Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vision Attacks While Reading

It has been a morning of vision attacks while reading any web article of length, say, more than a page. These are in the form of fogging one eye then the other and then "I" (or they) flick my head and my vision is cleared until the next go-round in less than 10 seconds. Eventually nearly everything is skim-read with a quick look at the last paragraph or so to garner the essence of the work. This happens online, but has been known to occur for books, magazines etc.

Nothing too startling this morning, so far. A steady train of "residents" to the bathroom next door; one for peanut butter and jam on toast, the next for chocolate, the next to get ahead of me, then to follow me taking a piss, and so on. This game of pretend all the time.

I had at least two wakeups in the night; one to see the moon from my bed, and another perhaps 20 minutes later to then see that it had slipped behind the opposite building as determined by the coronal glow, if that is the correct term, to denote the emanations not directly from the moon's surface but its atmosphere (or ?????). No doubt this is keyed to the moon interest the perps have me on these days, and lo, if it wasn't another conspiracy to "find', as it seems that there is considerable coverup of artifacts on the moon from NASA and others. Call me naive, but I did not get into the conspiracy world by looking for it, and there has been an accelerated "interest" that defies my normal habits. Why does someone want me to know all this conspiracy stuff? Anyhow, look at the few infrared images of the moon and decide for yourself is there is more than just remnants of the Apollo missions. Next the perps will have me on a Mars kick and no doubt it will be timed to some aberration in the news.

The coordinated coughing is still going around this seeming rooming house, and no one is getting better. More often they are coordinated with plasma displays, forced yawns, forced swallowing with extra internal head noise in the ears, farts, typos and me swearing at them owing to the inordinant frequency of them etc. And more blatant mind control; I was attempting to close my pocket knife with one hand, and the perps mind/finger-controlled me to make it ineffectual and they kept me fumbling when I wanted to stop and restart the attempt. But "I" couldn't stop my fingers from moving and fumbling. This is very scary to me, that someone blatantly defies my will in mind controlling my own actions.

This game is also going on in another respect; the perps have me headed to get a drinking glass, say, which I have in mind, but they have me do something else while knowingly doing the wrong thing. Confusing? You bet; while being fucked like this, and in trying to explain it. Anyhow, this would be another neurological symptom that I have never read about, and in studying the ADD world for 3 years, I don't ever expect to find anywhere but in this netherworld at the butt end of the sick minded assholes that go under the cute name of perps.

There are more freakish faced gangstalkers and shills these days, particularly women with garish makeup on their faces; overly red lips and reduced skin color. Other variants are the women with what I call plastered faces, those with an oversupply of makeup. Another game is to reduce the features of male faces; have the lips, eye lids, eyebrows etc. as muted variants of one color. It is some kind of facial feature reduction so that they also appear to be disturbing to me in some way. The usual pattern is that they have me look when the freak isn't looking at me, then again with minimal social normal eye contact, and then have me not look at them again, playing up the freakishness and aversion. Then hours or even days later they flash these images into mind again as if this were normal recall which it isn't.

Another noise assault; this time it was concurrent with me paying my bills online, their constant obsession with all matters financial, which includes paying by check. Now the all-quiet order has gone out, though I did note the perps have put on at least 10 vehicles in the parking lot and adjacent street as well. This is a big moment for them, fucking with my finances and ensuring that I am only getting by. They have also pulled one of their sweat jobs, where they soak my back as if I had been athletically exercised from paying bills, which is not the case. This "pseudosweating" as I term it, (or it could also be what they call it), wasn't good enough the last time, and so they put what might be called "high tide marks" on my dark green office chair back. And it was in their usual style, on one side of the chair back in a right angle orthogonal configuration, two white lines. They have also placed white reference marks on my black shoes, the expensive ones that they had me get after tearing up the little used brown ones which were pressed into service after the black ones were also torn up. In the latter case, it may have been natural wear over four years, but the brown ones were identical model Eccos, and they self-destructed in the perps' plan for everything I own, touch or see. All at residence relocation time coincidentally.

So if there is a pattern to perp activity everytime I pay my bills or use cash or a debit card at the checkout, how can this be construed as clinical? Answer me that, to the doctor who just sits there and listens to me and says he isn't going to diagnose me.

More reading impairments as I resume another session on the PC and internet. That does seem to be the pattern; nail me at the start of a session, and have me believe that moving my head will help. The noise flurry has subsided post lunch, though there is the persistent sound from the opposite building which contains squash courts, though the transient noises have an unerring "habit" of timing themselves to my repetitive actions, e.g. cutting the chicken meat up for instance.

And plenty of maser and plasma action, and they do like them to arrive in my face, often materializing when I am about to pick an item up, or even to look at it. It is this constant greyish like veil that shifts around with two to four fuzzy dots that move much more than the remainder of the trails and "debris field" they place in my view. Now that I am all newsed out, in terms of reading my diet of internet sources, the rest of the afternoon may drag for interest. And buying a newspaper may also be pointless for the history of reading harassment today. Such are the considerations of a TI under highly active harassment.

The perps put on a noise barrage in advance of me having tea and chocolate; the culmination of it being someone's stereo with them singing along. It is rare that the perps let me listen to music, and I suspect that they don't want me to have the headphones on with the magnets inside them.

The noise scenario has moved next door where there is a communal male gathering about a TV and a sports event that is playing to elicit sporadic cheers and woo-hoo's. All part of the managed netherworld the perps have unfortuneately created for me. It is fucking tiresome and if any one involved in this had an appreciation of humanity, this would be ended yesterday.

It is the dusk hour, and lo if the perps didn't send me out for a pee, and to find that the lighting had been substantially changed on me in my absence. More idiotic games from world class sickos.

Having said that, the overhead clunking and squeaking has arrived; no thought goes without being stalked by noise.

More overhead pounding and a simutaneous zapping which pissed me off. Fucking sick assholes.
Then the clunking is then toned down to clicks and scratching noises for me to hear as I make a web page change. Or if there is a phrase, such as one in the past sentence, the assholes put on a faux stomping in place, something that no one does in their right mind.

The herd is on the move out the front door; after an hour long all-quiet where the perps let me read without the usual harassment and impairment, they decided that was enough and have moved 12 operatives from upstairs down to the hallway near my room and out the front door. (That would make more "residents" than live upstairs). This noise and action flurry erupting in the past 20 minutes. There is also the prerequisite door slamming on exit to "cause" room shake (my room) 20' away. Now that reading isn't permitted, it is back to the hyper-unfocused model/enforced behavior of skim reading and web surfing.

And more interuptions when I am typing or mouse clicking; they lifted and moved the mouse with my hand on it when I was spelling a commonly used word. Enough minutiae to call this a blog posting.

---Noisestalked Words du Jour
priest, Cayce

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