Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More Perp Excitement

I never get too excited about what color my garments are, but the perps devote incredible effort to this, and it is a once-per-week yellow shirt day. They go ape shit over this color, and don't seem to yet understand all its energetic effects on me. And as it was laundry day, another obesssion of theirs, the excitement of these sickos is likely to be at a synergestic level.

They flew my jacket pocket contents onto the floor at the laundromat, my Rx that I picked up while the laundry was in the washing machine, and put on a parade of freaks for me to witness. And they packed the sidewalks with ambulatory gangstalkers who arranged themselves in file ahead of me, and each walked the same pace, effectively behaving like vehicular gangstalker train. Then an leatherjacketed fucker would past in between them, crossing the width of the sidewalk.

And they put on at least three teleportations, where some individual would come from nowhere and insert himself in the ambulatory gangstalker train. All I have to do is turn my head, and another gangstalker or two will suddenly appear from nowhere some 20 to 50' distant.

This was at 0930h when I went to the laundromat, and I have never seen so many people/gangstalkers on the street at this time. As mentioned before, they are getting less cautious about keeping their cover story intact.

And I got extra "care and attention" from the Asian proprietor who "made sure" the plastic tickets one buys to start the washing machines in fact worked. What that amounted to was a gangstalk of the very washing machines I was going to use, plus esposing the water that spilled into the tub before I could get the laundry in. As my brother is owns a commercial laundry service, why don't the perp assholes go fuck him and buzz around his operation instead of my once-per-week event of visiting a laundromat? I have said this many times; the perps' problem with the energetics of fabric, detergent and clothes is NOT MY PROBLEM, so why am I being harassed over this?

And the visiting gangstalkers/operatives made sure to linger longer in the laundromat where I was sitting on the chairs reading the tired magazines. They had cell phone calls, some extra wait time to "get the laundry ready", complicated requirements, and their laundry couldn't be conveniently located at first. All to keep the talking going, and have the gangstalking fucker hang around for longer. Then I got the same color dressed gangstalker as myself "happening" to enter the laundromat as I was about to exit, with one exception, this one was wearing shorts on a cold day. More freaks in this nonstop freak show, and me, ignorant of the script, at center stage.

And more syntax fuckery as I write this, and then excessive typos when I attempt to repair it. Time to take a break from blogging here.

The glass bashing act has also started up and likes to be deployed at the very instant I am repairing the myriad typos (created by mind fucking) and depressing a given key of the keyboard. And now a series of fake burpings to follow on the internal head and mouth noises that constantly go on, and are at the level of not even noticing them. There is no attributable cause to these noises and they have never occured before, until the sickos outed their formerly covert operation and made this venality apparent to me. Now the key jingling noise has erupted outside my door.

Another juvenile game of the perps is to shutdown this display at the instant I am going to click on the mouse and retrieve a new web page. This is the same as in the recent past, where the fridge puts on a coincident click as if it were also affected, which is not true, as everything in this room runs off the one circuit. It is about a second or two of blank screen time. I wonder what the assholes get out of this?

The usual plethora of masers and plasma beams about, and ditto when I was at the the laundromat this morning. More typo sabotage.

More momentary "blackouts" of my LCD display with coincident fridge clicking at the very moment I was to click on a dialog box. The transitory faux power failure stunt, now playing over 4x per day. The games of the small minds that continue to make this hell on earth.

And now, smell jamming, likely as part of the run-up to the above mentioned "power failure". And of course they have me vocalize over it, as that is an important part of the harassment as is pissing me off. There are also clicks coming from nowhere, continually, usually in a series for 10 minutes or so, then it stops. At this very moment the perps are going silly with their masers flitting about in my field of view; the fuzzy black balls and the filamentous trails, usually in a vertical orientation.

And the perps make sure I get a good look at chubby girls, going back to this morning's visit to the LD store. There is a particular one for each of the two stores I habituate; each of these are getting some "exposure"/gangstalk time at each visitation at the respective store's checkouts, though I don't know why. My theory is each is a morph-over of someone I know from the past. I won't speculate as to who it is from my story, though I have a notion, and it is only that. But the perps like to run this person's image in mind at least 10x per day of visit, and I can assure you, I never normally (Before Overt Harassment, 04-2002) considered the appearance of any cashier after I left the grocery store unless she was truly exceptionally good looking,- a rarity. So someone must be pumping them into mind, which I know they can do, either as an image, or as conceptual recall, and often both.

