Friday, March 30, 2007

Furnace Fuckery

For the second time this winter, the furnace stopped working in the night, leading to a chilly sleep which the perps woke me up a number of times to remind me. Then it "got fixed" this morning and came on. This time, there was no snow outside, just new navy blue colored graffiti on the opposite parking lot wall, 30' away. These are exciting events to the perps.

Another new embellishment is to sound the glass bottle bashing noise as if it were a chime to follow any unbidden or uncontrolled thought. When reading book reviews last night, I made a mental association with an recent historical event and how it might have been perp sponsored and where it fit into the objectives that I am familiar with, and immediately following that thought (assuming it was mine), the glass bashing act sounded off, as if it were like a wedding where the glasses are used to egg on another kiss of the bride and groom.

Then again this morning, while blowing my nose in the shower, there was another glass bottle bashing noise that was adroitly created to be overheard the shower and noise blowing noise.

I got the day of the week jerkaround again; the notion was planted from getting up that today was a Saturday. Even seeing the postwoman did not convince me or cause me to question this planted assertion. Only by purchasing the newspaper and comparing its thinner version to that of Saturday was I let in on what I would ordinarily know. As mentioned before, the perps first learned how to do this in late 2004 or early 2005, and had my brother set me up for a test about then. Interestingly, he did not tell me that the day of the week was incorrect after I gave him the planted version. That is why it is the First Feral Family as I see these sick minded abettors.

After getting quite the barrage of forced coughing and hacking from my "neighbors", the assholes are laying it on me. Coughing outbreaks for no reason. And now, at every forced typo and its repair, the same assholes are thudding the ceiling overhead. I reckon the front door slamming and the room shaking have led up to overhead pounding as the thin edge of the wedge, the noise of first resort.

Another pair of coffee break natterers arrived outside my room to chat while I cleaned, rinsed and dried the frypan, the object of intense interest to the perps. Past readers will know that the perps broke the last frypan about four weeks ago, and forced the acquisition of a new one, this time without a layer of copper in the base, aluminum only. Perhaps the increased frequency of copper colored gangstalk vehicles is related to this. Anyhow, I have done plenty of house wiring for the perps to monitor me then, so why now? Likely because they are still sucking wind if creating a dumbshit prank like the ceiling leak in the yoga class is where they are at (yesterday).

I got my usual freak show when walking to the grocery store earlier; it was "do rag" day. There were two such cases when the norm is none, done up in the current gangstalk colors of choice, one in red, the other in white. In both cases they had no head hair, belonging to the very common skinhead contingent of the perps. Other weird sidewalk behavior was having store worker in a green apron and yellow shirt walking toward me some 25' away, and then he stops at 15', turns around, shoots me an extended glance, and then retraces his steps ahead of me. All the while he had a plasterer's scraper in hand, and he had nothing to do with that trade going by his clothes. More absurd bullshit to entertain me I suspect.

At the grocery store they put a stepladder in front of the exit door, forcing me to go through the entrance among the two "plastic bag men" that was arranged around me. It is getting absurd on this account, as they arrive in the store with white no name plastic bags, and then loiter around the exit. One in-store gangstalker who then "happened" to be outside when I was departing had somehow also acquired a white no-name plastic bag for continued ambulatory gangstalking on the sidewalk, doing the dither walk so I would catch up and pass her by.

More pounding and shaking of this room; then hallway sourced squeaking also erupts as the high frequency "dessert" course that is also served by extra squeaky brakes from outside, key jingling, whistling and a few other sources that are common. The other noise that is playing with greater predominance today is motorcycles, both varieties of noise sources, the 2 stroke and the 4 stroke variants. It is fucking absurd. My outside coffee break natterers have arrived just when it is time to put the kettle on. Now that I am allowed chocolate again, this must be a big event, the first 100g bar in a week.

There was an increase in the noisescape during and after tea and chocolate, and it is continuing in a ongoing way during this digestive period. There have been some maser and plasma games as well, some smell jammed into my nose, and few others I cannot recall.

Another recent development is to have the "residents" this putative rooming house engage in grunts, groans, sighs and other short gutteral vocalizations. I suspect the reason is because it takes longer to mentally process these sounds, even if it is all faked for me to hear. Or, it serves as the cover to stop me from immediately discarding this noise type as spurious. Either way, the perps are having their operatives engage in this kind of behavior, as it is being widely practiced of late.

I am been rendered as tired at the moment; the heavy eyelids and dociled cognitive abilities, as if I need any more of that when a lifetime of learning disorders was arranged for me from birth. Meanwhile, the maser trails are flitting about in my vision with the odd "zinger", the fuzzy grey balls that flit about in parallel formation in my central vision. Just what I need, more impairments.

My TI pal from Nanaimo seems to have opted out of the daily emails; she "doesn't understand" that I have to live my life differently given that I am under assault every second. She gets gangstalked in public mostly, though I am sure there a few other games that they might pull on her under the banner of "normal'. Anyhow, the separation of confidences is nothing new, and either by mind control or some other means, this follows the pattern. And as I see it, it is just as well, as it seemed she really didn't make an effort to engage in a new perspective. And the acid test of a true TI (so far) is, do they read this blog? If no, no matter what excuse if they have access to a PC, then they are acting for some other party. Otherwise, they are likely to be a legit TI. And it is most odd that nearly everyone, from health care workers, family and purported TI's do not read any of this blog, and have also ignored other documents I have written that detail this depraved harassment and psychotorture. Nothing new there, but it is amazing that they don't ever want to talk about my experiences and engage in discussing them. There were some other tip-offs, but I will leave it at that. It is likely as bad as the espionage business as to who one trusts.

