Monday, December 04, 2006

Pee Stalked

That title refers to the curious event of a serial visitation of rooming house"residents" who need to visit the bathroom next door shortly after I have been. As in one minute or less, and mostly they don't seem to do anything but stand in there and flush the toilet with its blue dyed water. (Some kind of cleansing agent I believe). Three of them in this latest go-round, and the perps have me pee-ing a whole lot more today, even if they constrain my water intake to two cups of tea and one 6oz glass in the evening. I was a 8 glasses per day regular drinker and strangely that has fallen off as I note more perp action over my water sources. They will encourage me to drink it at my brother's or parents, and in the before overt harassment days, anywhere there was a drinking water supply. The perps could well supply me with water direct to my stomach if they wanted, so I have given up on trying to be a healthful water drinker.

Another harass the living shit out of me session while making the same old lunch I have made for the past 4 years. Today's stunt was to have the bottom tortilla "unfold" in two places with the spatula underneath and dump its contents onto the fry pan and the cutting board ahead of the tortilla being transferred. And make no mistake; they have pulled this stunt before, and I am extra vigilant about preventing this harassment stunt, but somehow it "happened". But having mirror image unfolding, either side of the spatula when there is nothing the tortilla would hang up on takes considerable action at a distance fuckery to pull off, and a considerable amount of it devoted to mind-fucking my defensive state.

For the event they had three light metallic brown vehicles parked outside my room with two silver greys and one black colored vehicle. Then while making the tortilla they pulled the silver grey vehicle out from between the two light brown ones, and substituted a dark metallic red colored vehicle. This last mentioned color seems to be a big sticking point for the perps, and it likely may be an emulation of body fluids color.

Yesterday I got the "John calling" stunt twice; while in my room, someone in the adjacent parking lot called out my name, though no one answered. Then a few minutes later when I was setting off, there was this rubby white haired bum at the door looking for "John". Not the same voice either. I have had the assholes yell my name out toward me before on the street, even though I did not know who they are. This would be a resumption of that particular stunt though not directed at my person this time. And as I typed that up and visulized the bum in mind, the overhead pounding started up for the first time this afternoon. Another fine coincidence.

This is the dusk time, and the perps are building up the noise activity; I read on a David Wilcock's web site that there are "torsional" energies all about us, and that they interact with vibration, and electromagnetic and ionizing radiation. It does make me ponder why the recent Russian spy (ionizing) radiation poisoning news story has been playing for so long, especially the skinhead look, one I see everyday among the male gangstalking operatives and shills. Maybe having the victim ingest the polonium was part of the perps' digestion system energetics interaction investigation. Who knows, though to my mind, he wouldn't be the first person who got served up in the perp's quest for more energetics interaction data. Recent war zones are another where there has been some very strange weapons effects.

I got my fill of UK accent exposure while at my parents place from television; this is another sideline the perps like to pull on me, and it likely resides as part of the suspected early development traumatization themes suite that they replay in their stunts. And I got my sports jacket on the street exposure yesteday from a perp who insisted walking straight at me on the crosswalk, where I was next to the crosswalk boundary and he didn't yield until the last instant. There has been this collective nuttiness amongst ambulatory "pedestrians" in that they have shifted over to left-hand drive rules, and use this as their excuse in walking oppositely toward me in the identical track that I am on. The importation of left hand drive Japanese vehicles, a total of four so far, has been weird enough, never mind 60 y.o. dapper dudes pulling territorial games on the crosswalks.

There is still plenty of slush out, though vehicular traffic in largely unrestricted. I cannot say "normal" as mentioned in the previous post, as the perps put on a bidirectional rush hour level traffic congestion anytime I am in a vehicle. As it is rare that I am in a vehicle, they want to make the most of it. That includes mind-fucking me into making sudden stops for vehicles in traffic that strangely slow down on a thoroughfare. Two in succession, and that is a good hint that I was mind fucked as I am normally extra vigilant after the first stunt.

