Friday, March 23, 2007

Thuds From Below

The perps cannot get enough noise and vibration going, so it seems that they have started up a new front, that being from the basement. As there are only furnaces and storage areas downstairs, and there has been no activity down there until recent weeks, it spells "new perp noise front". And while this wisdom, if it is indeed mine and not planted into mind, is being typed, I am getting the smells jammed up my nose, the typical response to a new avenue of coincident noise, vibration, vision impairment, and maser and plasma action.

The post lunch noise flurry has mostly subsided, just the usual routine, plus some extra as I type up this by another coincidence. They get totally cranked when I dry the new frypan with a dish towel when doing the dishes; they must of teleported someone in outside the bathroom (next to my room), who then entered it and did the usual hang-around and flush the toilet. Exciting stuff for a depraved sicko it seems. And the reason I suspect a teleport job was that the perps always let me in on "residents" tromping in the hallway and the stairs, and yet this never happened before the operative entered the bathroom.

The room shaking and attendant noise started up again, and so the serial exodus of operatives today has amounted to at least one full turnover of the putative "residents" of this supposed rooming house. All of them slam the front door, and by way of magical feat, that "causes" this room I live in, some 20' away, to shake. And the four closer room residents for whom the room shaking is even greater, never appear to be too bothered by this relatively newer noise and vibration escalation. Odd that, as they gangstalk me regularly, and engage in glass bottle bashing too, and they supposedly live there.

Perhaps this is to complement another onset of rain today, enough to keep me room-bound as there are no outstanding shopping needs to go outside for. This has been a wet week, and rain does have some perp benefits, hence the amazing coincidences of it with my activities since nearly five years ago.

Vision impairments have been steady today; their characteristic for today is to force me to glance away and refocus on the same position before the forced glance. An disruption of continuity it seems, nothing new there, save the persistance over today.

Another teleport to the hallway and a sudden "need" to slam the bathroom door and make this room shake, as if I need more of it. The operative was not audible in the hallway in transiting to the bathroom, but suddenly appeared as if in a panic to get in close. And per usual, nothing gets done in there, save the toilet being flushed.

More glass bottle bashing and then odd clap noises from the hallway, while doing some conspiracy reading. And added to it are over-rrevving vehicle engines without benefit of a muffler, the only kind of vehicle that over-revs it seems.

I spent the last hour flushing the toilet owing to the juvenile games of the perps. This is commonly harassed event, and about 90% of all dump visits to the toilet result in extra harassment now, this having changed since BOH, Before Overt Harassment, 04-15-2002. And it relates to the color brown and the perp's problems with that, which is not my concern. So why am I being harassed over a depraved sicko's problems, and why don't they front for themselves?

And for that time, I got to see what they did; the bowl contents were swirling clockwise, and in the last third they would reverse the flow, and play their juvenile fuckery. How anyone can be this fucking depraved, to fuck someone flushing a toilet for an hour, takes the cake for being a supreme fucking sicko. Five years almost of being fucked over while taking a shit.

Some hammering has started up at this hour, and isn't likely connected to any building maintenance. And now, some coughing and hacking, an act that has five months behind it, and still hasn't gotten any better.

The perps had me cranked up again, and almost without fail, they fly spittle out of my mouth at that very moment, as if it were projected by me, which it wasn't. The street spitters have not abated any, and they will even do this nearby rather than leaving a trail on the sidewalk.

More room shaking and house pounding following a hallway cell phone stunt minutes before that. All these advantages to the perps; "resident" noise, house shaking. communal toilet fuckery etc. make me wonder what the next place's configuration will be.

More room and building pounding as the operatives move out in a serial herd, every one of them slamming the front door. The probability that all egressing parties slam the front door is zero; so it must be organized.

Then at the moment a street whistler sounds off, I get zapped again. I fucking hate getting zapped anytime; I am sick fucking fed up of this. No more zapping until you sick gutless assholes come face to face.