The post-dinner operative herding has moved out the front door, serial fashion, and most of the noise is from outside now. And while that is going one, the sickos are jerking with my knee and applying some kind of pain into it, with the pain culminating in intensity when the noise is loudest. And if that weren't enough distraction, they are supplying some kind of undefinable cognitive dissonance, the only description is that I feel "odd" and ill at ease. They have ramped this up while I am reading about alien abduction research. And if it is allowed, I will detail some of it here. There is no telling what I am going to recall any more, as some details are immediately lost, yet another event that never happened before all the harassment began.

And as the keyboard moved some, owing to letting both hands off, the self-returning keyboard surface was moving, and then the overhead squeaking noise started for that fraction of a second. It is unbelievable as to how many of my actions, thoughts and observed detail result in instant noisestalking.

More glass bottle bashing; this was timed with a body zap and a mini-blackout where I wasn't allowed to see this LCD display for a second or two, as by then I had clicked on the mouse and something very weird was added into the Firefox Bookmark Manager when I had intended a deletion. Now the water noise has been added into this noise flurry along with a next door bathroom visitor who kicked the shared heating vent, which happens about 50% of the time. The obligatory toilet flushing and then the operative is done. And now, a "loose hair" is dangling in my vision field, a common perp pissaround of late. I routinely get 10+" blonde hairs on my carpet, and I don't quite know what their fascination is with hair, save shaving it off the males for predominant skinhead operatives to be readily identified.

A parade of operatives, this time past my door and into the bathroom, only 3' away or less, on the other side of the wall. As always, they do nothing but stand there in sentry pose (I assume), and then flush the toilet and then bolt out of there. Every so often as I trip across the "noisestalked words du jour", some other noise will also erupt; either the glass bottle bashing act, or an electronic sound of some kind.

And there seems to be some kind of device in the hallway as they often make adjustments to it, making the same noise each time. At a location three residences ago the same noise occured at about the same time of day. I assume if I looked out of my door and into the hallway, the device will just disappear, as this has happened before with actual gangstalkers. Anyhow, some relative quiet for a bit, and then another iteration of noise flurries, masers, plasma display, typo fuckery, smells etc. will erupt.

I am getting more reading interference; the maser "floater" sits exactly where my right side line of sight is, and follows along as I read. This is extremely annoying and essentially ends my activity and forces me to do something else, like more blogging. The perps have also been putting more momentary colors on this mostly black on white web page. My reading content is about abductions by aliens and military, both of which seem to have much in common with the constant harassment experience that I get. I am not sure which is better. I have a fellow TI, James Marino, to thank for the mention of this site.

In the case of Katharina Wilson, author of Alien Jigsaw, she gets many re-visits and some unpleasant experiences, even rape. At one time she was a college level music student, and in her final year, the aliens appeared to have dithered, or deleted her abilities to feel connected to the music. She knew this was done purposely, though there appears to be no certain reason except "other plans', most of which relate to being re-abducted and re-examined in her adult life. Ms. Wilson details her thoughts on the alien/government involvement as well as the associated overarching mind-control research imperative in her Part 6 of Project Open Mind.

And she posits some interesting questions as to the commonality of the abduction experience and that of mind control, and wonders if they are sides of the same coin. Speaking as a subject on the latter topic, she has it exactly right. Mind control is used to docile and decieve the abduction victims, and much of the alien's pre-2006 research likely focussed on bettering their mind-control abilities. There are other objectives being sought as well; she mentions the incident of yellow diarrhea testing that they put her through. Past readers will find a rich level of content related to taking a shit and the commensurate harassment over this. Or, use the search function in this blog to find out more.

I can say now, especially after 2006, that the perps are 0.001% away from total mind control. As mentioned in past blogs, my tip-off is the consistent pattern of being noisestalked, masered, plasma-ed, etc. should any uncontrolled thoughts come to mind. The reality is that I am getting less and less noisestalking and the rest of it, with the flip side being that this blog is now from a total perp script, and they are allowing me to "stay in character", save situational mind-fucking over recall or other short re-directions that they wish to inflict upon me. (An example is above, being mind planted that today was Saturday when it is Friday).

And I found an interesting passage from the above site, detailing the recollections of an abductee named Lisa,

In September of 1995, Lisa reported a "scene" in her journal. She was being shown a blackboard and a "clean-cut, white male" wrote the word "TEHRAN" on the board and above this word he drew a triangle. The man barked at Lisa, "Don't fall asleep -" and Lisa told him that she wasn't falling asleep, that she was listening and paying attention to him. "The man then drew a line from the word 'TEHRAN' toward the left to signify which direction it will go," Lisa said. Then two or three men came into the room "to get me...they were in business was the CIA wanting me to do more work for them. I went blank after this."
All I hope is that the current hostage crisis in Iran, (UK Marines were captured and held), is not the incident that brings the above mentioned possibility to happen. (And it is interesting the noisestalking that erupted as I wrote this last paragraph- perhaps this is a setup).

Another observation of Katharina Wilson's is her prediction that the abduction activity will end;
The alien abductions will not continue in perpetuity. There will come a time when they will stop and I believe it will be sooner rather than later; perhaps even within the next ten years.
I concurr, and in doing so, I am adding in the plight of the Targetted Individuals, those who are harassed mercilessly for the nonconsensual experimentation that I, and many others, are being subjected to. I sense the perps have at least one more year of harassment planned for me, and possibly two. Then they will likely leverage this into surveilling and monitoring others for a more complete picture of the "psi energies" of human experience. This would be another three years, which leads to the question, what are they going to do with all this knowlege?

The assholes are noisestalking me reading literature from the Freedom of Though Foundation, and so I thought it best to cease that and not goad the assholes anymore.

Time to blog off and hit the hay for another day of freak shows, harassment, enragement, vexation and the rest of the usual.