Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Cough-a-Thon

A coughing and hacking contest is erupting; four of them alternating, one moving in close to the next door bathroom, putting on their never-get-better show, and continue to cough in sequence and synchrony. Unbelievable, and it erupted just after my mother's phone call, which was likely timed to the second. It is my theory that sensors of every kind; microphones, voice pickups, CCD's in digital cameras, film cameras and any other device for measurement can be co-opted by the perps for their own purposes of measuring energies us mortals are not allowed to know about in any formal established physics curiculum. I have had television cameras used as the gangstalking "assistance" device. This was at a two bit jeweller where the camera man went in ahead of me; more absurdity.

Now two hallway sprayings of "air freshener" so far today, the first was when I was shaving at about 0930h.

A major overhead ceiling pounding came like a bolt from the blue as I was reading the word "bananas"; this is just unbelivable abuse this morning, and it is not over yet. And the perps had me yell at the assholes very loudly, something they don't ordinarily let me do here. It may have something to do with the open window, and attempting to detect my own energetics through the open window rather than through the plexiglas panes they so like to rattle in the room shaking bullshit that went on all day yesterday. And I am sure a zapping was thrown into the overhead noise, just enough to perturb me but not make me jump.

Back to an all-quiet and then more room shaking via house pounding. There is no reason why closing the front door, even if slammed would cause the entire house to shake. I have experienced apartment shake/pulsing before, but nothing like the constant train of it that is going on. It is fucking sick to do this to anyone, day in, day out.

A short spell of an all-quiet, then a resounding room shake when reading the word "biodiesel". Surely to fuck that the assholes got something better to do than this, like expose themselves and declare why am I being constantly harassed over what I read, see and think at any given moment?

Lunch is over, and the assholes are back to pounding and shaking my room again; about 3 per five minutes currently, as the post-meal ingestion period is of significant interest to the assholes, and showing their faces isn't going to happen in this nonconsensual human abuse show. "Experimentation" is too generous to describe the reality of this depravity as being in prison would afford me more protection and freedom from intrusion.

Mind you, I suspect that the perps like to covertly monitor many in prison as they have considerable interest in what color of garments I am wearing, and having captive subjects with a single color garment every day is likely a godsend for the perp's quests in this regard.

On another topic, a 5' x 40" wardrobe arrived in the adjacent parking lot overnight, and was placed at the corner of the lot and the building where donations are taken for a charity called EIN, for Women In Need. Will the charity, currently open accept this object? Of course not; they have their supposed staff walk around it, and they leave it there, presumably for at least a full day of "exposure", aka perp games with color, object placement and juxtaposition and the rest of it. Currently, the game is to have a crimson red vehicle park in front of it to play the nonstop "peekaboo" games of placing various objects in front of one another. In this case, it is the all to familiar brown (wardrobe) partially obstructed by the red sedan. And this kind of juvenility is of huge interest to the perps, hence the all day placement of this wardrobe in a parking lot. This venality never ends, and the assault is constant all the time owing to some kind of sick minded depravity of not declaring themselves, even if fucking my life for some 47 years before going nearly five years of overt sabotage and and abuse.

More overnight games again; they woke me at about 0300h to organize some shenanigans in the parking lot outside my room, mainly voices talking loudly, and then the manager of this putative rooming house came out and had a few words with them, yelling at them to be quiet. There is nothing like having a row outside my room for whatever reason the perps have scripted. My theory is that the emotionally processed information is deeper in the limbic system, which is where they are continuing their research, as that area of the brain is not yet 100% fuckable.

There was a second awakening in the night where I was woken up for its own sake, and as I am thinking, the perps lay on overhead clunking noise. This particular source of in-house annoyance is of no concern, despite the charades of removing the earlier tenant who did the same thing. The above mentioned house manager is totally inconsistent as to what noise sources get pursued and what remains.

More room shaking inbetween cell phone calls from the hallway. It seems that the assholes are room shaking-stalking all the familiar web sites. As they display with a seen-before page, the perps put on a wholesale roomshake. This is similar to other modes of noise and vibration stalking. The cough-stalking has been deployed in the recent past to "happen" at these same junctures of web page display. Other commonly noise-stalkable coincidences are when I read celebrity names or other prominent citizens, usually ones that are familiar to me.

Meanwhile, the plasma and maser games continue, and the fuckers are continuning to throw these up in my central vision and float about. I wonder what script the optometrist is on should I go see him; the pretend-otherwise/all OK or some kind of expensive upgrade to my glasses which will doubtless serve the assholes, for penurious reasons alone, if nothing else. The fact that two of my hard drives failed at once suggests that these assholes are not concerned with infeasible events as a cover story. And of course no one adds up all these curiousities and comes to the conclusion that if 10% are correct, this amounts to a severe and constant intrusion into everything that I do.

The Sunday Feral Family Gangstalk Event calls for my parents to pick me up at my place and then proceed to my brother's for dinner there, and I get the driving at night duty which I don't mind. I suppose it is mainly centered around dusk onset and the fact that this is giving the perps considerable techinical difficulty, which is not my problem. This would be a four of five family member aggregation, as long as my other brother's (Kamloops BC) morph-over appearences last week aren't counted. I also suspect he does gangstalking here in this putative rooming house as there is one regular who keeps "showing up", and getting in close and not being the least concerned about it, including the cover blowing practice of waiting outside the communal bathroom when I was exiting it. And of course I wasn't allowed to ask him how he knew I was coming out just then, but that is the crux of it. Who is this asshole who keeps "showing up" all over the place, including outside.

The senseless room pounding is going on, as it has been all day yesterday and this morning; and I am getting mind fucked into vocalizing the obvious affrontery of it, which I assume feeds the asshole's games of creating more fuckable moments for them. More severe typo sabotage is "happening"; four attempts to get the last word of the previous sentence correct, jus the usual thanklessness of the assholes who continue this depravity after 52 years of it. What fucking sicko would keep this up?

The perps decided to take a task bar off my Firefox browser, and for a time, I was running without the Windows Task Manager bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a fairly benign fuckaround, but they have a habit of shaking up the status quo for whatever reason that serves their purpose.

As I will be heading out for Feral Family Dinner soon, I will cut this blog short for today, not that anything startling is likely to happen in any event.

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