Saturday, March 10, 2007

Severe Vision Impairments

I have been getting a significant amount of vision impairments this morning, and this is the usual stunt to get me extremely pissed off to set the tone for the day. And as this is Saturday, there seems to be a more viscious nature to the weekend harassment which has been true for almost 5 years of this constant and sick minded infliction. And, in writing this, I am able to witness for the first time that selected words of this blog entry are being fucked with. Some of the often used words in this paragraph are being selectively fucked with and put out of focus momentarily. This represents a new method to jerk me around.

Finally, the vision impairment fuckery slowed down some, and the overhead clunking and tapping came to noisestalk me on every move or thought I make. Then a coughing outburst outside of my door, this time without the operative running by, and walking instead.

Cough harmonization; that is when the resident coughers and hackers, now running a "condition" for over five months, do their coughing and then the assholes force me to cough immediately afterward. Add in a few siren noises, then a loud mufflered vehicle outside, and all is normal in the perpland noisescape.

Another blog entry to document the noisescape cycle; the outside parking lot nattering has started up, normally something that is reserved for nightime, as there were at least three such voice-over stunts last night aside from street hollering and a few other like noises. Perhaps there is an entire chain of voice and/or lung activity (coughing being the most predominant case) association going on. These are the dominant sources of noise in this putative rooming house.

Back to being noisestalked with overhead clunking at every move; this is the lunch digestion period and it is a holy moment in being fucked with and noisetalked. It also was on for all of the lunch preparation, consumption and dishes as well, unusually. It seems that the assholes want to have a continuum of the same noise to determine what neural substrates are responding to it, and then attempting to map some kind of energetics properties to that. That is part of my running theory on what they are up to as it is clear that they can direct me to do nearly anything, and that includes long established household routines.

I always clean the three working surfaces after doing the dishes, and for three days in succession this six month 3x per day habit has been disrupted. The perps have me mind controlled to start the PC up while the job hasn't been done, and I wasn't allowed to notice until I sat down. Find a clinical explanation for that for all you assholes that keep laying on that bullshit.

I am getting wall pounding from the next door bathroom, not that anyone seems to do anything in there but stand around and flush the toilet at a certain interval. I have been parked by these circumstances before in my office working days, but this show here does not add up. And as it is added into the noisescape along with other coincident aural incursions, I can assume it is meant to be part of the continued arranged circumstances around me.

I am also getting my dose of three times yearly bullshit by way of planted thoughts that the perps are going to cease hostilities soon, and of course that should be summarily dismissed as I believe there are at least two other occurences of like kind that did not unfold per the planted story. With this much invested in hounding me for a very long list of objectives, why would they stop?

There has been too much forward planning of events that are unlikely to pay back until next year or more; e.g. planting war stories and then zapping me as I encounter the words or other specifics. This upcoming residence move is just going to be another round of playing with brown colored boxes, one of their very favorite games, for the color research they appear to be doing, and the continuation of ragging me all over town to different locations. Besides, it is an excellent way to disrupt my routines, something they can leverage by screwing me around in a new place and utilizing it as the cover story for the dysfunction that follows.

I am still getting continued pounding overhead, and I am sure this opportunity has been arranged for my next residence location, wherever that may be. The one time that they let me have a top floor in an apartment building, they sent in "maintenance personnel" to pound the roof and have the noise and vibration delived under that guise.

More strange noise games; as I was clearing my throat from perp incurred phlegm, some kind of scratching noise erupted coincidentally, and stopped exactly at the same moment I did. It was all over in less than a second, but it would seem that the more they can get me to make noise, which includes plenty of voiced complaint about their harassment stunts, the better the circumstances for them.

The Canadian government's income tax filing website is still down, noticed yesterday when I went to use it for the first time. And it so happens that this has made the news, and it is a mightly curious coincidence that. Blogging this little caper gets me overhead pounding and squeaking noise, so there seems to be some connection, though no smoking gun of a planned event.

Two more zappings with coincident clunking overhead, and I was voice-morphed differently in advance of each assault, so my voiced complaints were differing in their internal hearing. Changing my voice and having me articulate a complaint is nothing new; this fuckery goes on constantly and I am sick fucking fed up with being hounded and zapped 24x7x365. It is time that a perp representative got his gutless ass in here to explain why I am being harassed all the time.

A coordinated noise flurry; thumping noise from this putative rooming house interleaved with like noises from outside. Then some voices were added into the mix and hallway tromping. Now a next door bathroom visitation and associated noise. All this erupted when I was reading about secret US underground bases. Someone wants to know more about how I know this. A very disturbing coincidence.

More noisestalking of all the details of military goings on in secret bases. Time to call it off, and stick to cinema listings, though that is not stalking free by any means. It is simply less spooking, and that could be a planted sense as this happened a few years ago to great effect in their following stunts.

Back to overhead squeaking and clunking at this post-dinner time when my food is digesting. More noise was added to the mix in the form of a next door bathroom visitation and the faked water movement in the pipes noise. All to make me aware that continued noisestalking is not going away like most days.

A wall whack, a loud heavy duty vehicle outside, then an overhead floor whack with a zap and then me complaining out loud about it in a new voice-over. Plus another two simultaneous noises I didn't mention. A notice to the perps; get your gutless and sick ass in here.

Another sudden overhead pounding and a zapping with some of my vision momentarily blacked out in the middle of this assault. And I was duly mindfucked into complaining out loud again, as the zap makes it more bodily disruptive.

Some quiet with loud door slamming and this room shaking for the past hour. The vision impairments are continuing at a lesser rate than before. Instead, it is time for knee torquing torture; this is the remote application of a twisting force to my lower leg while my knee stays in place. It is highly annoying and another intense piss-off. If I move my foot or leg I will get immediate relief, but it comes back inside of five seconds or so. This is the weekend shift of the assholes, and they are always less observant of niceties of their victims.

The crockery washing act has moved into the next door bathroom and is making some attempt to sound legitimate. Meanwhile, the overwrought coughing act started up, so I assume this noise mix is the true intention.

And after all day of giving my feet a buzzy feel to them, the perps have decided to play this same stunt on my ass, even while seated in my chair. A pummeling of my ass muscles is taking place, thankfully it is sparsely distributed and not all of my ass at once.

A whole shut-in day, and enough to make me squirrelly if this repeats tommorrow. And time to blog off on another dull day under the brain jailers.

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