Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thumping on Beat

My overhead thumper has arrived again and is developing a larger repetoire of annoyances. The slow quiet beat of thumping has returned, making its debut yesterday. This is the same sound that "re-appeared" inside of my earmuffs yesterday, when normally they would block such a quiet noise. And another bait, clunk and zap stunt in the night, for which the perps wake me up for. They must of posed a question about Pres. Bush telepathically, as I seemed to be answering it, one about his personal nature. And as those thoughts were rolling in mind, a sudden clunk and a simultaneous zapping occured, one that almost lifted me off the mattress. Then they froze me for a few seconds before letting me (or more like, mind-fucking me) into yelling at the assholes for that stunt. There had been no prior warning as to overhead clunking noise, the setup was as sudden as it ended, a one shot deal on two fronts.

And that also didn't cover the usual Monday night head tossing they make me go through, as it is becoming consistent, each week that I return from my parent's place. It had to be at least two hours of keeping me from getting to sleep, head tossing from one side to the other, sometimes less than a minute per side. As part of this exercise, there is the prerequisite noisestalking, itching and scratching to be timed at the moments before, after or during head tossing. As usual, I don't expect to miss the sleep, "somehow" it never happens for these extended awakening sessions.

This is the post lunch period, the noise and gangstalk primetime, where I digest brown colored food, and I even have the overhead clunking on beat to ensure that these very observations are duly noisestalked. The perps have a severe problem with the color brown as many past blogs reference, and it is partly due to the body containing some elements of that color, and they cannot quantify and assign all the energetics properties of this particular color. Past blogs have also indicated the degree of harassment in taking a crap, and they are back on that track again with another sabotage job yesterday, ahead of having tea and chocolate. It was a plunge and a shower to clean up job, along with plenty of banter and sidechat outside the bathroom while the activity was in progress. Nothing new there, but they gave me a run of three successive craps where no harassment took place, but have since reverted back to form, for the last two. It never ends; their fixation on all details of my existence, especially the more personal ones where fuckups of theirs in my developmental years have incurred later problems for themselves, which they are attempting to understand and redress.

In the latter camp, they have changed my posture and the position of my spine: I had a sway back before, and now I don't. My walking gait has also changed some, and there seems to be more abdominal muscle control than there was before. I don't need anyone's uninvited remediation efforts, I just need to be left alone, and I have no say in either. Fucking sick that someone is setting up harassment scenarios everytime I take a shit, and everything else.

The perps have me cranked up over giving my notice to vacate, and doing the Hail Mary over finding a place in a month's time. Naturally this is all to crank my angst a whole bunch, as there is a plan, and I must go through the motions of looking, applying and securing a new place. In the last concrete building of 140 units, it appeared as if the entire apartment had been emptied of legitimate tenants, as there were only freaks and seen-before operatives that were hanging around me in the public places. The night of the fire alarm also revealed there were precious few tenants, and I do wonder what the perps have in mind next. Where else have they emptied the neighborhood of tenants and have me situated in the center of it all? I can only assume they will inject "neighbors" on a selective basis, and only a few at time at specific distances. Perhaps this is the next stage, selective population of proximate residents, along with re-aquainting me with all my belongings in storage.

Another pounding session is playing overhead, the on beat gentle rythmic variety, as detailed above.

I had my yoga, then back to the room where the perps pulled another crap attack, by forcing a shower to clean up, and then off to look at a rental property with my phalanx of gangstalkers. As I had been de-pooed, the perps saw fit to spatter the shit on the sidewalks in two locations, some 6 blocks apart, though of the same consistency, color and amount. Way too clever for themselves, standardizing their shit mess on the sidewalks, when normally I don't see any.

And more concrete stalking; this substance has been of considerable interest for the perps as they cannot seem to understand it's energetic properties and interactions, especially with vehicles driving on it. So, they undertake all kinds of odd sidewalk maintenance activity in this city, and I did pass over some week old sidewalk concrete when walking to yoga earlier today. But that wasn't enough, so on my route to look at a prospective rental suite, they place a City flat deck truck beside the sidewalk with a quarter cubic yard of fresh concrete on plastic on the rear deck. There was no reason for the vehicle to be parked there, as there is no City work going on in this neighborhood. Later, the perps put on a redi-mix truck on a back street to pass by, again, no concrete deliveries in that neighborhood. As mentioned in past blogs, ashphalt is another material that seems to cause the perps great grief, and might be the reason why they put at least 500 vehicles in gangstalk formations on by two outings today. The usual color coordination; whites and silver greys first, then blacks, greys, then reds and dark greens. And having some tractor trailer with a white trailer (usually) going through the residental area doesn't bother them either. And for that, I get a siren cascade, where there seems to be as much emergency activity as Seattle.

