Thursday, March 22, 2007

Operative Herd on Room Shaking Duty

Since I got back from the grocery store, another mega-gangstalked event, the operatives have been filing out of this building frat house style, slamming the front door which serves as the "causal agent" to shake my room. One after the other, a mass migration, one at a time. The entire putative rooming house of 16 units has turned over at least once this morning. It does make me wonder what the next residence location is going to offer the assholes, as they have it all their way at present. That includes two vacuuming efforts in the hallway yesterday, which still left a trail of white colored debris, the toilet paper and plastic bag fragments litter trail, to lead from my door to the bathroom, only 3' away.

More race-based gangstaking at the grocery store earlier; the black dude gangstalker who cruised in awfully close to the checkout line in which I was last, then partially encircled me to hang around at the next checkout, closed, for a half minute and did no shopping. He was totally scripted to hang around there and do nothing in the way of genuine activity. Then he took off and came back a minute later, only to repeat this idiotic exercise again, 4' away. After a half minute, the Asian dude in navy blue arrived as a faux customer, hanging in the checkout lineup. He later went into sentry mode, where he stands still, this time back facing me, and stays still for about 20 seconds. Meanwhile, the long haired fucker in front of me had a bad case of itching hair, and kept up his scalp scratching act for as long as he was in the checkout line ahead of me, some two minutes. And the fact that he fit another demographic, the pony-tailed male, also "didn't occur to me". And that in itself is another example of a mind-fuck, where they are deleting my knowledge of their fuckery games while engaging in that specific activity. No Big Girl on duty at the grocery store today, as she has been there for nearly all weekday visits of the last two weeks. Maybe the perps decided that there was too much connection, and pulled her act. She must be someone I know who is in morph-over form.

As these "mental lapses" are occuring more often, and are situationally applied, I can only suspect that they are fucking with me all the more to cover their squalid tracks.

The usual plasma in the dark hallway when I got back; this is a daily given where they feign some kind of light to dark transition "eyesight problem" but supplying a plasmic fog of multi-colored spatter for me to walk through. It is about time some asshole explained this, as these vision assaults are constant now.

A visit to the doctor turned into a massive gangstalk in the waiting room. They brought in two huge 300 lb women to sit around, and the blonde woman who shows up at Tuesday yoga also "happened" to be there. Then after 5 minutes or so, she departed, not the usual waiting room behavior, but that is not uncommon amongst the freak show I have around me. As she crossed in front of me some 4' away, and on the opposite side of a low table, a red plasma flash went off for a second or less. Then 5 minutes she" showed up" again, sitting on the opposite side, and I never saw her re-enter the waiting area. She was on sentry duty at the doors to the clinician's only area, and to no surprise, was still there when I exited. She is a seen-before, and I don't know where, or else I am being fucked with in thinking that.

I got the doctor's "assistant" routine again while in his office; another Asian, this fellow being very fair skinned, abeit with black hair. So it would seem that the perps are going for an Asian skin tone color palette, and needed an "extra" to compare to the doctor.

It was most curious how that very red paper clip got on the floor of his office and remained there for the consult. Between the two of them, they couldn't of missed it. The doctor's new line is that he doesn't doubt that all these strange events are occuring, it is just that I need medication to help me deal with it. Har, har. That saves doing battle with him, as I am sure he had no choice as to refusing to play the game.

I takes 25 minutes to walk to the doctor's office, and for the second doctor visit in four weeks, the rain "happened" to be starting up just before I departed. I was allowed to wear a hat this time. And it almost goes without saying that the gangstalkers were out in force. The 2006 census reported near zero population growth for this area of Victoria called Oak Bay, and yet the traffic is horrific. The perps must of added at least 500 vehicles on in both directions. There were the usual clusters of reds, whites, greys and black vehicles, with selective addition of yellows, brown, greens and blues. The selective addition vehicles are usually accompanied by an escort of black, white and/or silver-grey vehicles.

It was a semi-eventful walk; I got the faux blind man and his rabelous cohort stunt, the latter on pointing and waving duty, who mysterious went ahead of his colleague as we were about to pass by. This momentarily left the blind man alone to observe, and he was following my movements toward him, and eventually past him, with his cane. His eyes looked normal as well and he had a big smile on his face. The whole stunt was likely to get me to vocalize that he didn't seem to blind to me. Then the rabelous one got into voicing something as I kept walking away.

This same stunt played out on the way home, almost at the same location with a woman with a stroller with various plastic rain protection on it who was getting into sidewalk territorial games, and who then forced me off the sidewalk. She then got into a long ramble about blaming me for being a sidewalk hog, telling me I needed to be a waiter and on and on as I kept walking. Two identical stunts of setting up some verbal interaction and having the operative keep babbling on after I have walked on. Fucking absurd.

