Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Canada' s Most Over-aerialed City

Another grocery store run (walk) of one block; no Rolls Royces this time, but four red vehicles side by side in a dirt surface corner public parking lot that is now full when it wasn't even a pay lot 3 months ago. If it rains, that lot will be an unholy mess. Another lotfull of vehicles by the new building that was erected nearby, again, they weren't there before and now the building is almost finished. More improbable (nonrandom) mixes of reds, whites and black vehicles.

And what day out and about would be complete without being stared at? When the assault first began in 2002 I got 20- 30 starings a day for week, then it stopped abruptly. As if it were an "operational problem", which it wasn't in hindsight because the perps never goof up that I am aware of, even if it seemed so at the time. So, the staring is now on again, and I did get one from an old man on the street looking at window washers on a scaffold platform on a adjacent building who were going about their business normally. And it should be noted that the perps can have me stare at anyone doing strange things; all my attentional abilities are under their control as I have come to know. (They have made me stare at things or people in situations totally out of character).

A brief mention of the number of aerials in this city is overdue, if only for the record as there are residential buildings with huge arrays of exotic antennae. I cannot imagine why Victoria needs so much cell phone coverage, but these seem to be the cover under which so much of the harassment operations operate. I must declare that I know very little about cellphones and the supporting infrastructural towers, repeaters etc. I assume that the vertical white panelled recievers/dishes are for cell phone purposes because there are so many of them installed in recent years. There are many more kinds of aerials/recivers in this city, and apart from the large parabolic dishes in the TV and cable vision suppliers, I don't know what the remainder are for. And it is likely that the aerial type doesn't matter to the perps.

My hiking destination (Jocelyn Peak in Gowland-Tod Park)I that I frequented was a case in point. I could see six aerial masts at varying distances from the hike destination location, and three of the closet ones, two cell phone towers and the Victoria Mt. John Dean radar intallation, would spit some kind of pulsed of grey or white light beam at me. The strangest thing was that I could track the actual light pulse because it was travelling much slower than the normal speed of light (1 to 2 seconds to reach me, and over 2 miles away). Even more curious was that the light beam took a curvilinear route as the trajectory could be detected as having wander in its path as it came toward me. The beams pulses always ended at where I was, though I never felt anything hit me. As far as I can tell, the aerial type doesn't seem to matter,- the perps can co-opt any legitimate (non-harassment purpose) aerials for their harassment operations needs IMHO.

About eight months ago a new tower in the middle of the Malahat hills was erected where there is no seeming electrical power source (higher elevation forested area). This location gave it a commanding western coverage of my favored hiking area, though I never saw anything coming from it. (I nearly always had lunch at Jocelyn Peak and therefore time to observe the above three towers I mentioned). Then about a month ago they, and it could of been any legitimate authority, put an new tower much closer in at the south end of the hike, giving it close-in coverage of the entire north end to Jocelyn Peak. Both these two new towers could be under some kind of legitimate purpose, but neither seemed located to fulfill cellphone needs given their forested locations.

And at least four times in the past two years, the perps arranged for a naval ship to anchor some 5 miles away in Saanich Inlet facing Jocelyn Peak. There is no reason for the military to be there at all IMHO, but for the radar and other emanations that came from the vessel. There were at least three more instances of anchored vessels supplying their radar for a cover and/or being co-opted for other irradiative emanations toward me.

The perps also had at least two aerial bearing vehicles "passing by" (aka vehicular gangstalking) in the latter weeks of vehicle ownership (06-2006). A 4' vertical mast with a 2' crossing dipole mounted on top of a white Jeep SUV on a Sunday evening. Why such a vehicle would be travelling in town doesn't hold up to any commercial use that I know of.

And oddly, in a sort-of way, I have visited many of the aerial locations in the past as part of a hike or forestry work. Some are on the Gulf Islands which I visited for scenic or purposes, others were near my house at the time.

If anyone knows their aerials and their purposes I would be much appreciative of any communtication to understand their function.

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