The overhead clunk with a simultanteous zapping just erupted, and my voice was morphed into a different sound when I complained out loud. This is usually the case; my vocalizations all seem to be planned for as there is a different voice each time.

Another overhead clunk and a simultaneous zapping, and I am getting extremely irate about this, which is the likely perp plan as my voice still differs each time. There is no fucking reason to be treated this way and I am extremely pissed that I am being hounded by mortal cowards using remotely applied energetics to fuck with my life.

Today's yoga was replete with masers and plasma beams, and true to form, a new 1/4" hole in the ceiling has been created, from which masers and plasma beams emanate in toroidal form. My room has about 20 of these small holes, and given enough observation time, there is some kind of magnetic energy field spitting out from these. And they "show up" facing me in all the locations where I am working; hotplate and the sink.

There were also a few plasma bursts at the ceiling, and some kind of momentary plasma beam that was fractured into regular sections, 30" total length.

There was some blue sampling done by the instructor, waving two different blue exercise mats over the location where another student was to set himself up, he using a using a violet colored mat. I was given the light blue mat this time, not my typical choice, but as this is a low budget situation, I have no complaint. Though in fact, the colors of everything are of vital interest to the perps, and no end of arranging goes on in this respect.

And that includes the assholes spraying my black workout pants with some very fine brown crumbs, and some of these also "arrived" on my yoga mat. In the class makeup they added a tubby dude in a burgundy shirt and black and white shorts, and pulled two of the three fat ladies from the class. And the perps made sure to have me obsess over the tubby dude, as normally I don't really care, I have long concluded that there are shills and operatives around me, and it is a given. Why they keep doing this to me is unknown, but they seem to want to get the most possible reaction from one of their planted demographics especially in a confined classroom for more energetic interaction time.

There also is more control of my attention that is being controlled to stare a large guts, on females or males, especially the latter. I have no idea why, save some possible deep neural aversions to obesity that the perps may have created themselves with all their irradiative fuckery that has gone on since say one. I don't get the impression that they knew what they were doing at the time, and were even less inclined to figure it out, especially the pollutants that have adverse effects. All that on their watch, and that is what they did.

And outside, when heading out and behind a yoga classmate in a red down jacket, a pretend cretin planted himself in his motorized wheel chair in the exit between two stone posts. Then he put on the pretend act of looking retarded and unaware of the constriction he created at the gateway, while we each walked past him in file. And I reckon, it didn't hurt that this wheelchair was a deep red metallic color, one of the prime gangstalking colors. I never accept anything at face value anymore. And the joys of a drop-in center, where one is always center stage, and everyone else pretends not. Fucking tedious.

And the perps are finally letting me get onto looking at places, one yesterday, and another today. Back to tight bachelor suites again it seems. And the new norm is that many of them never phone back if I leave a message, a new augmentation to the hassle of finding a place.

More time expended on web browsing; high end stereo equipment is tonight's fascination, though there must be some perp benefits as this interest is often revisited for no reasons related to possible acquisition. The perps have taken out the audio on my PC, one of the "improvements" they added in when it was taken in for the two dissimilar hard drives failing together at the same boot-up, one under warranty no less.

There are some strong emanations of something coming off my LCD display tonight, even as I type this. Another game of the perps is to crank up the brightness and somehow "thin out" the look of text and other detail. I never know quite how a web page will be rendered over the course of an evening.

Anyhow, not a great day, but plenty of ambulatory gangstalking again, which demonstrates that this activity remains one of their strong suits in whatever they have cast me into. I have no choices as to involvement, and given the advances of mind-control I have seen in the past few years happening to me, there isn't much choice in what I say or write. All this could be scripted from the perp's local offices, and I am merely a scribe. Time to call this a posting and blog off.


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AJH said...

Glad you have got something from this. I know there is plenty of detail, and one can get bogged down in reading it, but I have found that there is worth in mentioning it.

When I have read other TI's accounts, and found similar activities, I can then make deductions as to what the perp's methods and intents are. And not only that, I can also deduce the historical aspect of how long they have been hounding me or others.

There is a fascinating book titled, "The Control of Candy Jones", a woman who was a hypnosis subject and who would go on missions for the CIA under the care of her handler. She was a model and had a civilian office job. She was a girl in the 1930's and she mentioned the fact that her mother's chimney caught fire and they had to camp at her grandmother's for a few days. Well, it so "happens" that this chimney fire stunt has occured twice while being a TI, and it would seem that it is a perp practice where the cover story can be developed.

There were other details from the book that made me think that the perps were controlling and behind this intensely elaborate CIA operation, even though nobody knew it, her or her CIA handlers.

And, based on what I have experienced, it seems that the hypnosis methods of personality control and recall blocking are now obsolete, as the perps can do this by remotely manipulating the brain's core energies instead.