Friday, December 29, 2006

Dueling Coughing

That title means coughing is alternating between two "residents" of this putative rooming house as I write this. They take coordinated turns, and go at least two cycles each before the absurdity level is too much for the perps to handle. How they determine that a stunt is too obvious is unknown to me, and who they think they are fooling is another mystery.

I walked into downtown today for a four stop visit, and I had my collection of gangstalking demographics around me; black leather jackets were prominent, including some fucker directly from outside and who couldn't wait in the central line, and had to stand beside me at the bank cashier where I was transacting to pay my Master Card. Bizarre, as he went to the central line after waiting for a minute or so. More of these "hurried" line/queue jumping games are showing up, and I presume, are the cover story to insert themselves nearby me, but outside of the queue, and if they can, to cross my path by 90 degrees. The store or bank staff seem really casual about it, so I can assume this has been rehearsed in advance.

This was a transaction trip; the event they so much like to gangstalk where I made deposits/payments by debit card, cash, check and then debit card again. And the perps added a runny nose at the second bank visit I made, when paying the MC bill. That is some exiciting for them, but I don't really care, just get out of my sight and proximity and end this venality of stalking me everywhere I go and anything I do. And for that, I get more coughing noise from the putative and never getting better "neighbors".

A summary of outside ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking is; "everyone (meaning gangstalkers) with their backpack, dog or ladder", three of the most common accouterments the gangstalkers have with them, apart from certain clothing fabrics and colors and plastic bags. Today's downtown trip was another where there was a profusion of males of working age on a weekday, and not into post-Christmas shopping. I had my demographics of obesity, grey hairs (geriatrics), red haired, white hatted etc. Then the color combinations of clothes which I have mentioned in past blogs; dark red, dark green, white, black and now more brown. At one point they had a UPS driver following me for half a block toting brown cardboard boxes until he got to his (darker brown) delivery vehicle.

Another stunt is to play up someone being backlit, especially black people of late, and darken their appearance all the more with some kind of plasma/light sucking games. The perps nearly always put one of this demographic on display/gangstalking duty, as if I care somehow.

The perps even woke me up in mid sleep, likely around 0400h just to hear the same asshole "resident" coughing his guts out, as he had been doing all day yesterday. And lo, if there wasn't a whack of extra coughing gangstalkers on the streets when I walked into town this morning. Fucking absurd.

The sound of single engine float planes is being laid on for this event of digesting 100g of chocolate I just had with my tea. As usual, the perps somehow eliminated the pleasant taste sensations of chocolate and have me shovel it down like a generic vegetable. I am not permitted any positive moments as long as these assholes are running my life. And for that remark, I got the siren treatment, a regular occurence in any neighborhood I am in. Never mind there are more sirens per day on average than Seattle, going by personal experience. And that the vehicles with the siren noise never materialized when I was in my last place with a view onto the thoroughfare that was the only major route.

The perps are also keeping more lights on me when I am out in the daylight. The sodium arc lamps on all the parkades are being left on, and at one location downtown today, they had a pit-lamping pickup with its headlights pointed at me (parallel parked), and when it finally did depart after malingering, there was an ambulance flashing white and red light in the next block. Anytime I am at the kitchen counter with its view to the street and adjacent parking lot, they put on a vehicle with headlights on coming to turnaround or park, and make sure I get an eyeful of the headlight by dint of some planned angles, stalling and timing. This is also true for side streets and adjacent driveways; if there is an opportunity to put headlights from unusual angles in my face they will do it. And with all the reading impairment activity that is emanating from this LCD display, even as I type, I suspect the perps have cranked up the level or irradiation and need to blast my eyes with light to aid in maintaining this level.

When I had the vehicle, before I gave it to my daughter, the perps would hammer the shit out of my eyes each time I came back from hiking. My assumption was that the exercise of hiking dissapated some of the energy they irradiate me with, and that the vision perturbations were a consequence of the perps irradiating me all the harder to catch up, and get me back to their needed level of "being cooked". Which might explain why the assholes stopped me from swimming and running; they can't deal with the resultant de-energized condition. This being some form of non-ionizing radiation, call it sidereal, etheric, zero point etc.

This must be a key moment of the chocolate digestion cycle; the perps put on a full blown hacking and coughing outside my door, just so it was louder and a sudden onset. None of this more distant in-room hacking even if it is annoying.

Another perp fuckover exercise today has been forced farting; this is nothing new, and I won't make mention of it beyond this. This is the forced fart emissions that are simutaneously tied to other events; turning a 90 degree street corner, entering a building, exiting a building, attending to a shoelace that "self unraveled", changing directions in the grocery store, paying or transacting finances e.g. at the teller in the bank, at the ATM, at the grocery store etc., placing goods in my shopping basket at the grocery store, upon the "neighbor" hacking his guts out, upon seeing a red vehicle, on and on. And they are more prevalent these days, and it does not matter what the digestive cycle is, even before a meal. They don't care, and keep up this harassment form, although mild, all day now.

Why is it that when I put my earmuffs on to block out the strange noises outside, that within two minutes someone pounds the floor overhead and penetrates the noise protection? It is too consistent to be a fluke, and they make sure not to give me much earmuff time, as "I" take them off after that.

The perps made a mess of dinner preparation; they cut my left thumb on the back of it, and thereby ensuring I had to deal with this mess at the busiest moment in putting together the tortillas "I" always make. It was a little frantic to both attend to the profuse bleeding and the dinner, and by dint of managed fluke, I had two bandaids availible in my much reduced belongings in this putative rooming house. Which suggests that the assholes planned this before I moved in August as the two bandaids were put in my toiletries bag then. And too, it wasn't my idea after all. Nothing new there.

The perps shut down my Firefox browser session, on that had some six tabs open. And naturally, the option to "Resume Session" wasn't supplied, when it is on every other Firefox boot up. Fucking juvenile that this goes on after 4.5 years of it.

And I was making some decent progress in evaluating horror films from a site, and bookmarking the quality ones after reading the review, and now the perps have slowed up the page retrieval to annoying proportions. Another jerkaround for no genuine cause but wanton harassment. Fucking sick.

Now more serial room shaking as they get me cranked over very slow page displays, this with the "Extreme Speed" broadband internet connection. It never ends; more games and jerkarounds to keep the juveniles busy.

Noisestalked words du jour;
control ( a big click of a deadbolt), husband, contact (as in contactee, from an alien encounter), milabs (military abductees), Firefox, New World Order, prison camps (a lot of these stories are "showing up" and they like to noisestalk me everytime)

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