For all the cold weather, the fruit flies are amazing resilient this year, more than any other location I have ever lived. Another two "erupted" in the bathroom earlier, passing through the zone where I was about to pee. As always, I consider the fruit fly to be the iconic symbol of the supreme gutlessness of the perps in harassing me and like targeted individuals. All that money and organizational effort, and they won't come out of the closet and yet have the entire city convinced of their rationale. No one has asked me of course.

More oddities are put in play; my mother made a reference to me finding my winter jacket in the boxes stored in the crawl space below the main floor; but as I never told her, and she didn't see the garment before, how did she know? There is always a few of these each week from some quarter, and I suppose it is one of those little games they like to keep going. And if I don't figure it out, they let me in on it later.

I am shower stalked as well; the perps forced me to take a shit, and they made sure that it was a mess. I never go the communal bathroom without a towel and soap when going to take a crap, and so I was ready for a shower cleanup. About half my craps since the perps went overt harassment 4.5 years ago (AOHO, After Overt Harrassment Onset) are like this and it has become no big deal. But the amazing and blatant thing was that an operative was waiting in the hallway without his shirt on to take a shower. So, I hadn't vacated the bathroom for more than 3 seconds and he was in there, emulating my activities in part.

Which suggests this operative is being sent into "close and emulative encounter" situations, which may suggest he is one that I know from the past. And there is at least one former college roommate who is an operative, and it could be him. I did not recognize the guy, so it is highly likely that he is a morph-over of someone I know. Speculative to be sure, but the perps are putting on their operatives who have worked with me before for the greatest possible gain.

This followed a NPR broadcast that the perps let me listen on Realplayer, as "I" haven't listened to any radio since AOHO, and this was a combination of music and interview. Which makes me ponder what the connection is. After that, the Realplayer samples I wanted to listen to did not work. Another give and take jerkaround.

Now an additional incursion; an operative has sprayed the hallway with "air freshener" again, something they know I cannot stand, and it "immediately" seeps through the spaces around my door and into my nostrils. That is not optional. Why anyone has a "clean freak" moment at this time is absurd.

The herd is on the move again; every 5 minutes or so another operative comes down the stairs and then proceeds through the hallway at this level and then exits the front door with a slam that shakes this room some 20' away.

The latest game is to plastic stalk me; that is, create some feint to have plastic bags out in the hallway or someone running around with them. This is only bringing the in-street "plastic bag people" in close, the perpetual ambulatory gangstalkers bearing plastic bags, even if headed to the grocery store. Naturally there is more rustling noise going on inside here than on the street, but it serves as another example of the street action and stunts coming in closer, e.g. the glass bottle bashing act.

Now the "suck job" activity; a "need" for someone to start and stop a vacuum cleaner, especially when I am reading about energy from the vacuum. Fucking absurd at this time of day.

But it is a Monday, post parents (ace perp abettors) visitation and this is usually a nutzo day for the assholes to think up new stunts, incursions and script me into mind-fucked rage events, such as earlier when they dumped the contents of my just cooked tortilla out. And there is extra forehead pressure being applied, an kind of generalized "bozoification" if you will. The perps have me in a snit of a mood and having me delete a raft of bookmarks that were saved earlier. As mentioned before, they love to noisestalk me for cut, paste, delete and bookmark operations, and have done this every day this PC has been functioning since 2004 when I got it running after a year's absence.

Another activity that is getting greater noisestalking time is the act of cutting something up into sections; my toast in two, the tortillas in four. The perps go squirelly over this, ever since the blatant noisestalking began in 2004. That is when I learned considerably more about their aims, and it wasn't just mind control. And that spells more more protracted harassment for all the goings on that they are doing; they have way too much invested, including building a 40 story office tower next to my building when working in downtown Seattle. All that steel, including some that dropped from the sling, and concrete mass, not to mention digging 120' down in the city, and it being all soil, no rock.

More shivers-by-design; I usually get one of these a day. Today it wasI invoking an image that resonates with me and then at that moment, the perps send a shiver down my back, presumably to create extra energetics and whatever else the assholes are digging for in my neural makeup. One can expect normal shivers from a temperature change sensation, but this is uniformly consistent; some kind of emotional reaction and poof, instant shivers. And I have a notion they have pulled this on me before with others who are proximate.

Enough for a blog posting today, dull as it is.

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