Saturday, December 09, 2006

Faux Coughing and Laughing

Another reminder of the ongoing silliness that is my noise and activity environment, the noisescape. Just like at the last apartment building where my coughing and hacking neighbors never got better, I have the same happening as I type. Except here, there is a decidedly effortful component to this noise type, where the unwritten message is, "see how absurd this is in how we are faking it?". Something like that, as they like me to know how artificial and forced it is to continue these coughing games in the "neighbors never get better" world that follows me around to each communal residence.

Last night is was the hyena laugh/cackle that kept rolling on and on, presumably in response to a TV show where a group of operatives was watching it. I drifted off to sleep with the image of an operative at a controlling software application tweaking the noise and watching my neural responses on a display simutaneously.

I was awakened in the night to the notion of another retrospective event, and as soon as it came to mind, the overhead clunking started up. Then as immediate as the sleep intervention was, I lapsed back to sleep. This amounted to a 10 second sleep intervention just to hear the only overhead clunking of the night in association with my thoughts of the moment, and then it was over. Its as absurd and as the perps's crumb games that go on; brown colored crumbs on white surfaces, white colored crumbs on brown surfaces, it is all too pedantic to convey in detail.

Outside my door, and in the hallway, is still the prefered location for the operatives to suddenly burst out coughing as they are wont to do; there seems to be some gain in having a proximate loud noise surprise me, and this is one variation. As always, the activity of the masers and plasma games that fill my vision, and impair it much of the time, are ongoing; one curse at the typos and poof, two zinger masers in paired formation arc through my vision.

A fuckover in making lunch; the perps mind-controlled me to start making tortillas anew when I had leftovers to eat first. Another mind-control classic as I loathe making tortillas anew for all the harassment actions I get, so why wouldn't I check first, assuming that I had forgotten which I don't? Because all morning I was fed the notion that I needed to make them anew, and the knowledge of the leftovers was purged from my mind. There are hundereds of "never happened before" forgettings, and it can only be the assholes that are jerking me around all the time and trashing my existence.

And to top it off, another coughing jag erupted outside my door in the 30' long hallway. That is to say 100% of hallway coughing jags erupt outside my door as the operative is passing by. Tell me that isn't coordinated or of clinical origin. And I expect no one of the clinical community will actually read this, let alone reply. That would be inconsistent with the rest of the assholes participating in this travesty of venality.

The entrance and exit games on to keep up the noise and building shaking, as if a herd was headed for classes. And when the image of James Caan "floated up" in my movie trovings and bookmarkings, why the glass bottle act down the hall started up. I left the page to move on, and when I returned to it minutes later, the glass bottle bashing noise & vibration started again. Now tell me that is a coincidence somebody; the provisio is that you must be impartial.

There has been a gradual diminishment of availible light over the past hour, even when I should be getting more light. And the weather conditions are the same. This looks to be a shut-in day, where the perps like to keep me contained in my residence for the day. A kind of apathy takes over me, and of course serves as the guiding mood to not take any initiative.

The perps have been busy with the garphics on the PC and web; they even took out "Google" from my start up page for a few days, but have returned it again. And so it goes, and another tea time with chocolate that gets the perps going into a frenzy each day.

And they changed IMDB, moving the search to the top of the page from the left side, or at least on my version of it. The "Go" box (search function) is still missing, but if I click where it is supposed to be, it works fine.

Tea and chocolate are done, and another round of noise flurries begins. The overhead clunking and the serial egress of "residents" each minute or two. I suspect the perps have real problems with brown food digestion, hence their puke act on the street two days ago.

More smells up the nose; wet plaster and then it morphed into skunk cabbage (H2S) and cycled back a few more times. Jabs in the eyeball are also playing big these days. The MCActivism conference call is on for 1800h, but as it relates mostly to US based lobbying, I don't get much benefit from it. Still no one to talk to on the nature and intent of the perps, and what disasters in the news have their fingerprints on them. The recent tragedy in Moscow of the fire trapped women in a rehab center seems to fit the pattern of women-only disasters, though this is strictly speculative. I hesitate to apply news stories to the perps, though I see some trends that no one seems to be picking up on.

Dinner is done; re-heated tortillas and not many provocations, just a hallway back and forther on his cell phone. For some reason this operative is "moved" in the guise of a resident to take his calls in the hallway, traipsing back and forth outside my door. This isn't the first time, but it points to the feints and need for associated scenerio of pretense and probable cause, when it is blatatant gangstalking.

And the perps have created a consistent sound of a sudden onset squeaking that would be best attributed to closet doors that bind when opening them. Except there are none in the hallway, and the noise is never associated with any kind of human interaction. But now, the assholes are zapping me at the same time which is a real piss off. It is most strange that some stunts must have a deeper cover story than others, though I cannot figure out why. The overhead pounding is another case where is is decidedly dependent on my actions and yet the perps continue to keep this one going.

And as a further benefit of a long time harassee, I get guitar music to accompany me; another "new" resident has decided I need to hear his strummings. The perps put a lot of guitar bearing gangstalkers on me, usually in a backpack, but rarely do they break out in music. Another case of the assholes bringing in their sensor devices in closer. Next gig is in the bathroom -a joke I hope.

The perps have organized the sound of male jocularity for the past two hours with plenty of woo-hoos, as if there was a sports event on. (Hockey is over by 2000h). Another stunt is jabbing me in the eyeball with a transitory maser or like. I don't see it, and it is piercing for a brief moment. But there has been plenty of masers and plasma tracking of my mouse clicking, reading, bookmarking, copy & pasting, etc. to have me covered in everything I do or think.

More strange goings on; this rooming house went suddenly quiet except for the odd well placed coughing. Then my web page displays had diminished color and a fainter and slightly smaller text, but still readable. And a feeling of being totally zoned out, as in totally taken over; very strange to describe. Enough to call this a posting for the day, uneventful as it has been.

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