And going by the noise flurry that has erupted while I crafted the above paragraph in reference to two specific chubby checkout girls, there must be some mileage in it for the perps to keep this noise act up and for them to be expecting some kind of discovery outcome. So I better quit while I am ahead and cease blogging for the time being.

More perp games; sending me out for a piss and then changing the natural light conditions while I was out. And for that, I get the glass bottle bashing noise and vibration form outside which is unusual.

And an cut and paste attempt that got foiled by overt control of this display, but while I was busy at it, the assholes kept up the noise flurries, and even zoned me out in recalling a word I was to type in order to separate my action of recall and keying it in with a voice-over noise from the hallway. The operative specifically came downstairs to do just that, and then buggered off.

And more vehicle horn beepings; a one time short beep, unlike real horn use. There are at least 40 per day in this residential and retail mixed neighborhood.

A severe room shaking as I was reading about this man who ran a web site and ended up in an FBI takedown even if there was nothing seditious, hateful or inflamatory. The perps sure do like me to read stories like this, and then start up the noise flurries.

Another noise flurry just as I finished the dishes; they have even brought a heavy duty commercial truck to play games with its air supply and keep releasing small amounts in a loud noise. This same air release noise was scripted for me when I lived in Seattle; at work, there was a large tower going in, and where I lived, a large residential tower. And both were digging the pit, which meant securing the walls with air pressured concrete behind the wall. This irritating racket was kept up at both locations, and it was one I couldn't stand. There was at least 4 months of this at each location.

As part of this, the herd of operatives has been shaking the house and my room, with front door slammings, an a few next door bathroom visitations. As this is the current dusk onset, it is another reason the perps are going silly. That I ate brown colored tortillas is further cause for perp/harassment fuckery.

Some relative quiet after a noise flurry over specific words I use, and any pertaining to the perpetrators. And I learned that my mother was a Government House yesterday morning, the same grounds where I was working outside and pulling out non-native plants. She was inside at some kind of reception, and I was some 150' distant pulling weeds. And I suppose that is a coincidence too? Hardly.

And that does cast a new light on that doddering old fart/gangstalker (Mike Hyde on his name badge, a possible double entendre) who somehow "found us" yesterday, hung around for a while, and then took off, having done nothing of note. And that adds to the likelihood that he was a morph-over of my father, as he would of been the energetic intermediary/gangstalker between my mother (in Government House) and me, at the perimeter of the grounds at the same time. And might be the reason that the old fart was allowed/programmed to break the cover story and called me out by my first name, not knowing who I was (theoretically). And that might be the reason the perps assholes played the thoughts and emotions in my mind that go with my father gangstalking me when I am at his place. There is no fucking reason why I would have this reaction if he was truly a stranger and I wasn't been fucked with (read, planted mind-controlled emotions and reactions). And if my father was full measure for being morphed over and pulling that stunt, it suggests also that his dementia behavior is a total act. Just like I figured all along, since 2002. No wonder my brothers find our father's dementia topic so smirk-worthy.

Curiouser and curiouser it seems, and when is this going to end, as it is approaching five years of this fucking outrage, and I am not allowed to enter into a conversation with anyone over any technical aspect of this sick minded depravity.

I was allowed to have another crap after the above detective work, though I did not get noisestalked during any of it, so I suspect all that was either fed to me, or else I was allowed to engage in some free thinking.

This time, the plunger was allowed to be searched for in advance of unloading, and a moderate load "somehow" choked the toilet for at least two plungings. I was allowed to clean up with only toilet paper, the second of two successive crappings. Small mercies, but as I predicted, it was not an event-free crap again, given the plunging the toilet needed.

I got the usual background noise as well, and it seems that there is more noisestalking than ever; anything and everything is noisestalked, no matter how inconsequential it may be. Even finishing a sentence with a period got me noisestalked with coughing and hacking and the water in the pipes noise.

Time to call it a day, and hopefully get less of the faux coughing that passes for that of the "residents" condition. It is pathetic to have a billion dollar Gestapo organization putting on fake coughing noise while still remaining in the closet pretending they aren't trashing my life.

And somewhat related to that, I notice that any of my email discussions with TI's that get down into specific detail about the perps' predilections as to interests/obsessions in their research/harassment never get answered. One noted the strange behavior of his planted girlfriend over taking an extra pair of underwear to work, another was about cleaning products the perps like to test/expose and yet these threads of commonality aren't getting responded to in my emails (so far). I have some experiences related to these perp games, and neither elicited any comment.

Another designed coincidence I suspect. Time to call this done and blog off.

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