Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Glass Bashing Operative

The seeming "resident" is timing his glass bottle bashing act from 15' away in another room to the precise moments a web page displays, or when I click the mouse button. I also have a muted version of the same overhead, the pounding noise every so often with the usual impeccable timing to the same events as glass bashing.

This is the post-lunch digestion period, and the perps seem to be ramping up the noise, after carrying on with at least 10 sources beforehand. In a rare day-to-day repeat, I was reading the newpaper at the same time as yesterday, a pre-lunchtime session that was heavily noisestalked as to the special words that I would read in the paper, plasma events, page turning (color display), and page re-orienting as the shadows across the page seemed particularly annoying. Naturally there was the usual herding of the operatives, woo-hoos (like what on a Saturday morning), and the yellow extension cord running the length of the hallway. And even room shaking where there was no ostensible reason, another progression into the "no-cover" realm.

I went to collect my prescription at the LD store, though it wasn't as heavily gangstalked as it usually was. Today it was the East Indian woman in front of me, then a Caucasian woman in a blue green anorak plugged up the other till at the Rx counter, and yammered on in a display of being the obstinate customer. More of these verbal feints are erupting around me these days. After some two minutes of waiting, and this yammering act, the East Indian woman had to circle around to another set of counters where the prescriptions are being filled. These are topped by transparent plexiglas panels, and it would seem, this woman was being "demo-ed" in both a direct line of sight (in front of me), and then behind the plexiglas (15' away). A father-like comportment gangstalker was standing around in the center of all this, while the East Indian woman circled around him. And the perps made sure that there was plenty of through the plexiglas viewing of this father-like asshole before the woman moved. The did this by arranging the heads of the pharmacy technicians on either side of this assholes head, framing it in effect, a method noted in a past blog when they did this on a brother look-alike. And as my sister-in-law is East Indian, this woman could well of been a morph-over of her. It gets complicated to some degree, but the golden rule of gangstalking is to place the same individuals who have I interacted with in the past, especially family.

And I am sure that it is no fluke I have a plexiglas window for my room, as it seems that glass gives the perps problems. I suspect if I got a quantity of powdered glass that the perps would have a difficult time with their remote assay activites. And they do like to have fiberglas boats, canopies and other objects around me.

At least the perps let me out of the store without an orchestrated line at the checkouts, and another Big Girl was on duty. This is a first at this store, as they have been adding their gangstalkers in front of me continuously for five years now.

This particular freak show didn't have any outstanding jerkarounds today, nor major stunts. They put on some roadside particle board furniture for their brown color reference purposes, and more ambulatory gangstalkers about, but this usual beat was quieter than usual. The vehicular gangstalking was nuts; four red colored vehicles at a glance at some intersections, and three times that for a full cycle of the traffic controls (lights). And they created a Saturday N. to S. commute by putting strings of 15 to 20 vehicles in file, equi-spaced, with all headlights were on. Some 300 vehicles were put on today by my estimate.

The dogshit stunt was still in play, plastered on the sidewalk outside a dance clothing store, exactly at the corner of the nearest intersection. What was pure blatant mind-fuckery was that it didn't "occur to me" that this would be highly irregular in any normal circumstance. This tells me that all my ability to notice the ongoing fuckery, feints and stunts is controlled by the perps, which is what I have suspected for the past 12 months.

Here is a quote I thought of some relevance, put here for the record. (c) 2005 Kurt Vonnegut Extracted from A Man Without a Country: A Memoir of Life in George W Bush's America, from here
What can be said to our young people, now that psychopathic personalities, which is to say persons without consciences, without senses of pity or shame, have taken all the money in the treasuries of our government and corporations, and made it all their own?
I am being subjected to a fuck around over the margins (re above), and the control buttons have been removed from the blog menu and thereby invoking the classic stunt of no margin control again. All to have wacky margin spacing much like the ROB magazine in Friday's Globe and Mail newspaper.

Another round of noise has started up, and the yellow extension cord has been lying in the hallway for no apparent purpose for the entire day. This has been a common method of attempting to measure more energies from metals which are preferred it seems.

At my tea and chocolate event, I was noisestalked on two sides by a loud nattering woman while eating the substance. They are still on herding operatives out the front door, and slamming the door as the cover story for shaking this room 20' distant. The overhead pounding and squeaking has been going all afternoon, though muted somewhat. As before, the noise is timed for web page changes, selection by mouse click, and the endless Windows select, copy and paste actions. Even the glass bashing act is stepping up to these situationally applied events. As for the mystery as to why he has glass bottles to bash all day and evening long isn't getting attended to. Another of the examples where the cover story is dispensed with. I am now getting coughing and hacking outside my door, as if someone is standing there, as there was no movement of anyone in the proximity of my room.

Masers and plasma activity has been constant, and it looks as if I am in a soup of blackish trails that all move together, save the odd zingers (aka "floaters") that come flying through my field of view.

I am getting something mysteriously jabbing my leg as I type, and of course I cannot see it as the assholes know it is under the keyboard tray as I type this. There seems to be an all-quiet order out, save the woman talking outside my door in the hallway, and jingling her keys.

Earlier this morning before I set off for my trip to the drug store, the perps placed a splinter in my left big toe that required removal before I could comfortably walk. This seemed to be a stunt to have my fight hand fingers touch my left toe for some kind of energetics testing and remote assay.

More glass bottle bashing, and the frequent "users" of the next door bathroom who don't do anything except stand there and then flush the toilet.

Earlier there was a 20 minute set-to between the manager and a woman tenant who is being evicted today. I am somewhat jaded about these as they are arranged to be more loud remonstrative noise designed for my emotional part of the brain, the limbic system, to be activated while the perps learn how to fuck it. And sure enough, they picked the primetime of when I was washing, rinsing and drying the frypan, an object of intense interest to the perps. So much so, that they broke the last frypan and forced the purchase of this new model, as noted in a past blog.

The Saturday night woo-hoos have started up, and presumably some sports game on TV is serving as the deemed rationale. Meanwhile I am getting coughing outbreaks starting up outside my door, and the odd faux puking as well (noise, but no actual outcome). The timing of these, as it is so often, is for page changes, Windows actions, recollections that I might make, or other uncontrolled thoughts the perps cannot yet fuck with. Normally I get multiple actions in the latter case; overhead clunking, hallway gangstalkers who visit the bathroom next door to make yet more noise, and often glass bottle bashing and coughing. The maser activity is constant. And "for tonight only" I am getting some kind of piercing transient pain in my left temple that can get to the annoying level. And the odd maser strike on my lip, nose or eyelid, the usual placements for this sick minded fuckery.

More head pain, but they backed off when I complained out loud, though that can be changed anytime.

Time to call this a posting, and blog off. Another dull day with the masers, noisestalking and the rest of the phenomenon the cast of sickos have arranged.


James F. Marino said...

had a comment posted by someone claiming to be you. However I never saw it sent to my e-mail (as it should be) so I wanted you to know that someone may be commenting using your initials.

The FEDS have done that in the past
with others.

They are as DEPRAVED as what the mindcontrol sickos and their organized stalking scum put us through.


AJH said...

Yes I did leave a comment; it was civil, informational and positive minded. (As I cannot see it, I am only describing the general nature of the tone of the comment).

My comments never end up in my email anymore, and I cannot find the switch to change it. That is why I end up commenting months later when I "happen" to thing of it. Only when I post it (publish) does it show up in my email, which is useless.