Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Welcome Back Noise Assault

All that coughing and hacking by the putative neighbors and my commensurate complaining that they never get better, as it was all about keeping up the front of this kind of noise, especially outside my door, has fallen on deaf ears. Since I got back, the putative neighbors have gotten "sicker" and have launched more sneezing and hacking noise, usually two or three at a time. My belated Christmas present from the perps.

And the room shaking has been in fine form; no letup for Christmas, the same with the street action and the nearby clothing charity. They are still working hard in lugging donated clothes across the street, and the staff gangstalkers all came out in a group to see me arrive. And it was an occasion for someone to park their car broadside on the sidewalk, totally blocking pedestrian egress. Fucking bizzare that a used clothing charity would be so busy at this interlude between Christmas and New Year.

The perps have put a new pong, septic waste smell-like, in the hallway for all the air freshening that preceded Christmas, and its odd circumstances noted in past blogs.

The sudden herd of operatives moving in serial fashion in the hallways has returned, as each front door egress gives them the opportunity to shake the building and this room in particular, even if 20' away.

And the room shaking is now being timed to web page displays, and in particular, anytime there is a change in the diplay of text, e.g. bold titles, larger fonts, etc. I have been through this mill for the past 12 months or more, noisestalked webpage display changes. Only now, it is a combination of noise and room shaking for a particular kind of web page change, text font size and line weight changes.All the curious noises of this putative rooming house are coming back; the one clap sound, and the squeaky something as they are not attributable to human interaction. It is more tedium as far as I am concerned, as

I am the only person who gets stared at by people/gangstalkers who cannot see me. This happened at my parents place today; I was 10' back from the window facing the street, and two gangstalkers in succession walking by were looking at me for at least a 3 second long stare while I was not visible to them. This is the first time since this house was built in 1967 this has ever happened, and that includes the higher than normal activity level since the gangstalking began 4.5 years ago.

The frenetic tromping of boots outside my door continues. This is the post-digestive period after eating chocolate, something I am going to swear off for a 2007 resolution. While having tea and chocolate only 10 minutes ago, there was a local SWAT operation only a few hundred feet away. Or at least, that was the noise and what I am led to believe from overhearing chit chat in the hallway. A SWAt operation drops in for tea; why can't they introduce themselves instead of this pretend game?

More room shakings, and they are time to me writing or typing a letter or an number. Gangstalked through the alphabet, which they enasure by stunning me out as to the next keystroke, and at the very moment I am allowed to know what it is, there is the attendant (but not causal) front door egress and a minor shock wave to shake this room, some 20' away, And of note, the same pulse strenght is shaking mre objects than it didn't before.

The perps have been more audacious with making more noise and vibration with minimal or no causal of late. When I carefully dipped the dinner plate into the sink, clearing all possible objects, they had the plate get hit and resonate as if it banged into the side of the sink when there was at least 1" clearance all round. All to play some game to fool someone who isn't looking as hard as I am to prevent the noise in the first place.

Another 2 hour nap "erupted" before dinner; why I need that while getting 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night, save the keep me awake stunts, is beyond me.

The overhead pounding has begun and one such pounding noise was added as I was typing the very word. This is the post-dinner digestion time, and the perp assholes have typically bnaged the floor overhead for this very event.

A maser/laser like burning sensation on my foot and thigh with simutaneous coughing and hacking just now, while paging through text in blue and black. The assholes are on this color combination a lot; very often blue plasma will emanate from dark recesses for some color testing/games.

An eruption of male woo-hoos and the like from next door is upon me, simutaneously timed for wab page display changes/scrolling, usually of the all text kind, with some font differences. Back to this again, and the coughing noise has slowly gotten quieter. There is a trend of familiar noises being made fainter and fainter, possibly to "tickle" certain aspects of the neural system the assholes cannot yet access and assay for their ongoing energetics quest. They must be within a thousandth of a percent to 100% mind-control, as they have made more advances as mentioned in yesterday's blog. (Corruption of knowledge of what I know, or meta knowledge).

And as I read specific content, not to be repeated here, the perps send a vibration through my feet and a simutaneous clunking sound. Theoretically there is no one in the basement, so how was it that some vibration emanated from there? Another "no ostensible cause" event, which are becoming more common now.

I have been in this post-nap de-energized state all evening, likely scripted to hear the bursts of male laughter and jocularity from next door, very often timed to the display of a text centric web page and often in conjunction with transient vision impairments. I was attempting to read a book online, but eventually the aforementioned harassment games were too impairing to continue.

I note that I am on some kind of email rationing, as in none save the spammers who have found my email address and continue to keep trying. Even with Yahoo's spammer reporting I am getting 15 to 20 spam emails a day, not counting their "bulk" mailbox.

This is a good time to blog off, as I am none too inspired tonight, as the perps have me in this post-nap blue funk, which I suspect has certain advantages for them in their brain energetics research.

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