Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

There was a delayed awakening time this morning, getting up at 0900h which is 1000h PDT. All to create a late start to the day, a very common stunt until recent weeks, then back to it.

There were a couple of awakenings in the night, to have me contemplate matters related to being harassed and everything that goes with it, this time without the overhedad pounding or squeaking noises. Then another shorter awakening to see their grainy picture show, this time with varying degrees of graininess, the second such incident this past week.

For irregular readers, the latter refers to altered light conditions where what I see is rendered like a grainy black and white photograph taken in dim light conditions with no flash or augmented lighting. This coarse grainy appearance is usually of a consistent graininess over the entire visual field, but this time, the window was given an extra grainy look while other closer objects were less grainy. These sessions only last 5 or 10 seconds at most, then I am sent back to sleep.

As this is Sunday, the local power washing started up again, and seems to have abated in this run up before making lunch, one of the prime times for being noise and thought stalked. This is when the all-quiet order goes out, and only select noises are introduced. I suspect this all-quiet period is the culmination of their morning's noise activities, thought to be related to their "vacuum structuring" that borrows from all the noise and vibration that is created.

And I was allowed to read longer articles in the online news this morning, another rarity. Not only that, the vision impairment harassment was largely abated. Given how predominant that is, I don't expect this double abberation to continue. More typo sabotage, time to stop blogging for now.

The perps cranked me up while making and eating lunch with their food flicking games; "somehow" there was cheese crumbs that moved 2' from the slices I cut and ended up underneath the black spatula. There has been a big campaign on in fucking everything related to cheese as part of my food preparation. The normal cheddar cheese has gon crumbly in the block, breaks up in my hand, and falls in most peculiar ways off the slicer. I had a cheese shredder before I moved here, but these constrained lodging circumstances were the change agent to use a slicer for the first time. The most peculiar cheese slicing event to date has been three successive slices falling in precise x, y and z orientations, one after the other. They always put on noisestalking when slicing the cheese or placing the slices on the tortillas. What their fixation is I don't know, but they have been on this for over 50 years and still cannot figure it out. As always, it is not my problem, and yet I am being constantly fucked over for it.

The room shaking and power washing noise has started up; all the front door closures are serving as the cover story to have my room, 20' away rattle and shake. The serial movements of the operative herd has begun, like the proverbial frat house with students heading off to class. As always, the maser and plasma games continue, often interspersed with this text as it appears on the LCD display.

More mind-fuck games continue in having me get a new Windows session when all I wanted was a new Firefox browser tab, or vice versa. This ability to fuck my intent in this specialized manner "showed up" a few months ago, as the perps had been hard at exercising this before, and finally succeeded in being able to mind-control mouse and keyboard commands and transpose them at will, and then letting me in on their fuckery after the fact. Not being able to undertake the smallest of actions without their depraved interventions is extremely depressing and enraging. It is time that they fucked their own operatives as experimental subjects instead of me. I have done 52 years of this venal intrusion and that is enough.

I am getting mind-fucked as to what the time is; my ordinary ability to add an offset is also being fucked with. I get extra emails that I cannot find which "cause" the counter to reflect more unread emails than is the case. So each time I see the unread email count I offest it by subtracting two from the total. Of late, the perps have had me "forget" to apply the offset and by that, fake me into thinking I got more emails to read than I have. Such are their games; seeding the traditional IBM mantra of FUD, fear, uncertainty and doubt. More like WUD, being Wrong, Uncertain and Doubtful.

The drumming noise has started up, more traditional Sunday fare for me. They are getting into progressive beats, increasing the rate of the beat into a crescendo.

The perps are also hammering me with typo sabotage; this might be the last blog note of the day, as it is getting out of control. I have never made so many typing mistakes in my life, and yet I have 35 years of keyboard experience. No rest for being fucked with.

I am being prevented from getting to my email; Yahoo has been down all of today so far. The like minded take down of the Canadian income tax filing application is still inaccessible. These are only two (IMHO) examples of the constant incursions as to what I am allowed to do.

I am going to call this blog posting done for the day. I am being time-gamed (don't know what the time is unless I do mental contortions) and have been fucked with all day so far, and the ongoing typo sabotage is the final piss off.

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