Friday, March 16, 2007

Missing Time

I had a case of 40 minutes of missing time this morning; it could of been a fuckover stunt in reading the time, or in jerking around with the watch itself, but is was most curious that a small delay in my routine (below) ended up taking that long.

For the past 30 years of adult life, the first thing I do is put on the kettle, as other things can be done in the meantime. Nothing brilliant about that. And today, that long established habit was "forgotten" until I finished eating my cereal. This has never happened before, and if that isn't mind control fuckery at work, then I don't what is. And the clinical carpers had better have an coherent explanation for that to salvage what little credibility they have.

It is a mystery as to where the time went, and deeply perturbing, as the perps have their methods that were developed last year, of blanking me out without me having a clue that it even happened. And no recall of what did happen. The era of hypnosis and other games that break down and eventually filter into recall even decades later, is over. These assholes can now fuck with recall to very specific detail.

The glass bottle bashing act has started up again from the hallway; this followed a stunt online that was similar to yesterday's Big Girl gangstalking. To recap yesterday, this "regular employee" who gangstalks me as a staff member was seen 30' away at another set of checkouts, and later when I was about to depart with my groceries paid for, she was with 2' of me, essentially in my face all of a sudden. Now, similar "ad content" is "showing up" in many of the web sites I frequent, especially Yahoo. It is a full face ad covering 60% of my LCD display that suddenly erupts, usually when I navigate back to a page. (And the page had different content when I went to another site).

So it would seem that the perps have a plan to put faces in my face, usually in image form, although the odd gangstalking asshole will be deployed where "I" am not looking, and having them fake (almost) walking into me. It is simply amazing the number of gangstalkers that are deployed using this feint, and that includes the drivers of the vehicles that are encroaching on crosswalks on red lights or not looking for pedestrians when crossing a sidewalk over a driveway. Again, it is a ruse to get the vehicle closer to me, or other gangstalkers, and to minimize the amount of time between the vehicle's location and my, or the gangstalker's, occupancy of that same physical location.

There is more maser and plasma action, and more disregard for theperps own rules of making it appear to be something else. Red flashes are more common now, as it seems that they cannot get enough of this color in close to me on a limited basis. The perps will still pull a red vehicle from view as happened at yoga yesterday. They moved it away in 15 minutes or so into class time, as I suppose there was some kind of red energetics interaction with me that they cannot yet fuck with or otherwise control. Ditto for the laundromat visitation of a red sweatered gangstalker and a red luggage tote on wheels act, -she only arrived in the last two minutes of my visitation.

I am getting more of the hyperactive fuzzy grey ball masers tracking the objects in my vision, including what I am typing at the moment. Time for blogging break.

The coughing and sneezing crowd has been coming to the next door bathroom regularly this morning; all to get the noise in closer to me, as they don't appear to do anything else in the bathroom except flushing the toilet, going by the dearth of supporting noise.

More of the overhead clunking that then faded into the noise flurries of the operatives leaving this putative rooming house in serial form, each slamming the door which serves as the "excuse" to shake this room, some 20' away. More tiresome parades of noise, typo fuckery, redirection of attention and the visual masers and plasma.

The siren and overhad clunking are on as I compose this, having finished tea and chocolate, and this would be the brown food item digestion period, something of intense interest, as the color brown gives the perps all kinds of "trouble". Or, in other words, they need to understand the enegetics of brown colored objects, people and me and my contents.

Before that, as the first outing of the day, I went to the LD drugstore to get envelopes to mail my application for subsidy of my health care premiums. And what a gangstalk zoo it was; the ambulatory gangstalkers were grouped by color of their coats, age, gender and state of appearance. I went to three locations in the store, and they had a Monica Lewinsky look-alike on my tail at first, then onto stationary where they had a promotional stall and a gangstalker in front of the envelopes, and then three gangstalkers where the dental products are. (As I type, someone is jiggling this LCD display). It is close to 20 drugstore visitations now, but each time I look for the replacement GUM rubber tips there is an empty hook for them to hang, but no rubber tips. As the perps are having no end of games with my current dental rubber tip, I need a replacement to prevent the excuses and stop their games. This time, I was mind-fucked into purchasing a new handle and rubber tip just to relieve this ongoing pain in the ass game that plays out twice per day.

And I even got two black gangstalkers in anoraks on this outing, which is rare. One dressed a bright yellow anorak, and later, another in a mid blue color anorak with two other Caucasian gangstalkers wearing the same color blue as he was. The color clustered ambulatory gangstalkers.

And more gangstalkers with their tongues hanging out of their mouths; this is the latest thing, to have one's mouth contents displayed. And at least 400 vehicles were on gangstalk duty, and a string of 20 or so when I first stepped out of this putative rooming house.

