Sunday, December 10, 2006

Morning Ragging

The assholes got me riled up within a minute of getting up and kept this abuse going until I sat down at this monitor and covered the news. They spilled coffee grounds twice, as in blatantly placing them at the base of the filled coffee pot. I had carefully loaded the fresh coffee into the pot, and there was no games such as kicking the loaded spoon to "cause" it to spill, but when sipping coffee from my mug a few minutes later, a scattering of coffee grounds had "arrived". I cleaned this up with a sponge, and about five minutes later, I noticed another round of coffee grounds had "arrived" in the same location. Again, no actions on my part were sabotaged or were remotely contributary to how they got there. More brown crumbs arrived on the cleaned spoons on the dish drain mat, and there were about 20 other brown crumbs that arrived in differing locations and differing browns. I have yet to understand the mentality of the sickos that keep doing this to someone they have hounded and abused for 52 years, as to why they cannot get in here and fess up to this criminality of the highest juvenile form, and seek cooperation instead of hiding behind their action-at-a-distance controls in some remote location, likely in this city.

And don't forget, my reaction to their stunts is also controlled; the amount of vexation (always high), and its expression and word choice is controlled right down to the enforced stuttering or apalling diction that I get stiffed with.

Other stunts this morning included running brown dye off my fingers when doing the dishes, standing brown corn flakes on end in the bowl, creating extra enviromental noise to accompany anything I do when shaving, placing dishes down, arm or hand movement (loud creaks and clicks impossibly), and the imposed noises of in-house tromping, coughing and hacking outside my door, glass bottle bashing (both in house and from outside) and the ubiquitous sirens that erupt far more than they ever did when I lived in Seattle.

And the white paper scraps on the floor aggregation at my door in the hallway, has now been modified to include brown paper which "arrived" overnight. It is amazing that it is my doorway in the hall that gets the greatest amount of debris aggregation, and yet there is no causal on my part.

The morning's noisescape has had its flurries and has now lapsed into a near all-quiet state save the current Sunday special, that being the noise of power washing that has somehow erupted in this largely residental and retail neighborhood. No church bells today, but they can occur at any other time or day of the week, that being an Ukrainian church, of which I am mostly ignorant of their practices.

Lunch was made and duly consumed to more rounds of stunts and my annoyance; the tortillas "happened" to rip upon touch, the cheese slices were flip-flopping when cut with the hand slicer, cheese crumbs "arrived" 2' away somehow, and under my fingernails, a perp specialty of late, some chicken crumbs flew laterally across the fry pan and off the other side, and more coffee grounds "showed up" on the work surface.

The perps are making headway in figuring out the mind-control energetics to messing me around as to Windows navigation; they now have me reaching for the mouse when I want the backspace key, and all number of combinatorial jerkarounds of re-mapping key and functions that we all keep in mind. Except that my mind isn't my own, and the perps won't settle for anything less than a total fuckover. As a 16 years experienced Windows user "making these elementary mistakes" this means one of two things: 1) serious neurological impairment, or 2) someone is fucking my mind from a remote location as Windows functionality has to be now embedded in deep brain areas where the knowledge and responses are near automatic. Put that one in the clinical pipe and smoke it, and see what greater wisdom can be determined.

This seeming rooming house is on an all-quiet order, having supplied their best coughing, hacking and door slamming activities for the previous 30 minutes, often timed to me repairing the mind-fuck typos that dog my every keystroke. And now they have darkened down the room, and lo, if they didn't blow the only light bulb in the room so they can dick with the lighting (dimness) some more without me interfering with their plans. Or maybe they have a new annoying light bulb with a different color temperature, as that is the scene of endless fuckery. Even when hiking outside they "browned" the sunlight somehow to piss me off, so daytime light manipulations in my room are also to be expected. As I type this I am getting the wet plaster smell up the nose, a sure sign of the assholes wanting to make more progress in their sick-minded quest, whatever that is exactly beyond what I have stated.

I am back from a parent's visitation and stayover. And I am also wondering why my notes made at their place last night went "missing" on this post. More fuckery, as if 52 years of it wasn't enough.

The big absurdity is the arrival of two red automotive body panels in crimson red in the hallway, 6' from my door. That is correct, the perps are now bringing in autobody parts, a full door and a trunk lid, and have them propped up against the wall in a short spur of the hallway for me to see when out there, or otherwise energetically interact. And given that red is one of their problem colors, that does not surprise, but putting in automobile body panels in this supposed "tightly run" rooming house, where even leaving items in the bath tub gets immediately tossed, did surprise me.

As a TI, the notion of Christmas takes on a whole new meaning; how could any abetting or participating operative claim to be Christian when participation in the desecration of a selected individual's life, right down to how they piss in the toilet, where they place their feet, and how they breathe? The notion of Christmas spirit for a TI is only a reminder of the obscene hypocracy that passes for normal at the hands of the most pyschopathic depraved assholes the world has ever known.

Even to type that riposte is a jerkaround, and a noisestalked one at that. In my perspective, Christmas is simply an occasion for extra perps games and new juxtapositions for objects and colors such as red and green colors to beplaced in situations that they ordinarily aren't; red wreaths on vehicles etc. And it should be noted, that under JK Harms' proposed theories of energetics, that red and green are complementary colors.

Yesterday, there was a concert I attended where my once step-daughter's child was in a choir, and there was a concert on. As my mother and daughter were there, and I was getting a ride from my mother afterward, I attended. And thankfully it was an hour or so, and bearable, given that it was a massive perp organized event.

I could go on at length as to the feints and stunts, e.g. my mother constantly bumping into me throughout, and the 6 or more deep burgundy wearing garments in front of me, and the many plasma emanations from the church columns and arhcitecture, but the most unusual was the case of the blonde and the black choir boy. They had a blonde woman two pews ahead of me, and when the middle (red shirted choir) was singing, the sole black chorister (a boy of about 7 y.o.) was directly aligned with her head until she began weaving and bobbing so the black boy's image was to left, then right, of her hair and then in front of her head. All I wanted was to see him or not see him some 40' away, no partial vision cutoffs. But the more I moved my head to attain that, the more she moved her head, and without any mistake, she was moving to compromise what I wanted to see. This kept up for all of the choir's songs, and I was more than glad to get out of there and not be hounded as to what I see, or don't see. This is another case of blonde "goodness" being spatially merged with the perps' problem objects/colors as if there is some kind of glow that they are attempting to select from one, and apply to the other. Not my problem, why am I being constantly harassed over this?

Then there was the yellow jacket games; when headed to the choir event in the church, a woman in white hair and a yellow jacket on the sidewalk was walking 30' ahead of us. My ex-wife, whom we were to meet outside, was wearing the identical color of yellow coat, the woman having walked by her. And as we were one of the first parties to leave, wasn't that another managed fluke to have the same woman in her yellow jacket, who originally walked past the church, to be leading us ahead for two blocks again on the way out?

The overhead clunking and squeaking noises started up for the first time today, and what a coincidence, so did the zapping. And another coincidence, both are applied simutaneously, like any other time. And all to rile me up some more, as we are approaching dusk, the perps' silly time when they like to lay on the harassment.

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