Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An Unexpected Outing

I am about to drop off into a perp sponsored nap it seems. I did my laundry this morning and had the usual gangstalker (male, red jacket, red pack) in the laundromat, engaged in Cheers-like banter which became rather loud. He put on the half-wit act, so that was his cover story for not understanding social speaking volume.

Some hammering has started up in this putative rooming house; there are no major renovations underway, and this noise has a curious habit of moving from basement to next door, and then upstairs inside of five minutes. Quite the renovation job, and they are talking about combining two rooms into one in two locations, so that should take care of April as a very noisy and vibration-prone month.

I did my laundry today, and I got the operative in the red jacket, putting on the Cheers-like conviviality with Goth Girl, the attendant. As time went on, he began to speak louder, and when he got into garment flicking/shaking with a convincing snap, he then added his throat clearing onto that.

I made a side-trip to the drugstore while the laundry was washing, and got first gangstalked by one of my Government House wildland restoration group members, the fellow who I dug cyclamen plant tubers with for at least three occasions. And it was men's day at LD Drugs with a minor show by the geriatric community on aisleway obstruction duty with the shopping basket and the use of promotional displays. As always, there were gangstalkers doing their "lean overs" at each location I went to, (the prevalent style of late) and the four MIBS (casual black clothes and ball cap) reprised themselves at least once while I was shopping.

It appears they want me to vocalize more, as they force me to say "excuse me" for at least once per shopping event. Or, put it another way, I have never seen so many people inadvertently blocking entrances, exits and aisles as at present. A new industry has erupted, faux oblivious egress blocking.

At one location on my walk to the laundromat (Pandora at Cook for locals) the perps put on a parking job of five white commercial trucks and two white trades vans on one side of the street. When I passed back that way, they added a yellow school bus to this entourage, even though the closest school is a quarter mile away. Plain fucking nuts.

When I was returning from the laundromat, I got one gangstalking from the brother-like "resident" and another when I was in the hallway; one ahead of my entrance to this building, and the other behind.

And when I returned from my second outing (detailed below), I got another gangstalker or "greeter" on duty, loitering on the verandah for some odd reason, instead of going down the stairway.

It is the post-dinner time noise stalking period, and I got sneezed (two) with a follow-on yawning. Never before have one such event followed the other until recent months. And it is unlikely that I am tired, as I got the usual extra hour of sleep in last night. I am certain that many past yawning attacks are likely these assholes dicking me around.

And another cover story is the low blood sugar events of the past to serve as a cover for "losing it" behavior. Somehow, I suspect that the assholes make this problem worse than it really was at the time.

More dinginess even with a halogen lamp on; now the over-revving sports car with a loud muffler has arrived to "enjoin" this blogging.

My mother pulled an unexpected visit plan today, as originally she said it would be next week. But as she "dropped by" after I got back from the laundromat, she mentioned this fiber arts event in a outlying region called Metchosin. It is mostly farms and small holdings some 30 minutes away, and has some beach access as well.

She mentioned it at the vehicle and offhandedly said something about going to it, and I was likely dithered in understanding what had actually transpired, and then she gets out for me to drive, and I get in, and then ask where she was planning to go. (Three days ago she also mentioned lunch for a Wednesday visit). Then she mentions about going to the fiber arts show, and as I had agreed to it earlier, I said fine. Essentially, this feint was to get me into the vehicle without knowledge of the intended destination.

I know my mother never plans anything impromptu, so this was a surprise to say the least. And so, even with some misdirection signs, and a bridge works, and a detour, we eventually made it to this little used church for the fiber show. The perps also fucked my local knowledge of what routes to take, and the alternatives with the detour/redirection signs as I was "spaced out" in my navigation attempts.

I went to a fiber arts show last year, and it was a massive gangstalk show. Thankfully this was low key and small. But that didn't stop an "open-mouther" gangstalker in a black leather ballcap and jacket from tailing us from the vehicle into the church. It was fucking outrageous gangstalking, and if my mother hadn't been there, I would of fucked off.

Anyhow, there were some OK jackets and painted scenes, but nothing too exciting. I suspect the biggest deal for the perps was to show me these greyish jackets that were artfully made of patches of other garments. A "grey scale" test, and possibly, a more detailed test as to what the interactions were in energetic terms with other people's garments (a patch of it), and of the entire garment itself.

Then onto a country resturant where it took a wait of 15 minutes while a parade of males in large guts and bald heads paraded around, and invariably, at least two gangstalkers with cell phones. I got the usual walk-by with the asshole/stalker packing brown cardboard boxes as I do everytime I go to do grocery store shopping.

Then the table was organized for me to look outside, and if I was allowed access to my own knowledge of this scenario in the past, this would of not happened. But just like the last time, the parade of freaks went by, entering and exiting the resturant, with many making sure that I saw them before they went outside, and then again, through the glass, when outside. Even the next table "customer" stepped outside in his shirt, leaving his lady "friend" there to do some kind of writing. She later paid the bill and he never came back. The "doggie bag" (styrofoam container) of food sat on the table while he was gone, and I assumed it was a surrogate for him, and the food that he had digested. (The energetics of food digestion is a huge interest for the perp assholes).

But the biggest freak show was a real one; they put a 3' adult dwarf woman dressed in white beside a 6.5' man in a black leather jacket side by side, and held them there for about a minute, standing outside the resturant for me to see. This was straight out of a Fellini movie. But is consistent with the vehicle size games that go on all the time.

Anyhow, I was glad to get out of there, and then we went to the local grocery store that has local sausages which are said to be tasty. While paying for them, this dude comes in and wants a quarter for two dimes and a nickel, and she takes the coins ahead of my mother setting off to depart, and then she gives him the quarter after I had turned to leave. In other words, the cashier reached across in front of my mother, and then again behind me. A gangstalk of the outstretched arm. When we went to depart in my parent's vehicle, this same dude was at the payphone, which takes dimes and nickels, so what did he need the quarter for anyway?

I was glad to get out of the gangstalk pen of the restaurant, and get back, though it was a massive vehicular gangstalk on the highway. I reckon they put on over 1200 vehicles today, and that is only my estimate, from what I see is abnormal. It is my experience that they double up the vehicles again in having them follow the same route, out of sight, and it goes on for another 20 minutes or so.

And another odd item came up today; somehow the doctor's office knew about my cell phone number that I used for 09-2006 and I never phoned them then or had any reason to supply it. And yet the address they had for me was two years out of date. More weird bullshit.

To make a long explanation short, the perps sabotaged me taking a shit again; the short story was that I needed a shower to clean up and a new pair of jeans to wear. It was fucking ugly, and all of it was planned to perfection. These perps are depraved beyond measure and lack any fortitude in fronting for their vile stunts.

And for typing that, I get the over revving loud mufflered vehicle noise outside. Enough action today, these assholes are way sick and their version of getting help is buying the hospital, doctors and staff.


Anonymous said...

If you weren't a Canadian 50 yrar old man, and I a 60ish old female woman from Ohio; I would swear you are living my own life for me also like the multi-stalkers seem to want to do with my life.

Don't these fuckers have lives of their own to live?

you are the one from Canada, right?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if"THEY" are going yo allow this to go through either.

AJH said...

The reality is that it is their job to harass the shit out of their subject's lives and create purgatory on earth. All the shills are hoping it won't happen to them.