I took a forced nap for an hour at the late afternoon, 1650h to 1750h, and then made dinner after that. It was the usual tortilla far "I" made, and was noted for the end of the cling wrap roll and the last of the cooked chicken I had. That both the carcass and the Cling Wrap box ended up in the same garbage bag are important events in perpworld, though I couldn't care less. Past blogs have mentioned the cling wrap wars that go on in attempting to use it like anyone else. The last time I had a new roll, the perps took the occasion to impair my ability to get the roll started, and in the meantime, they caused the olive oil in the frypan to burn. There are no coincidences.

The perps have me still in a semi-sleepy state, as if it were a nap "hangover", or that I slept too much. No doubt is a cover story for them to play brain games and shut an area down while I am still awake. I have no idea as to what they manipulate, but there are hundreds of simultaneous brain activities at any given moment, and I am sure that the perps regularly dick with them all, save some of the basic respiratory monitoring pathways.

The new frypan continues to be of great interest to the perps, as the outside noise and vehicle activity erupts when I handle it for cleaning and drying. The frypan is another perp excitement object that I didn't know about until they broke the old one, and I got a recent replacement. There have been some added blue colorations to the cooking surface and an odd looking warped area where the machining is inconsistent, both of which occured after I bought it and used it. Given the perp planted dents in the last frypan, I am sure there are more dings and modifications to follow.

I am, or am being controlled to look at music and musicians to bookmark the sites for sometime-in-the-future purposes. Simple enough, but it is an activity that attracts noisestalking, and especially tonight. Door slammings, toilet flushings, glass bottle bashing, hallway stomping etc., all over bookmarking a website of a musician or group. It does make me wonder if the perps don't already have some degree of monitoring or surveillance on the subject (musician in this case) as well, to detect some kind of psychic interaction, but this is a big topic which I won't tackle here. More typo sabotage again.

I get the occasional overhead clunk or knock with a simultaneous zap just to piss me off, which they did 30 minutes ago, enough to yell at the assholes hammering with their selective high tech fuckery. These are usually coincident with a thought about how the same assholes might be influencing, fomenting or benefiting from events that I see in the news. Any associative thoughts about the perps and what I might be presently reading or seeing gets the overhead clunk, zap or other noise flurry combination. They don't seem to like the idea that I suspect them of darker deeds that occur on the news these days. Not that I mention them here as it would be getting excessively conspiratorial for public consumption. This would be a repeat of the Martha Mitchell effect where she told of governmental malfeasance of the worst order, which later became Watergate. No one would believe her, as it sounded too fantastic. In the current news, there is one more order of magnitude of unlikely associations, but I suspect there is more truth than most people want to know. An example is the 9/11 event that stretches the imagination as to how the three steel buildings went down, and it doesn't get much attention in the mainstream world.

My notion (and likely planted) of the WTC building's construction was that it was a steel concrete construction, and that the concrete weakened when the temperature was too great. However, I discovered, or was lead to the fact more likely, that it was an all steel construction which is even less likely to weaken. This makes their collapse seem improbable to me, especially when the crashing aircraft must of severed sprinkler systems installed to abate fires. It is not going to get resolved anytime soon.

The procession of motorcycle noise trailing off into the distance continues, as if the nearby thoroughfare has a biker's club which it doesn't. Now diesel engine noise of the monster pickups that frequent this neighborhood have started up. There must be some attraction of diesel engines, the noise, vibration and the greater engine/metal stresses that somehow benefits the perps. I have never owned a diesel engined vehicle, though they are becoming more prevalent now, as it was an almost fad in the the 1980's that had lapsed.

Time to blog off, and call it another day of putzing around for the supreme sickos of thought control.


James F. Marino said...

Regarding your comment about losing time, I have had this happen on several occasions; in a few instances I have lost entire days.

Two weeks ago I went through an entire day thinking that it was a
Wednesday when it fact it was a Thursday.

And it's not the first time that it's happened either. When I remarked about this to my parents
I received a few smirks but nothing else to either confirm my suspicions or dispell my doubts.

The breadth of this conspiracy against all TI's is absolutely enormous. It is just terrible how they are able to coerce our loved ones into taking part out of fear of what will happen to them if they don't.

Your parents probably meant well but were too terrifed of those who are tormenting you to fight back the way that you do.

Keep up the good fight, John.

Eventually we'll expose these government perpetrators for the miscreants that they are, and detail how they have violated our minds, bodies and both civil and human rights.

My only suggestion to you is that you don't let these perp's drive you to hating your own flesh and blood. If they accomplish this they really have won -- so don't let them!

Jim Marino
US Satellite prisoner nonconsensual human experimentee

AJH said...

I recall the exact time when the perps were able to flip and transpose the days of the week in mind; e.g. thinking that the day was Sunday when in fact it was Monday. They were able to do this early 2005. My brother came by, and in the course of our conversation he asked what day of the week it was, and I got it totally wrong, and he didn't say anything to correct me.

As for family relations; one can ascertain that I have no time for parents, brothers or my ex-wife; all players at various start times.
The only family person who I have a positive regard for is my daughter, who is sparse on phoning me. (And as it so happens, by way of artificial insemination at the time, I suspect that my brother is the biological father!)