Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Floating Sensation

I am getting a round of the "floating sensation", that all too-common jerkaround when the perps de-energize the temporal lobes in their attempts to go deeper into their brain (my brain) games. And the second round of this was interupted by the manager giving me some oversized mail, junk mail touting a glossy travel magazine. How this outfit got my current name and address is another of those mysteries, but obviously the usual mail through the slot at the top of the door wasn't sufficient for this mind fucking rountine.

And I am getting cranked up about how these accident inquiries are not explaining anything. "Crew error" and that is it. This is more of a local story, but a ferry ran aground last year at nightime, and all were rescued but two before the vessel slipped off the rocks and sunk into deep waters. To date, they still haven't made any effort to bring the vessel up, even if there is a danger of a fuel oil leak. Anyhow, I am always suspicious of these "disasters" and I asked my once sea-faring brother how this might of happened, and he just smirked, possibly purposely to feed my suspicions.

Anyhow, there is still no explanation of actual crew actions for the 14 minutes the crew missed a course change. Could it of been a collective mind-fuck for those on the bridge at the time? Possibly, but I wasn't there and cannot make a call on this one. But what I do know is that the sickos have a fascination with neutrinos, and their interaction is quite different at the earth's surface than in deep waters, so they may of decided to conduct an experiment in this part of the world to determine the neutrino-human energetics interaction on the two unlucky passengers that went down with the ship. This is totally speculative of course, but as I am currently getting successive noise flurries and other related jerkarounds (vision impairments, more floating sensations, smells jammed in the nose, plasma beams flitting around, and the Pseudosweats), I can be quite sure that another party is terribly interested in this scenario, and could be the same one that even suggested/prompted "my" interest/"discovery" into these subatomic particles for which I never gave a shit about in the first place. Anyhow, it is a long way of saying that disaster events aren't what they always appear. And it is another case of the non-causal investigation report, where there is no clarity as to what actually happened to cause this tragedy. Call it the "dumbing-down" of investigational boards Canadian style. My mention of the Anna Nicole Smith coroner's report in yesterday's blog is another example, where she had a personal nurse and yet she ingested contraindicated medications. If the coroner's report is availible online there maybe some better details that did not make it into the news. There have been a few other significant investigations that failed to detail causal events that satisfied the evidence in the past years as well, and I won't go into that large topic here.

A classic "suck 'n fuck" stunt today; the drop-in center's yoga was cancelled without notice, making for a "go there and come straight back" event, on the same route. Past readers will note that this has "happened" for doctor's visits, caseworker's visits and a few others that don't come to mind. There is something the perps want to know with respect to minimal turnaround duration for regular destinations, and have me return to this room/cell and listen to yet more noisestalking.

And I got my usual entourage of ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking while outside walking; they are now painting the normal (standard) silver-grey dump truck boxes the same color (burgundy) as the cab to create a more monolithic look to this particular large vehicle. This was predictable, as they are doing the same with the Smart Cars.

And the perps even put on a white color lane line painting crew for me to walk by, as they were located near the drop-in center and were in place for my inbound and outbound journey legs. This too is a fascination for the perps, and they have re-painted most of the road lines at least twice on my beats when I was driving, 2002 to mid-2006. Sometimes they had only repainted one line of a two line centerline. I cannot concieve of how that could serve any other purpose than for the perps and their senseless quest to determine what colors I react to, and at what thresholds. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over it?

And another round of noisestalking in the hallway outside my door with plastic bag rustling; they are going silly on this plastic bag stalking these days, as well as adding more burgundy vehicles into the mix, and backing off on deep metallic red colors. They are still on gangstalking me with crimson reds it seems.

And the floating sensations also came back after lunch; they are continuing to "feature" this kind of fuckery along with the noisescape, running noses, web page changes, mouseclicking, masers and plasma exposures, internal head noises, and the rest of their games.

Some relative peace and quiet save the odd house noises of thumping that occur downstairs it seems, and of no human intervention. This is akin to the house whacking of yesterday, and here last night.

I had my usual Monday night cannot-sleep spell for an hour, and then was permitted a near uninterupted sleep. There was one awakening to see the "grainy picture show", that strange lighting effect that has all the look of a nightime existing light black and white photograph. This time, it was a glance at my pillow they wanted, and then I was back to sleep, with a late awakening that precluded my drop-in center visitation to go dig non-native plants from Government House. As it turned out, all the perps wanted from me today with respect to the drop-in center was a "there and back" visitation, per above yoga class suprise cancellation. Only in hindsight, if at all, can their plans make sense, though why the assholes need a short turnaround visitation to a regular location is unknown to me.

The sun is setting and is slowly passing behind a building instead of directly at me as I type. These dusk times are when the perps go extra squirelly with noisestalking and the rest of the games they pull such as typo sabotage. They also have got a drummer's group going earlier tonight in the adjacent nightclub where I can only barely hear it unless they leave the fire escape door open for me. There must be some significant benefits to the vibrations as these are not the only items which are accorded such treatment in my proximity. The glass bottle bashing of the operative/"resident", the forced crockery clashing in my case, the noisy mufflers in significant abundance, the knocking or cleaning of storefront windows in my proximity, and the like.

Anyhow, the noisescape has been mostly quiescent today, save some noise flurries, and perhaps the PC and its last most "repair" of the installation of two indentical disc drives offers sufficient vibration. My theory is that they correlate the energies associated with the vibrations and attempt to build an completed energetics model wherever I am. I am getting enough faked coughing and hacking from the never-get-better "residents" to know that this is a hot topic for the perp assholes in their control room somewhere in town.

I am getting the overhead pounding again which underscores the importance of this particular dusk time for the perps. It does seem this particular focussed noise is applied to their "problem moments/activities" this being both the digestive period following dinner and dusk time. I may have mentioned this before, but I have a suspicion that the advancement of Daylight time onset to March may have been their doing. In this way they can continue the experimentation at this time of the diurnal day.

And that they fucked me over for four attempts in succession in typing the word "to" in the above paragraph, and have me yell at the fuckers, further suggests that the current situation carries a high-stakes fuckability to it. Getting me riled up is their Fuckover stunt of first resort, except it is not as loud as before by way of speech volume governance.

The woo-hoo's have started up in this putative rooming house, and outside, the key jingling noise has started up owing to some transiting operatives in the adjacent parking lot. The usual noisestalking of the webpage changes, mouseclickings, unintended page re-displays and the rest of the dull details the perp assholes find so fascinating.

And just when I was getting complacent about some quiet, another bullshit and over-faked coughing jag has started up from the never-get-better operative/"resident" in this putative rooming house. I could well be projected sound from that quarter rather than a live being. And the perps make sure I get annoyed with it.

The overhead pounding has started up as thoughtstalking; any uncontrolled observations or thoughts get an overhead clunk accompaniment. So much for any quiet.

Time to blog off for another dull day, worsened by the perp's fuckery over a late get-up time and the secret cancellation of yoga this afternoon. Cue coughing and hacking.

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