Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Window Slamming

An 11 hour "sleep" to keep me on a late start and not to have lunch until after my 1400h appointment with my case counsellor, IMHO. As mentioned many times, all I need is 8 hours at the most, and none of the marathon 10+ hour sleeps that the perps are planting as "normal". I suspect the game is to have me with as little stomach contents as possible (no digestive activity) to go to the particular drugstore that has $1 Euro chocolate in 100g bars, the Porta brand that comes and goes in the stores.

The "chocolate swamping" also occured at the nearby London Drugs store, which for those who don't know about this local chain store, it sells computers, cameras, phones, hardware, gift items and quite a few other non-traditional drugstore items. Except there, they put on about 15 gangstalkers at the chocolate section and made sure that I didn't want to linger and select any. That is the "harried" mindset that they plant, the over reactive panic to the hordes that erupt where I intend to shop or otherwise egress.

The perps have ragged my ass again this morning; all to start the day in a rage-ified state for their venal games. They have been wobbling me of late; anytime I am on one foot, say changing my pants, they push me laterally so I am forced to recover by putting my foot down and stepping on the pants in mid leg to recover my balance. They will also do this with both feet on the floor, and again, these are more never-before events that no one else wants to know about. Then there is the game of pulling the rubber tip end off the rubber tipped dental tool, and making sure it "falls off" in my mouth, two or more times per application. All because they lack the gumption to front for their puerility.

The perps also have me lined up for tomorrow to visit the Bay in downtown Victoria with my mother, again before lunch, and to re-visit the biscuits and chocolate section, so she can purchase yet more biscuits, and also have the visit serve as a family gangstalk time with all things brown in abundance. The perps seem to be making progress with the very light color metallic tan brown. They put on that color of vehicle in front of me yesterday (with my mother in the passenger seat), and had one come from the right, then the left at a T intersection, and while the tan brown proceeded ahead, and we turned off to the library, there were two more of the identical color that were parked proximally while my mother dropped off the library books.

The perps put on a coincident zapping and window slamming a short time ago; then another one convinced me to go to the window, and surprise, it was my brother standing in the adjacent parking lot who chose to not call out my name. Fucking bizarre, and it didn't end at that. He asks me "how it is going", and I reference that it is the same, and that I am being harassed. He just says "OK", and then he says he was just "dropping by". I say that is fine, and he then takes off. But of course he didn't mention the cell phone of mind he is "borrowing" and whether he wants to keep it or not, and "somehow" that topic escaped "my" recall as well. And as "I" have already counted on it being a revenue source for December, I can be quite sure it won't be, another game of dashed expectations again. What could be more fun for the perps that setting up another one of those, the sick assholes.

Not unexpectedly, I got my envisioning of the aforementioned unfolding harassment activity wrong. As it turned out, I was asked to visit the day patient area with my case counsellor, and sign up for some courses. But a course description was unavailible, and someone went to get it, though it would be a while. But in the meantime, there were extra sandwiches and desserts availible, the bounty from an earlier meeting. So, I had a sandwich that was made of very dark brown bread, and later a desert of chocolate. And while wainting for 10 minutes, there were the usual gangstalkers in the guise of mental patients wandering around, and also indulging in the food, as they were legitimately offered some.

This would make this a case of brown food ingestion in the presence of another more regular gangstalker/case counsellor. We went to her office afterward and she signed me up for Qi Chong, a Tai Chi kind of activity that runs each day. And at no charge. There are other courses on weight lifting, and I may take that once I get a handle on the entire gangstalk scenario for the first course.

And I was dead wrong on the $1/100g Porta chocolate bars being availible at the nearby drug store I visited before I took the bus back. There was no chocolate section whatsoever, which is highly irregular as they have always had one, even with the $4/100g bars there. Then "I" struck out on the rubber tip supplies, as in none there and everything but, and crossed the street to take the bus home.

