Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Double Appointment

I am in a bozo-ified state at the moment, with the cover story that I am still recovering from the two hour nap the perps planted on me from 1530 to 1730h over the dusk onset. I have had dinner and managed to assemble it under those conditions, but this is a continuing case of some mental functions not being all there. There was no need for this nap as I got a decent night's sleep before. Anyhow, there have been days in the past pre-overt harassment where I never seemed to wake up for the whole day, another variant of these post-long nap dullifed states.

The double appointment occured when I was to see my caseworker and it "so happened", that I could see both her and the doctor simutaneously instead of seeing the doctor in 4 days as scheduled. Amazing how these events unfold. And so I got to do the "doctor game" with the case worker there, -sort of, as she didn't arrive until 5 minutes after the doctor consult began, as she "had to" get the chart. In other words, it was a tag team set-up; at first the pointless discussion with the doctor with his transparent obdurate notions. And then the same "discussion" again, when the the social worker returned. I was allowed to reasonably defend myself, but the game was all about repeating the head butting without and then with the case worker there. This is the second instance where they combined for a doctor only discussion, and then a repeat with the case worker present.

To supply some background, the perps have me on a theme of noting that I am the only one who will deal with the details and add up the cummulative improbability of the odd behavior of others and all other "coincidences". This is in fact true, but now this notion circulates in mind (read, planted mind-control notion), and was readily used to defend myself in the consult with the doctor today. So in another round of pathetic baiting, the doctor went on about generalities and of quadraplegics and how they can paint by mouth, blah, blah and making the best of it. (And as I write this, an extreme overhead pounding noise and a simutaneous zap happened on the preceding "q" word).

And then it occured to me that my past ability in "finding" the inner obdurate notions of my father and some co-workers with an unerring knack was all likely planned, though always in character. I don't have the time of day for the unobjective denial personality defending the status quo with respect to issues, and yet they "seemed" to find me. Now I know why the frequency of these events, but not the reasons, except to note that they are entirely consistent with the harassment games that go on,- keep pissing me off for its own sake. As in sadistic torment, round two, with overt harassment and obvious scripting.

Anyhow, I am positive he has this act/duty as a "rile-me" game, and the entire consult was near pointless and no medication changes thankfully. When I asked him how many patients that were delusional who were also dealing with a consistent and continuing problems with the newly iexpliciable behavior of others, he wouldn't aswer my question, and that minor point became another go-round game to protract the absurdity some more.

Anyhow, it was a well rehearsed event, and a futile one at that, another telltale of organized scripting.

And one of the "improbabilities" that I mentioned to the doctor was having the same kind of "tenant" upstairs, twice in succession, who likes to drop weights on the floor, exactly overhead of where I am in this small room, my only domain even at 0400h. So, as expected, the doctor avoided those specifics, and those to of his predecessor who ultimately concluded, as scripted, that "it sounded like persecution". And of course the doctors got switched on me after that.

As I return to repair the typos and incomplete syntax, the overhead noises have arrived just as they did before, and one significant pounding as I complain out loud about the typo fuckery again.


I am getting some kind of demotivating energies, and I am totally stalled out even if there is much to write about. So if these blog postings are getting thin in content, it is not because of me, but some kind of targeted irradiations.

To write some more about from yesterday and NOT about that doctor and caseworker combination appointment that caused me to question their sanity (above), the perps pulled an all-time classic stunt. When walking home from the bus stop, and only a block away from my place, there were a trail of whitish splats on the sidewalk which covered some 15'. I thought it was puke at first, but it didn't have that characteristic browness or smell to it, but lo, in another 10' there was the "culprit" still puking into the City garbage can, and a string of drool in place to provide credibility. It was another magnificent stunt; having a vagrant-like operative spill his cookies on the sidewalk in a string of splats leading up to him in advance of me walking by. And another coincidence was that he was at the begging intersection of two streets when I was on my way to the laundromat this morning (12-08-2006).

It isn't the first one, but I hope it is the last. The number of "open-mouther", spitters, teeth baring, food eating, drooling and like mouth contents revealing activities is still increasing. I can almost find my route to wherever I am going by following the spit splats on the sidewalks. It is getting disgusting and of greater amounts than the vagrants could do by themselves.

The perps have a white color problem it seems; they even put a long coated male gangstalker on duty in the appointment yesterday, and he had a slight off-white yellowish hat on as well. So in hindsight, the whitish puke stunt was in support of their other games with this color. Today (12-08-2006) they had five white vehicles aligned with me as I ate my lunch at the window. But they always make sure they remove some before I can get to a camera. Though, the reality is that they have so many ways to foil photography that it isn't worth the hassle anymore. Other TI's would disagree, and maybe a video camera is better to demonstrate the temporal components, especially if it can be tripod mounted.

Yesterday the perps had a moblie movie crew quarters parked on the old Volvo car lot. The local dealership has moved a mile away to some spiffy new quarters and vacated a lot that I often walk by to get groceries. And it should be noted that I have owned a Volvo for 15 years before I gave it up to my daughter because of income constrictions. Soo..., it was with much interest that I noted that this "movie crew" was parked there, and it occured to me (or was a planted notion), that this was a perp episode there they have their operatives stay there in an attempt to elicit Volvo and color energies from the asphalt while camping in trailers there. I never did see any movie shooting action nearby and they were gone by this morning, 12-08-2006.

This is the second such movie crew campout on the streets, and no movie filming to be seen anywhere. This one was on my regular beat to the grocery store. Anyhow, I have also mentioned before that asphalt seems to be a problem for the perps, and there is a considerable number of paved over street diggings everywhere I have been, Seattle and Victoria. Someone owes me a big thanks for all the civic improvements conducted in my name.

More noise flurries and the inevitable coughing "resident" outside my door, the only place in the hallway where they hack and cough. Now the glass bottle bashing act, and who knows, as they like to add noise if I happen to be listing it. The overhead floor pounder act is upon me, having arrived tonight after an all day absence. I have no idea what drives these noise flurries, but there is something that is the cause of such frenetic activity.

The goth girl at the laundromat, the attendant (staff) who looks after the place during operating hours, was dressed in more daring outfits today. A bare midriff, chains slung across her tummy, gloves past her elbows, and a skimpy top with a large exposure of skin at the back. Normally she is more conservative in her dress, though she never varies from the black color much. Anyhow, it wasn't the usual Cheers-like callers today, but instead the local white haired gangstalker who used to hang around at the WIN (Women In Need) store, that exceedingly active second hand clothing and furnishings store only 20' away from my room. I call him Mr. WIN and there he was in the laundromat, and outside of it too, smoking away, and strutting about with at least two jacket on-offs. He does remind me of one of my college so-thought friends now age morphed to >60 years or more. Mr. WIN had to take his jacket off on one of his on-off cycles and hang it behind me which was very curious. Anyhow, he did his lean-forwards, chatting to Goth Girl and then finished his laundry and packed it in a white and black bag, the standard "starting colors" set the perps use when they don't have a clue as to color energetics. And the perps duly mind-fucked me into loathing the sight of his hair more that I would by myself, as I really never got incited about their "problem" objects and colors, but now they make sure I know what they are anytime I am out.

Enough to call this a blog posting even if it is all over the place and scattered as the perps seem to want to stop me correcting it. As I type this, the overhead clunking has started again, and that means it is time to blog off.

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