Now the glass bottle bashing act has been taken outside, and coming from my right side. This fucking sick depravity never ends, senseless grinding fuckery, day in, day out.

Some relative quiet, save the smells being jammed up my nose and the vision impairment fuckery again. I am getting both the maser zingers (fuzzy grey balls bouncing about) and toroidal white colored emanations from the LCD display. Now comes a zipper undoing job outside my door, which I assume is to exercise more plastic stress action for an energetics interaction determination.

In a rare instance of a prospective landlord phoning back, I get the "unavailible" routine as the tenant has decided to stay. This comes by way of telephone message that was taken while my hands were wet and tied up with cleaning the asshole's mess on the counter. It is always easier to tell fibs over the phone to an answering machine, and so it was orchestrated to be so.

And I concluded that the two days ago call-back of a TI who is very much a promoter in taking the battle to the perps was a set up upon reflection. There was the "depression" angle and no empathy, and although I was in the same mood as now, I cannot understand why I answered the phone in such a grim way. It must of been a mind-fuck to have me answer the phone such that it served as a segue into the depression angle, a topic the perps like to bring up.

And my always unhealthy "neighbors" are back into the coughing and hacking routine, this time putting at least eight sneezes in a string. That takes help IMHO.

Another fucking day of being kept by the sickos is nearly done, and is likely to repeat again tomorrow.

The assholes weren't done; someone slammed the intervening wall between my room and the next door bathroom, very possibly to create this very entry.


James F. Marino said...

John, as a TI it's impossible to trust anyone. The minute you do the perp's home in on that person
and utilize them in their attacks against you.

And remember that anyone can be mind controlled at any time without their knowledge - so this person to whom you refer in your latest post may not have even realized that she was being used in that way.

The purpose as you well know is to drive us completely insane.

IMHO you are doing an excellent job of handling the most adversity that anyone has ever had dealt them.

Moreover, you are documenting every aspect of these crimes against humanity so that others can learn of them and how horrific our governments have become.

As outlandish as this may sound, after several years as an amateur UFOlogist I am convinced that the human race has subjugated to an alien influence that is now covertly controlling all of our lives -- even those who perpetrate these horrific crimes against us.

I am in the process of reading the Alien Jigsaw by a woman named Katharina Wilson. She is a well known UFO abductee and researcher.

Used copies (they are now out of print) of her book are available through for as little as $4 or $5 each. And the book is well worth the read in my opinion.

Wishing you well against the perpetrator's of this hellish nightmare that all TI's have been cast into.


AJH said...

My "coincidence meter" went off on this TI the last time, and she may well be an unwitting agent for them. Her interests seem to one of promotion of a spiritual angle to all of this, something that I never dwell on or think about.

I am open to other interpretations and energy forces, but I don't get the spirit or god thing, ever for any cause, no matter of all my time doing Sunday School under duress.

I still contend that if the perps wanted to make you or me appear nuts they could of done it a long time ago, and no one would of been the wiser, not even you. It is my theory that we are being experimented on for various objectives and are more valuable alive in our current distressed state than any other.

And I do agree with you about the abettance and/or similarity to the aliens and alien abduction accounts. One of my very first "findings" is how much abductees get probes stuck up their ass, as well as the livestock and some human mutilations that go on. As is widedly documented in my blogs, the perps won't let me take a shit without extreme harassment, now almost five years running, never mind the previous 47 covert years.
This cannot be a coincidence.

I find there is a lot of commonality with the UFO and alien abduction experiences in the course of being harassed and intuiting other perp events such as "natual disasters".

Another rich vein of commonality are the stories by Brice Taylor, Candy Jones, and three others that I cannot recall. These are decidedly more abusive to the subjects, and yet the things they do to them seem to support the harassment objectives.

[Link to my blog of five named victims:

As I see it, we are the "in situ" equivalents of the abduction subjects, and are constantly provoked and harassed to increase their experimental objective possibilities.

Take care and other precautions and I hope that you get relief from this despicable treatment.


AJH said...


An interview with the author of Alien Jigsaw is at this link: