Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Room Shaking

I did a chicken run earlier, and it was another highly gangstalked event. (The sickos are dithering my spelling so I don't know if the word is spelled correctly or not until they lift the offending mind-fuck irradiation. That is to say. the mind-controlled "I" cannot always identify a mispelled word like it once could do, near infallibly). This time, I bought was a cooked half chicken in light of the fact that I will have some days over the Christmas holidays where I won't be doing cooking. It is these kinds of variations that the perps love to foment and then gangstalk or harass me over, all in the name of obtaining measurement of my mind's energetics at the time.

And the perps also lay on extra gangstalking at the Winter Solstice as I came to know last year. (Sixteen gangstalk parties hiking on the busiest weekend shopping day prior to Christmas when there were some seven vehicles in the trailhead lot. One hiker in a slight morph-over disguise (same smirk) was my brother who was rather evasive about explaining this later).

And they did lay on the white and silver grey vehicle contingent while shaving earlier; six vehicles parked in the adjacent lot and onto the street and at least three more of this color scheme passing through between the street parked vehicles. And yes, the ubiquitous City vehicle, white with a horizontal 3" navy blue full length stripe. And while out, they even put on a street sweeper at this hour, even if it navigated around parked vehicles. And now, for the third time this morning, the white diesel pickup truck has arrived under my window, just as it did prior to shaving near the window.

I had my obese gangstalkers paired up even and a third one nearby, this organized "crush" of bodies surfaces at the locations in the grocery store I intend to visit. And I note, the perps have blonde female gangstalkers on "stand-there" duty, doing nothing but being conspicuous, a job normally reserved for the males in the past. Perhaps my perceptions of the odious gangstalking routines are going to be sanitized by way of the energies they measure off the blonde aura. On a cloudy and dim day, she was the second woman with sunglasses on today.

Another female operative was staring at me from 30' away and stood there in mid sidewalk looking at me coming toward her, and then proceeded to remove her sunglasses exceeding slowly, as if doing some kind of come on. She was over 50 yo, so there wasn't any intrinsic need to be so deliberate, unless she was crazier than her conservative clothing (brown) suggested. And ugly red hair to go with it.

Other ongoing noise and activity is the glass bashing act has started up again, coordinated fake coughing and hacking, the serial arrival and departure of operatives, over the last hour, some 40 or so for 15 "residents", each time shaking this room and the noisestalking which they make sure I am irritated by. They are getting more blatant, and more incessant, noisestalking every mouse click, web page display, cut/paste selection box (blue, with nonstandard behavior), text keystroking, especially spaces, dashes, commas, capitalization and the moment of bookmarking a web site by/with room shaking, steel clanging (dragging a dolly on ashphalt), traffic noise, "squash ball hits" of the nearby building with courts inside, voices in the hallway, etc..

Last night in bed before allowing sleep, the perps treated me to 2 hours of head flipping, left side, right side and repeat. And they noisestalked me also, and the "street people" arrived on a Tuesday night to yell out loud and then an insect (ladybug size)"arrival" in my hair plus some three more itchy faked ones to get me to scratch them. Then they gave my thigh a fuzzified uniform skin tone appearence when I was chasing a "bug" there.

And now, the latest jerkaround. re-directing my hyper links to pages that are incorrect, and are usually what I have already seen, same site. Not just once, like they hd been doing, but repeatedly. All to play more games to fulfill their juvenility.

This is the post-dinner pound-the-overhead-floor (my ceiling) time, seemingly attempting to make soundings of neural energetic correlates for pre and post dinner for comparison. The perps have started up another windstorm IMHO, as there is a significant amount of weather related coincidences with my circumstances. The latest was a just-starting-when-departing rain, three Mondays in succession when driving my mother downtown.

Another hallway "air freshener" spray job, and it will be sure to creep under my door and into my nostrils. Why now, at this hour, and why no determination as to the need? As if the manager has "erupted" with a aerosol spraying fetish.

Another overhead stomping but with a zapping this time that irritates the fuck out of me, enough to be mind-fucked into yelling about it. This was coincident with a web page display change, when I clicked on it.

A crack-like noise from the hallway while simutaneously getting a mild zap at the very instant I was reading the word "minister" in the clerical context. Fucking rude, and still this sadistic outrage keeps going.

Continued overhead clunking each time I make an association that the perps don't yet control, usually dealing with the past history of this harassment. Any retrospective thoughts as to the players and their motives of the past get and overhead coincident pounding.

Time to call this a blog posting; the typos are getting thick and the assholes make sure I get truly pissed at this.

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