Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post Monday Fall Out

As predicted, because last night is a Monday, the perps kept up their intensified harassment to the end by keeping me awake for over an hour in bed, flipping my head from one side to the other, and listening to the orchestrated grunts and groans of putative residents of this rooming house, as well as vehicular traffic that repeats on each side that I am lying on.

I am getting about the 20th loud mufflered vehicle "happening" to be within earshot over the past half hour. Some room shaking is augmenting this noise flurry, as is the wind and the orchestrated window rattling noise. This latter noise is a new feature, only happening since two weeks ago. It is amazing how many more noises have "surfaced" as regular daily events in the past three months, the floorboard squeaking being another. No floorboards squeaked when I first checked out the room, and now they magically do, under the bed, and exactly where I stand to cook and open the fridge. Nothing new as to the circumstances of squeaky floors.

It was a wildland restoration outing morning, followed by a lunch at the drop-in center, and then a yoga session with the very red colored stomach contents from lunch. Naturally each of those exercises was fraught with gangstalkers and other feints that fit the pattern of harassment, and for starters, I got family lookalikes as I entered the drop-in center property.

As I entered the gateway (narrowed path), a gangstalker with a cigarette "happened" to be walking away from the drop-in center, and we crossed paths at exactly the narrow gateway. And this fucker had the height and posture of my father, as well as wearing the same colored coat as me, an olive drab color. At first glance I took him to be a morph-over of my father, but one can never be sure.

Then as I was about to ascend the stairs, a brother lookalike also "happened" to be coming down the stairs to where I was. He had a bigger gut, and wasn't quite the same facially, but as I have seen my brother, without benefit of a morph-over, on missions before, he very well could of been the second perp-helping asshole.

Later, he parked his bald head in the gazebo where the smokers hang out, and the window behind him happened to be removed, and there was a view of his bald head, and a gangstalker/operative on each side of my view, like sentries again. And it does seem to me that the sentry's job is to obstruct my field of view at times, as they do this on the bus and have an operative stand where there are plenty of seats and talk to the driver (likely an operative too).

Anyhow, the first two gangstalkers I see in close at the drop-in center are family lookalikes, both in height, form and a general look, and both had cigarettes in hand, the "space-time" ripper as J K Harms calls any fire or combustive event.

When setting off to the drop-in center from this putative rooming house, as I opened the door, an operative was headed straight for me 2' asway, looking backwards with his navy blue hoodie up, and there was nothing of significance to see. One likely result of this stunt was to have the fucker pass me on my right side, a situation the gangstalkers assiduously attempt everywhere I go. And usually, they follow a color sequence, getting their operatives to act like ambulatory idiots. Never in my life have I seen something so idiotic as approaching a door looking backwards at fuck all.

Another stunt of the perps this morning was to have an oncoming ambulatory gangstalker with a ball cap on with a race-variable look. They put a big shadow under his ball cap so he looked black from 40' away, then at 20' away his face looked brownish like an Asian, then at 10' away, he was Caucasian (finally). The perps haven't played this one for a few weeks, but it was clever, dicking with the lighting on this asshole's face and planting the notion that is was a race based appearance and not this fucking stunt again, one I would of remembered if I hadn't been mind-fucked out of it. It was a combination walk he had; both a gamey leg and a waddle, when I usually only get one or the other.

At yoga, they changed up the mats and had me 90 degrees offset from the usual orientation. They put on two fat women in class this time, one who had been wearing some atrocious red-orange clashing coats and sweaters beforehand, and no doubt her presence was to provide "red glow' from her pre-class wardrobe. And the perps always make me look at the overflowing flesh at some point as it spills out from between garments, e.g. shirt and pants.

The tubby guy in a burgundy red shirt of last week's yoga class was mercifully not there, and my negative reaction to the sight of him might have been the reason. The perps will pull anyone in my proximity to whom I have an adverse reaction to, and most of the time I am not aware of it. I get reminded when someone makes an exit from my environs, or otherwise lies low. As it so happened, this tubby fucker glared at me before the class, and that may have been a purposeful event to precipitate a negative response. I really don't know what the perps are fishing for exactly, but there are no end of stunts to set me up for a negative response, often in the proximity of blonde women. It could quite possibly be an aura comparison attempt the perps are attempting.