I got a two sides brown ambulatory gangstalk enroute to the doctor's office. It so "happens" at this location there is a 8' long run of brown colored paint in the road gutter, next to the curb. And lo, if the brown coated gangstalker with a plastic hair bonnet didn't jaywalk across a four lane busy road that momentarily "happened" to be free of traffic, and end up on the sidewalk ahead of me and serving as a brown color source on my left side, and the brown paint on the road was on my right side. A brown color gauntlet in effect, and this play is more common of late, also "happening" for red and green as well. The local landscaping has a 30' run of a certain kind of hedge that has red leaves when they first flush in the spring. This hedge lines the sidewalk, and it is no stretch of imagination that the parked vehicles lining the street side of the sidewalk are most often a similar crimson red, set up for me to walk this red-lined gauntlet cum sidewalk. Someone had that planned out long ago.

This same activity of getting a color profile over the width of the road location I am at played out in grey three days ago, 03-19-2007, where there were two grey dressed gangstalkers walking in parallel on either side of the street, and another operative was pushing a grey plastic tote bin on wheels between them.

The ambulatory gangstalking followers are staying on me for longer I noticed today. They start them out by leading ahead and walking the same route that I am. Eventually I catch up and walk ahead. The line of sight interaction time is at least 10 minutes, and I had one of these in each direction. I also stopped at a store, a regular stop if I am in the neighborhood, and lo, if the person who strangely stood behind me at the traffic lights, also "happened" to be in the store, and somehow "I" forgot to check on this follower as she had already made her motives plain.

Earlier today, I got my native Indian ambulatory gangstalker male in exactly the same on-sidewalk location when coming and going to the grocery store. I haven't quite figured out why they need to plant the same person in the same place in opposite directions, but this is done more often.

And many cases of bright orange red clothes when I was returning from the doctor's office. There were at least three on the inbound leg, one being an absurd Bay blanket coat on this old duffer with a dark green walker, and two blue colored vehicles from opposite directions were waiting for us to clear this side road so they could cover our tracks.

Any uncontrolled thought or visualization begets me overhead pounding; the assholes had not made any warning noise, and out of the blue, the pounding starts up again. Earlier, while rinsing a dinner plate in the sink with the water running, the assholes put on a big clunk sound and a coincident zap. This confirms my suspicion of this bizarre fixation of noisestalking me doing the dishes.

I spent an hour cleaning up my movie bookmarks, some 18,000 of them (true), one of "my" pastimes when on the PC, in the hope I will be free enough one day to view them. That maybe two lifetimes worth even, though I am certain some paring down will be in order as some of the "cult film" sites are too indulgent in promoting mediocre movies for the sake of genre religion. It almost goes without saying that bookmarking, and the maintenance of them, is a perp noisetalked event, one very much to their liking. They seem to have no end of need for every variation of activity related to bookmarking and maintaining the file. The Firefox bookmark manager is much perferred over the MS Explorer equivalent.

Another suck job, vacuuming in the hallway, an unprecendented two days in succession, but I haven't looked to see if the trail of white color chads made of toilet paper and plastic were sucked up this time.

I got a ladder visitation for dinner tonight. In the adjacent parking lot outside my window, a large black pickup arrived with a 20' ladder with extensions. Just before taking the tortillas off the stove, he drove his pickup in front of the window between this and the building opposite, and of course the ladder passing by. He, and others, erected the ladder and put on some kind of roof maintenance show for about 20 minutes, while I had finished the dinner and the dishes and was back at this PC. They then drove out again, passing the ladder by within 3' of the building I am in. Regular readers will know that ladders on trades vans and pickups are ubiquitous in this city, and are in great profusion for any vehicular gangstalking activity.

I am getting some heavy irradiation of something off my LCD panel and it is causing vision problems. One last news item; in the past I have noted a number of suffocation deaths that occured in the past two years, in the form of disasters, e.g. mine explosions, ferry capsizings, the Helios aircraft crash where it ran out of oxygen, building collapses and a few more that don't come to mind. And I see another mining disaster in Russia, and I would not be surprised that the perp assholes were behind this. I repeat, there is something they want to know about earth-human energetics interaction that they need slowly dying bodies for, and all the better if this can be conducted at differing elevations and ground depths.

Anyhow, I am shooting my mouth off here, but there are too many coincidences with respect to these events, and the mode of death is the constant, asphyxiation. As these kinds of disasters had abated, I was hopeful we would not see any more in such quantity. But from my perch, it is situation normal, more disasters for the perp's quest.

Time to blogg off and call this done.

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