I had four others with me at the bus stop, one clasping white (plastic) binders to his chest, the same kind that I see downtown with various "groups" promoting a cause. This dude came to sit beside me, and later, I was to see that his pants were a light tan brown. And to finish up the bus trip, they put on a rasti black dude to loiter in my view, waiting to get off at the next stop. Usually there is minimal exposure to blacks, which is their hangup, not mine, and as mentioned, is likely part of the brown color problem the perps have.

And now I am getting the overhead clunking as I type, the first time it has "happened" today, and I am also getting beseiged with the notion that the perps are going to cease hostilities soon. I get one of these every Christmas, and it has never happened, hence this blog. Why they keep pumping on this dishonest notion that they plant I don't know, but they do this in advance of birthdays, Christmas, and moving days. It is a matter of waiting this one out, and not going along with the bullshit, as it has to be a feint, as all like times before have been. My experience with the assholes so far is that they never telegraph a big change up, so if they are, it means that it isn't going to happen. Understand that logic of dealing with planted thoughts all the time? As I don't profess to entirely, because even the "resistance" could be planted too.

There were two more people that I know on gangstalk duty today, both walking in the opposite direction and pretending they didn't know me. One when outbound, the other when inbound. I cannot be sure, but both are likely employees of the perps, as this is the only hiring game in town, save retail.

I had another shoe "inspection"/gangstalking. And operative removed his shoe while waiting at the traffic control where I was waiting too. They have this nonchalance perfected as if it is the most natural thing to do. Fucking absurd, and it does support their footwear/feet fetish that goes on all the time.

Another is having their operatives wear shorts. It is winter, and it is wet and rainy today, and here they had a "surveyor" assistant, another common ruse, in freaking shorts while working on the sidewalk, not far from the bus stop I used. And I suspect, that the surveyors are likely shooting some kind of low power laser near me, or other gangstalkers to further their analytical cause. Strange that they had to shoot up the street toward me when waiting for the bus.

And 20 paint spots, about 4" diameter, in an orange red were put on the street at the bus stop where I got off to proceed to my case counsellor appointment. These are very much like the day glow green ones at the bus stop I use to return home.

And another new feature was that they laid some more cable in the sidewalk, at the bus stop on Fort St. This is marked with small yellow plastic tags which warn of the cable, even though it is about as nonstandard as it can be. The concrete is cut and the joints are filled with a silicone like caulking, and when running under asphalt, they don't bother to bury it in a straight line. And it all seems to happen overnight; no city works crews or upheaval, it "just arrives".

I notice that the two autobody parts in the hallway have been removed, and as an offering to the colorstalking, a brown wicker shelf unit has been placed in the hallway instead. It is simply amazing the number of people who plant items in the hallway, as narrow as it is.

Another repeat of the crap I took about a week ago; two hours of listening to music (Happy Rhodes), generally a rarity, and then a scripted shit. But this time they screwed me three times over; they forced a shower to clean up, then a blocked toilet, and finally a visit upstairs to get the plunger when normally it is in the downstairs toilet. Anyhow, a more significant effort all round to accomplish this task, which seems to be at the center of the perp's brown problems that they created for themselves, and make me part of it. All those livestock mutilations where the anus is cored out does cause me to think that the perps have a hand in that one. Supposedly, abductees often get a probe stuck up their ass for a time. Anyhow, it could all be connected, or not be. I don't really care, I just want to be left alone and take an unfettered shit without the psychopathic juveniles harassing me in doing so.

An on off stormy day today, mostly not in the afternoon when I was out for the "lunch" as it so "happened". That is, a sandwich at the hospital day patient ward where I was taken to inquire about courses. And it was very brown, so I am sure the many working lunches I had with my colleagues in my working days were likely configured around harmonizing my digestion energetics with those of my co-workers. That is speculation, but given that I have had 100% monitoring since birth, I suspect today's lunch was an emulation of those times. Enough for a posting.

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