Friday, December 22, 2006

More Ho, Ho, Ho

An early Christmas from the perps in the night, and then another reminder of who likes to delay the posting of my credit card transactions.

The short story is that I was awakened early to hear two very faux pukings in the toilet next door, two room shakings, assorted electronic cheepings, one major clatter of no known cause and the usual warm up of overhead clunkings and squeakings. It was likely around 0600h, and I was kept awake until get-up time at and unusually early 0800h.

The operative did his best to make it sound authentic, all that throat noise and spitting, but nothing came up. As I heard it, it was all about the spitting, with the noise in close proximity to me in bed and killing at least two birds with one stone. And as I have been privy to many other streetside spittings, and even a few pukings in the past four years, it is highly likely that the perps wanted a nightime profile of the same stunt.

Yet again, this pathetic inanity is at the leading edge of a multi-billion dollar harassmentenergetics research campaign. Has anyone in perpland thought about the utter ludicrousness of this? I doubt it, they seem to be technicians on screwing people over; wobbling them over while putting ones' leg in ones' pants for example, finding new ways to flick food about, creating new noise with vibrations (as I typed the word no less) etc.

And the pissing match that began in October in fucking over the order from the office products supply company with the initials "OD" has more harassment legs. They created a transaction 15 days after I cancelled it for non-delivery; last month I secured a credit (I was told), and just for the Christmas statement, the assholes held up the credit transaction. A total and needless stunt that only a juvenile could think of, let alone protract with the connivance of OD, now for the third time, in fucking up a transaction that was never billed when I cancelled it. And, it seems, this write up is the object of next door bathroom gang and noise stalking, and this too must be part of the plan. Fucking idiotic and brainless.

Another round of the hallway pacing cell phoning operative followed the above missive as to the collective IQ of the idiot show, as did two "air freshenings", the spray the halls from the manager's doorway with aerosol and run it up my nose too. This seeming rooming house confers too many advantages for the assholes who put me here through their income attrition games. And for that observation I recieved two wall clunkings from the aforementioned location. It doesn't get any more interactive than this, save the starings that go on.

I called OD and "will get a response" to the charge that never should of happened (20 days after a cancellation for non-delivery), that wasn't reversed (I have a confirmation number) for an order they had no intention in delivering on. (And I did already; the credit was "approved" (again) 17 days later, and takes "seven to ten days to process". Sounds like an excuse to protract this bullshit some more, and possibly have last month's statement taken from the file box and stacked on the new one, another mindless but frequent jerkaround stunt).

A train of room shaking, next door bathroom visitations even though they don't actually do anything in there (per fake puking this morning, above), and tromping in the hallways. One sick long-running joke that isn't going anywhere for some sick minded party that won't front for their sadistic harassment and psychotorture. A trip to get my haircut shortly, and this being yellow shirt AND the Solstice, the gangstalking should be phenomenal.

Typo sabotage before I begin even. I got my haircut amidst the plasma and masers. It wasn't as bad as I thought, though there was a shouter on the bus who was also on his cell phone, and in three stops he got off. The buses are still dirty from the snow of three weeks ago, and mysteriously, they haven't been cleaned yet. I got the usual "stand in the exit" operative who boarded ahead of me, and stayed there even with plenty of seats availible. There was some exquisite choreography with him and others wanting to get off, but it was clear they had it planned as to who was to stand in front of who and what the respective orientations were.

When I left the hair stylists, a burgundy red and a crimson red operatives were on me, covering my crossing of the street, crossing my intended path, splitting apart, and both "joining" me in the pharmacy. One put on the weird act, but knew how to shop just fine. The pharmacy is still "out of" Gum/Butler rubber tips for dental hygeine, a chronic problem that I have mentioned before. That makes three strikeouts in two stores in two weeks. Obviously the game of popping the rubber tip off the handle has some time to run.

And another inelegant choreography at the pharmacy checkout aftereward; one cashier went to the shelves with a customer after talking about something for five minutes. And, a customer crunch was arranged by having no lining up area for the cashiers, and it becomes a mish-mash of a line and through customers. They have put on over 12 gangstalkers on me there in past visits, but only half that number this time.

This time the perps made sure to have a gangstalker with a child in a backpack walk over exactly where I was standing for the checkout, as I had to move to allow her to pass through. And of course the other gangstalkers were not going to move as the were in on the plan to have me move only while they played sentry duty.

And a "fellow traveller" when inbound; my definition is a gangstalker who gets on and off at the same bus stops as I do. I reckon it was the extra haircut attention that caused the assholes to cover me so tight.

And a blatant in-house gangstalk when I departed; the manager "happened" to be exiting his room at the same time I was, and followed me partway down the hall with a chocolate bar in his hand, arm extended, as if he were holding a measurement device. And it so "happened", I had just finished eating chocolate and having tea only five minutes earlier. Fucking rude and blatant.

When purchasing the items at the pharmacy I got the usual "gangstalker gathering" about me with a throat clearing noise thrown in. All this effort devoted to me buying by debit card or cash. In this case, I had just paid $16 cash for the haircut, had my red-red gangstalk pair to "aid me" in crossing the street at the crosswalk, then join me in the store when I was selecting items. As it turned out, one of the weird act male gangstalkers in red was also member of the collected gangstalkers at the moment of purchase.

I got a stare job when inbound on the bus; a Latino woman "happened" to be hanging around the bus driver when the fellow traveller (above) and I boarded, she then followed me up the bus aisle and sat in an opposite seat. Within two minutes she suddenly turns her head toward me, stares at me and only me for about two seconds, and then flicks her head back to the former straight ahead position. If it is only that long I can handle it, but these assholes sometimes single me out from a bus length away and continue to stare for more than 10 seconds.

This is the post-meal time gangstalk and noisestalk; a little slower today for action, but more mini zappings with a coincident coughing, door banging etc. to annoy me all the same. The assholes also zapped me with the hair stylist at work on me, small zappings that he wouldn't of noticed.

And and outside the window park and wait stalking; the regular gangstalk silver grey pickup arrived below my window while the dinner was cooking on the hotplate, and except for the excess number of door closings (four for two doors), I didn't think anything of it. When I sat down to eat 10 minutes later near the window, there was a passenger/gangstalker in the front seat, who then got out of the vehicle and crossed the parking lot to a door that was pre-opened for his egress. This stalker was in a red shirt, and no doubt the red vehicle in the parking lot was also part of the arrangement. This was under the lighting of the sodium arc lamp which has particular properties the perps like. Most of the public sodium arc lamps are left on when I go downtown in the daylight; and I have never have seen them left on before three weeks ago.

Another big moment for toilet harrassment; seven plungings to clear a normal size load. Worse, I had it cleared, wiped off any excess water on the toilet rim, put the small amount of toilet paper in, and the perp assholes blocked the toilet again for three more plungings. No justice will be served until all responsible are rounded up and turned over for my vengence. Fucking sick.

A succession of > four operatives came to flush the toilet after me, spaced out every 10 minutes or so, and usually they are at the door within a second of flushing the toilet when these locations are four feet apart. Perhaps the perps flush the toilet by remote means so the operative doesn't leave a trace of this activity.

The occurence of a sneeze with a coincident room shaking preceeded the glass bottle bashing activity by a few minutes. There are ebbs and flows to the in-house harassment action, and the longer past a meal time, the more action there is.

Enough for a blog posting, and it is very likely that there are more typos that I haven't been allowed to detect.

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