Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vision Perturbations

Another crescendo of noise in concert with vision perturbations while reading about Japan and the geisha tradition. I read Memoirs of a Geisha a few years ago, and it so "happened" that my ex-wife was reading the book at the same general time. This book shadowing has also been "happening" with my mother of late along with her commentary, the book being Adrienne Clarkson's biography, Heart Matters.

I had my yoga class and the instructor supplied me with two blankets for support duing the class as my feet get somehow sensitized to the forefoot being pressed into the mat. And one was a red orange, which is usually one of those hot colors the perps selectively expose me to, usually in very small amounts. Never mind the harassment scenario of the yoga class for now, but when I got out and walked 150' back to my place, there were three red vehicles facing me from the south on Cook St., the thoroughfare street, three more all parked on the street that I live on, and when I got back to my room, there were another three red vehicles in the adjacent parking lot outside my room.

Last week when exiting from yoga with a small Budda gift in hand, colored a gold color, a same colored Volvo 245 turned the corner in front of me, with the oblivious driver act in place, as in not looking for any pedestrians, and thereby keeping me at the corner until this piece of beligerent driving was past.

Anyhow, I got my big girl gangstalk today, this time outside the yoga class room, on sentry duty when I exited. It does seem to be an important event for the perps for me to have a big girl gangstalk exposure every day, and they made sure to deliver as there are none in today's (Thursday) yoga class. (Tuesday was another matter altogether in that respect). The frequency of blonde women gangstalkers has diminished of late.

As the class room is below grade, there is a higher window from which I can still see the goings on outside, and likely I am meant to, as that was the only location in the room that was free when I began classes. And the gangstalk parade had two military types in uniform, walking side by side, in this residential neighborhood, miles away from a military base. Totally absurd.

Next on the absurd gangstalk parade outside was a dude in a mid-brown cowboy hat, headed east And as it turned out, to the building supply center where he bought 10' of wood the same color as his hat, and paraded the opposite direction, with his wood on his shoulder, in a combination that was to spatially blend his hat in with the wood. Fucking absurd, yet again.

And I am tired of all the bullshit brown cowboy hats that are erupting all over town. Never have so many erupted before. And having grown up in this gangstalk city, there was none, and that includes all my visits to Victoria when I lived in Seattle. More absurdity.

Some blog entries got deleted by some asshole, and I am not allowed to recall what they were, when I usually can. More suggestion of cognitive control/governance, as in less capability. There is more loud performance muffler noise on tonight, and few of the hoarse ill-manintained variant of excessive exhaust noise. Coughing and hacking noises continue, as does typo sabotage.

And while typing, I am getting the overhead pounding at selective intervals, usually when an unbidden thought comes to mind. And I also note the number of "sick assholes" thoughts have dropped at least 90% in the last week, which further suggests this judgemental take on the perps' games and predilections has fallen under their control. On the harassment front, there is no reason for such a drop as there has been just as much as always. Someone didn't like how many times I day that I came to that conclusion to characterize their activities, but it was at least 40 or more.

It is another way of saying that I am not allowed to be myself. A new term came up in my reading, "brain jailers". That just might be a term that I will use owing to its explanatory nature.

This is the post dinner gangstalk time, though it has been relatively quiet save some "water in pipes noise", the one that follows me to my last four residence locations. Usually it results in being off/on-ed, unlike anyone using water, but the cover story has been blown on this one long ago, and the perps don't care. They also like to add a squeak into it, as if it were being used in this room, which is not the case.

And more "stun-out" time; looking at something and not getting on with an activity. The brain jailers are pulling this more often now, as they like me to add more measurable moments into their observation time oveer everthing I do. Even putting my foot through the leg hole in my underwear got noisestalked recently. Never do they show up to front for their depravities.

A cooperative coughing session has erupted; one passing by my door, and another from nearby, and there are at least three regular coughers, and sometimes a "guest cougher" to add some variety into this absurdity.

And an article on light flickering illness, one that can arise from patients looking through whirling helicopter blades. This might also be the intent of the perps when they pull their stroboscopic assaults on the street; they are attempting to stimulate an area of the brain they haven't yet totally controlled or color tested (or fucked with). Sometimes they will even bring on repeated exposure to plasma dots, usually in blue and red, and that can occur anywhere.

A cast of yapping youths has arrived outside my window in the adjacent parking lot; as always, what would attract them to this dark location at this time? Why of course, it is human voice noise time, and it is needed from the right side, instead of the left, which would be the inside of this house, that has been relatively quiet of late. Almost spooky quiet even.

I am emailing Anthony Brina now and again, and I will place a shameless plug of his book here. If my story is too incredible, as one comment author indicated, here is Anthony's story, although it is still ongoing, and he is permitted to work by the perps, even if it is China. And for that, I got the next door bathroom gangstalker to arrive with his cell phone, one of the more common instruments used to create some controlled electromagnetic disturbance to aid in teasing out the psi/sidereal energies that the brain utilizes in thought processes, recall, tactile sense, etc.

The script at yoga today was that "I" (as in the mind-controlled me) told the instructor a little about my story, as she posed some questions as to my circumstances, being in a class of "mentally health challenged" individuals, and with no apparent disability. Yesterday, in response to the housing coordinator's questions, it was much the same. These little games seem to go in spates, and I wonder what the perps are looking for in this respect, as they can access my meta-knowledge (what I know I know), and all that I know. There must be some intrinsic energies, psi energies I suspect, although I am being nonspecific, as I am not apprised of the details of what this means. I rountinely get noisestalked in correcting "my" handwriting mistakes, in greater quantity than ever before, and that includes partial letter modifications. Some alphabet letters I write are constantly controlled to be formed in ways that has never happened before, usually on the side of being indistinct, and therefore needing correction afterward.

Another group of outside talkers has arrived for me to overhear their voices for the past 20 minutes. This is occuring while I am reading about alien abductions and the possible motivations as to why it is being done. It is likely that my interest in this in recent years has been planted, though it is a corollary to the current harassment activity in that the victims don't have any recourse to seeking cessation of this intrusion. I don't think a larger group of sufferers have been so maligned; it is treated as a joke, when in fact, if one is selected, there are repeated incursions that can leave one incapacitated for a week or more. It is a new reality that the abductees must adapt, and even the minimal evidence doesn't buy them any respect.

Time to blog off, the vision peturbations are coming back.

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