Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Glass Bottle Bashing

Some unbidden thoughts came to mind, and the first thing that happens is the glass bottle bashing act starts up in its peculiar coincidence which goes on daily.

I did an triple gangstalk exercise as part of my "getting out', how I earn my subsidy for rent. And that will apply to the next location, if/when that happens. I meet the housing people tommorow, and maybe they can jump start this endeavor as the perps are sucking my motivation down big time. This is the second such remotely invoked demotivation over house looking that has gone on. Mind you, I am also getting no call backs after leaving a message, suggesting that my reputation precedes me, and that is what I am sure of. The Potemkin Village that is Victoria BC, Canada.

My gangstalking triple was to join the wildlands restoration group, for digging out the non-native species, then I had lunch at the drop-in center and all the loonies, the biggest cover story for perp gangstalking going, and then I did yoga afterward, my second class of the week. I will spare all the details, but it appears that over 500 vehicles were put on "drive-by" gangstalking while I sat out on the deck waiting for yoga to begin. There were fleets of silver-grey vehicles, and likewise with white vehicles, especially commercial ones, then the deep metallic red colored vehicles, and some infill of light metallic brown (tan), navy blue and deep metallic green. The last most color is the color of my veins, which have become more visible on the back of my hands as the perps must of thinned my skin some more. This has already happened twice before, and is also coincident with a new round of red and pink plasma beams zipping over the backs of my hands while they are at work on the keyboard (like now). This entire zoo of vehicles, some even making passes in both directions over the 60 minutes I was outside on the deck, kept going the entire time, and surely breaking some kind of record for mid-day traffic volumes. And to no surprise, some of my gangstalk "neighbors" at the table also walked across the road, some 60' distant, to also gangstalk me from there.

I also get greytone vehicular gangstalking; white, silver grey, two mid greys, charcoal grey and black. Sometimes they come as a complete unit, sometimes they insert a deep metallic red or a light metallic brown colored vehicle in the mix.

There are also vehicle arrangements by design commonality; hood and windshield rake angle, hatchback similarities, rear trunk and back window similarities, and again for commercial vehicles, the typical orthogonal box rear end.

Anyhow, yoga was definitely low-key, especially with three large women, two of whom used chairs, and I got to watch plenty of plasma and maser beams flitting about, and to note all the arrangements the perps made to the walls and ceiling to accomodate them. As usual, I got coughstalking while there, it is a given in almost every location I am, even while I type in my room, someone is coughstalking the repairs I make to the plethora of typos that I am mind-fucked into. The perps also mind-fucked me into being word impoverished in speaking to the instructor; they did something to govern down my usual ability to find words. I was weird, but not new.

And while digging the non-native cyclamen plants up at the Government House wildlands (as restoration), the perps hammered me with light-headed spells, demotivated performance, constant farting, and extra numbers of road traffic (30' away) which was augmented with amplified noise. It was the last of that patch, and perhaps they were laying on the disruption and harassment.

A string of decidedly fake coughing erupts as I am looking at the apartment listings. Why the extra-obvious effort to do this I don't know, as they can make it sound real. Maybe to have me put a blog item in, the "mention factor" as I term it, another expression would be "creating mindshare", which is a big part of the game.

Three phone calls tonight, one from a person who is gangstalked extensively, but who takes the "battle" to them, and has a gustsy perspective on this. I suppose it was a pep talk of a kind; visualize good things, and beliefs in a deity of one's choice. There is plenty of wisdom to this, and it has a basis in psychic energies having genuine effect, and that sits with my research on the non-Hertzian/sidereal/scalar energies that populate the ether, or the omniplasma continuum (in T.T. Brown's words).

We spoke for almost an hour, and I will distill her wisdom and see if there is something I can utilize to make my existence better. In this game of smoke and mirrors, one has to consider radical suggestions at length.

More vision impairments, and even some mind-fucking as to tolerating this fucking outrage. Sorry, fucking with my sight means the perps get their asses in here and tell me why. Anything less is going to get a screaming rebuke if I have any control of this. Just like old times, as in last year. Don't ever fuck with my sight.

Time to blog off, even if a gangstalker arrived next door for this very moment.

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