I have learned all these negative reaction demographics from the perps and all the stunts they pull with the dress and appearance of the gangstalkers/operatives. Very often they will bring in a black person at the end of my journey, or else sneak them in behind me. And also, they will color match them to proximate vehicles and other landscape features. It is all very fascinating, and the all-time deliberate stunt was to have a woman dressed as an 1950's style nurse step out ahead of me, and turn and face me oncoming on the sidewalk. Only then did I, or was lead to understand, that there might have been a long-past health care worker traumatization that the perps were attempting to elicit a response to. Even since, they have been putting on full white dressed gangstalkers, a very odd color choice in this city.

And the yoga instructor is going to Australia for two weeks; it is simply amazing how many people around me get to go on a holiday in short order. I am a total gift machine for all involved assholes, shills and other detritus that circulate around me, and I am extremely pissed off that my life is in the public domain, much of which I don't even know in any detail, never mind any compensation.

Another redi-mix truck was in the vehicular gangstalk formation when transiting to Government House for the wildland work. And lo, if the street cleaner wasn't ahead of me as well, cleaning the side streets I pass as I walk along the thoroughfare of clustered vehicles in their assigned formations.

It is pound the house time, only 20 minutes after I have eaten brown colored tortillas, so that gives me a clue that the perps somehow lose track of the foods I eat in terms of their energetics. And they will of course change color in the digestion process, and past readers will know that the perps are nuts over the color of everything I see, and seem to have problems with red, green, brown and yellow the most, and often insert black, white and grey colors, usually in the form of vehicles, to act as some kind of reference base. They have had their operatives walk around me with large black or white panels on occasion, and sometimes the odd dinner plate as well.

It is now dusk time for the perps to put on more beserk harassment. This time in the form of blocking my access to the Firefox browser tabs, at least for a minute or so, I was navigationally frozen. And they often use this as an excuse into mindfucking me to shutting the whole system down and then "begetting" more fuckery on the next boot up. One stunt leads to creating the cover for the next.

And after playing around with flare colors on my glasses, something they do all the time, but rarely to the level of annoyance, they have decided to add a reflective glow to my left hand as it sits over the keyboard. And there is someone in the next door bathroom doing the gangstalking through the wall while I battle this sudden flurry of sick minded harassment.

And as I scratch a perp created nose itch, someone slammed the house again, sending vibrations into my room. As always, the timing of the "coincidences" is stellar.

I have had some relative quiet for the last hour or so, once the building knocking activity was over. There seems to be coincident noises, albeit muted, when I am reading web pages on alternate energy, especially solar and wind power. I don't own any property, so this new found interest does not fit my current circumstances, and this leads me to wonder just who's idea is this.

Anyhow, masers are flitting about as I type, and I am getting severe typo harassment.

More typo fuckery in keying in the time. I am getting some strange effects; an electric like sensation on the left side of my teeth, and some kind of annoying pain in my left femur (thighbone) with the addition of knee torquing. The assholes twist my leg below my knee to then create pain that registers in the brain regions of interest to them, which is intended to continue their research into whatever the fuck it is that they are after, as if trashing my life isn't enough after sabotaging it for 47 years. It is fucking sick/

And tonight I got a call from a TI some 90 miles away in Nanaimo. She has success in taking the game to the gangstalkers, the only harassment she gets. And she takes a spiritual approach to the situation, which she claims defeats their game. And I got the "depressed" angle again, but my defence is that if every second on your life is monitored, surveilled and controlled, then there are not many prospects for happiness, especially when it is not allowed. And the assholes took away the most helpful medication I was taking, despite the evidence of a SPECT scan that I had.

The phone call died by way of power loss on her side, so nothing was resolved. I still don't know what the deal is; is she shilling for the perps, or just doesn't get it as to how polluted my life is? I am not allowed any self determination; this whole life is scripted. And in 2006 they learned how to access specific details in my recall, so now that is played by remote application of energetics. Anyway, it is another "don't get it", as I explained to her that all my life that I have this inability to bring all the matters to mind, and from what I can tell, it always served the purpose at the time, in the context of consistent lifelong harassment scenarios.

Time to blog off, and put these mysteries behind me, that is, if I have a choice in the matter.

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