Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Added Male to Yoga

After mention of this male a few times in my yoga classmate's banter, he finally showed up today, though he didn't engage in any stunts or fuckery and kept to himself, like all the yoga class attendees. And lo, if he didn't have shorts on, the signature of the shill or operative, and even in snow storms as mentioned in a past blog. No big deal; they talked up his likely future presence, and there he was.

I find it interesting that for the perps to plant a male presence around me takes an all female introduction of at least six classes, a duration of six weeks. There is always the shiftless parade of males outside during yoga, and the perps have long managed to make sure that I see this in all its silliness, last week's lumber packing "pedestrian" being one. This week it was another crew of the shiftless, about 20 or so, mostly males, walking by on a residental backstreet. No military fuckers this week though. Perhaps that was too stupid to repeat. Most were in black clothing, sticking to the MIB decorum, though no suits, just scruffy fleece and other casual fabrics.

And there were plenty of maser and plasma beams flitting about the entire yoga session, and of course no one mentions anything. And the usual background noises, banter mostly, from the nearby commercial kitchens, a given in that location. As before, the window opening brought on a diesel truck driveby, and after a few minutes the window was closed again to then have that same noise repeat. My theory on that is the outside noise and vibrations are being directly calibrated to those on the inside,and from there, to my auditory faculties in real time.

And the lighting at the yoga class was changed up; an additional floor lamp was brought in, and placed 4' from one directly behind me, and offset so there was a line of sight of both of them to my back. This distance dependent lighting testing has been noted before, and they are still at it, almost five years later.

I got the impression that this session was rehearsed in my absence, as they were all ahead or behind me at certain points in the instructions, and rarely am I the only klutz in the class.

And before that, I made a visit to the grocery store, a 12 minute walk in one direction. The gangstalkers were out in full, and they even put on a follower from my front door when I stepped out to opposite the grocery store. This fucker was walking down the middle of the street when I stepped out, and eventually he "decided" to use the sidewalks like everyone else.

When I was returning, a seen-before WIB (Woman In Black) was also walking down the street in the zone where the parked cars reside, except there were none where she was walking unconcerned about being mowed down. She make no attempt to walk to the sidewalk like mere mortals. This was a stretch of sidewalk that had an asphalt and a concrete constructed halves, as it was widened with these two dissimilar materials for a block width.

At the grocery store the perps are making no bones about the gangstalkers; the multitudinous males, some of them "buddies" beside each other in unlikely combinations of an office worker (black briefcase in the shopping cart, -go figure) and his "pal", a vagrant type. Shopping together they were, as an all time first for me to see.

Another improbable gangstalker was a male fucker with no shopping basket hanging around the chocolate when I was there, and after I shopped elsewhere in the store for 5 or so minutes, he resurfaced from that same location, with nothing in his hands, and just stood around, some 10' away, while I was in the checkout.

The improbable events weren't entirely over, as the brown poncho-ed woman needed cigarettes, and that meant a 3 minute disappearance by the cashier to retrieve them. And while waiting, a vagrant male looking some 30 years older, "happened" to enter the store (beside the checkout), and lo, if they didn't know each other very well, and enjoined in an protracted embrace, the "huggies" stunt.

The regular Big Girl cashier was working some 30' away at the other side of the grocery store, and my attention was directed to her as she was framed between nearby objects, so I could only see her face from that distance. Past readers will know that I have described the inordinant coincidences when "I" look at things or people and "happen" to see a selected gangstalker or event, and my conclusion is my attentional faculties are under the perp's control. Anyhow, just when I turned to exit the store with my plastic bags in hand, the Big Girl was suddenly some 2' in front of me, almost too close to focus on, and was almost stepping into my path, though in fact, she probably stepped on the location where I was standing, as this is becoming more common of late.

This seemed to be a setup of the far away sighting, and then the extreme close-in look without seeing her approach me, as a planned gangstalker interaction. As Big Girl gets to gangstalk me nearly everytime, at least on weekdays, she must be someone I know in morph-over form. This is not a big deal, but it does roundly demonstrate that the perps invest a huge amount in what I see from what distance, not to mention the colors, fabrics, aesthetics, etc. and that this also relates to people as well.

Another local addition is a Nissan PAO with left hand drive that parks in this locality as the resident direct-from-Japan vehicle. I usually get vehicularly gangstalked by left hand drive vehicles once every two weeks now.

The overhead pounding has started up again; this is the tea and chocolate digestion period, and the perps even put on a "showerstalker" in the next door bathroom. (Defined as an operative taking a shower for the express coordination and harassment benefits that showering or bathing enables the perp's remote energetics assays.) Not a big deal; some noise, but they have been getting more "active" of late as the operative pounds the intervening wall for some strange reason, often with an added zapping to get me really pissed off.

The digestion of brown colored food items is of intense interest to the perps, as my brown signature will change over this duration, and seemingly, they cannot separate this from the other brown substances in me. Not my problem.

An eruption of talking outside has taken place along with simultaneous overhead clunking and wandering "residents" outside my door. Perhps the key to the perps' next games lies in harnessing "brown color energy", and that is the reason they are on top of me shortly after ingesting chocolate. And now, smell is being jammed up my nose. No rest for anything, even if I am a lifelong TI.

The coughing and hacking act that I get to hear off and on most of the day is now being brought next door, into the bathroom. These visits, in which they do nothing but flush the toilet and stand around, are now being used to get this particular noise in closer, and with a mild coincident zapping as well, just to up the asshole factor. It is fucking pathetic that a billion dollar a year outfit is sending in covert coughstalkers nearby, and won't attempt to show their faces and front for this ongoing criminal harassment.

The pre-dinnertime noisy mufflered vehicle parade is the selected noise currently; they like that trailing off noise a whole bunch, and for some reason they are coming one after the other. This with nonstop smell jamming makes for a combination that gets tiresome.

Now the post-dinnertime noise flurries, though in fact, the perp's activities have been bordering on frenetic within their cover story that all is "normal". The adjacent parking lot to my room has turned over at least once (seven vehicles in 10 minutes), and they even put an ugly deep metallic red vehicle under my window, and then drove it out again after only a minute. Another red vehicle that arrived was placed between two black colored vehicles, and there are at least three white ones out there as well. The drumming of the nightclub, even if early, ended the precise moment I mouseclicked to another web page. The operatives inside this putative rooming house have also been on the move, and the overhead clunking and squeaking noise has also erupted at specific moments, likely uncontrolled thoughts.

More troving through cult cinema on the web, and the on-off noise flurries from inside and outside, Most often they are timed for mouse clickings and page display changes, and it gets fucking tiresome to be so hounded like this. Now a case of next door bathroom showering, "showerstalking" again. And for that witty remark, I get an aural cascade of coughing, hacking, toilet flushing (from the operative in the shower no less, or more like, the sound thereof) and the furnace and its peculiar habit of driving smells up my nose.

I am getting more telepathic drift from the perps as to a total cessation of hostilities soon, but I cannot envision that as they have so much invested in this, especially with the entire city emitting some kind of energetic radiation. Anyhow, I have never been wrong as to knowing that the last 20 or so of like telepathic notions have been planted lies, and I have no expection that anything will be different. With an entire city trained and willing, why would they stop at an arbitrary deadline? Been there, done that, and I don't need anymore planted games.

More coughstalking in the next door bathroom as I read specific passages above. I am not allowed to review what I have written without being noisestalked, and as I type this, more noisestalking has erupted. Is it clear that I am been chronically hounded?

It is time to blog off for the day, before I go into another tirade about being hounded while in "brain jail", truly one of the most sickening tortures that one can devise.

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