white paper (reference color), to extrapolate to the perp's constant fixation with exposing me to brown colors in a scale, hue, brightness and mass that suits them. There are at least 40 brown crumb games that go on in some capacity every day in my room or elsewhere. Having a brown crumb "arrive" from nowhere on my yoga mat never bothered the perps and their usual allegiance to a cover story.

And as I finish typing the above sentence, a 20 second burst of faked coughing erupts nearby. More thought stalking it seems, even of the very terms the assholes have introduced into my vocabulary.

This is the post tea and chocolate digestive period, and is getting duly noisestalked with overhead clunking and squeaking. Any more of that, and I will yell at the asshole, as it has been done before. Riling me up is part of the day's script, that I know from the fuckarounds in making breakfast, lunch and doing the dishes. They like to crumble the sliced cheese that was slicing no problem, fly chopped chicken from the cutting board to the floor, place brown crumbs around and fuck with the normal order I do my routines in.

They put two blonde women on gangstalk duty on the stairwell outside my room, one making a return trip, while I was eating chocolate. They also put on the grey curly haired woman on her cell phone sitting on the same stairs. I call this "friends coming for tea/lunch etc." The role of the women (usually) who sit on the stairs is to keep nattering, while the blondes are there to be seen. Some males are beginning to show up in this scenario, presumably to get "blonde aura" or "female aura" readings from the woman who is proximate or passes by.

I am getting more plasma "spotting" as I call it. Small, 2" to 6" plasma spots are momentarily placed in front of, on on something that is in my vision. They will usually put this over contrasting colored objects, in red or yellow usually; in front of a white towel while I am manipulating it, in front of electrical cords, white and a light green, and other unexpected augmentations. As always, my LCD display has plasma beams bouncing all over it, and the maser trails and zingers are flitting about in my visual field.

And now that I have got the security code in the mail to file my income tax online, the perps have taken down the login web page so I cannot begin on this endeavor. More fucking senseless harassment.

The glass bottle bashing act has started up again, it must be one of those highly opportune moments when the less defensible noises are blended into the noisescape. And in fact, it is both a noise and residual vibration of the glass which the perps crave. They often set up glass window bashing ahead of me when I enter a store, or alternatively, have the ubiquitous window washers on the job.

Now I am getting the creepy crawlies, as if an insect is moving through my hair. All to force me to touch my hair on their script. And as I touch me head to dispell the remotely invoked itchiness, a noise from outside occurs simultaneously. Such is life under the surveillance microscope.

I was scripted for an earlier dinner; when there was sufficient natural light at first, and later when doing the dishes, the two artificial light sources were put on. I have had the overhead clunking that serves for thoughtstalking all afternoon in small doses, and it is continuing as I type this. It seems the perps want a consistent noise over the afternoon and into dusk.

And I should be clear, there is even less momentous events than that will start the noiseflurries off. I merely looked at the business card of the Housing Coordinator on my desk, and the "resident" neighbor burst into an overplayed coughing fit, timed upon what I saw. Any input I recieve in any form is a noisestalkable event, no matter how pedantic or seemingly inconsequential. And that includes typo sabotage as I am detailing this.

More key jingling noise and glass bottle bashing again.

I notice that the local barber's shop, some 80' away on the thoroughfare called Cook St. has now been emptied. I wonder if the electromagnetic emanations of the shears, blow dryers, and other AC hair styling devices were too much background energy noise for the perps to deal with. Which makes me wonder what the assholes do with all the supposed people who live around here. Have they all been moved out like at the last apartment block where some 140 units were emptied? I would not be surprised if that were so.

A sneezer and snorter has been dispatched to the bathroom next door, and at the very same instant of the fucker sneezing, I get a zapping. Now more background coughing has erupted and is slowly fading out somehow. Now it is siren time, and that should be good for five minutes or so as they have put on a cascade of differing sirens for the group of vehicles.

Some relative quiet has been scripted while I have been reading about film directors on a web site. However, there has been plenty of maser and plasma action, and even the basic Windows actions of select, copy and paste can beget some kind of transitory beam firing at me from the LCD panel, especially if it is a name of a person. Obviously there must be some kind of measureable quantity coming off names, as something similar happened (above) where hacking erupted when I looked at a person's business card.

And just when I expect to move forward to get on with submitting my income tax return online, the perps (likely) have shut down my access to the web site to verify my password code that I recieved in the mail today. The CRA Epass Services notice is:
Due to technical difficulties, the registration process for My Account for individuals and My Business Account is not available at this time. Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
All it takes is some asshole perp plan scripting this for a Saturday when I recieved the mail today, a Friday. And I don't have much perspective on why they script activities when the perps do, but hindsight is 20/20, right down to the details.

Time to call this a blog posting and blog off.

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