Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Waddlers on the Reprise

I did the gangstalk gauntlet to London Drugs today for a prescription, and was also hoping to get Christmas wrapping paper and a card, and some dental hygiene items. It was a phenomenal gangstalk; a swarm of eight crossing and leading gangstalkers before I got in at hte doors, and the prequisite staff member who just "happened" to come outside in advance of me going in. It was totally insane; they have this choreographed flooding of operatives, and I am supposed to fit in somehow, though without seeing the script.

At the Rx counter the bizarreness continued; a blonde woman in black was ahead of me, then she wandered 8' away, seeming not wanting to wait, then a black jacketed older male comes in, skipping the queue line because he is an asshole, and then the black haired Asian pharmacy cashier returns and calls for the blonde woman to return, which she does, and transacts for her medicine. Then the "can't wait" male asks his bullshit question ("where is ...?", I know this routine now) and walks through the region in front of me and where the blonde woman was only moments ago. (I call this coverage "sweeping" where an operative walks or drives through the former or a to-be-occupied location of me or another shill.) So this fucker, who then turned his head 90 degrees toward me, but kept his glance further behind him (say 105 degree turn of the eyes) so not to catch my eye even if his head was facing me, swept through the location I was to occupy to then transact for my Rx. He reminded me of a certain consulting forester I knew peripherally, though not by voice.

Weird enough to be sure, but then I couldn't find Christmas wrapping paper anywhere, this is the second time at LD, and the perps had me in frazzle mode after planting four gangstalkers in the dental hygeine aisle, and another six in the chocolates section and other mobile swarms. Anyhow, everywhere I went there was this mobile swarm of gangstalkers, and that included getting out of the store, gangstalkers deliberately getting in the way of the exit when they had to go to a cashier first. The large-gutted manager (or operative in disguise) also followed me around, he in the classic black and white getup that is the signature for their color games. And the perps have not let me have a plastic basket in LD for months now, that is off the permissible object interactions list seemingly. But somehow, their gangstalkers have no problem finding them and bringing them in close.

And more of the gangstalkers are reprising; coming back to stalk again in a new part of the store, accompanying me outside or crossing paths again in about the same street location outbound as well as inbound. When exiting LD, there was one gangstalker ahead, and one behind me, in a black and white checkerboard style leather jacket, the de rigeur gangstalking clothing item, even in summer. (The metal salts give off energy reflectance). And this Cheers-like faked conviviality between gangstalkers, making no bones about that they know each other, which is highly unlikely in normal circumstances of individual shopping. There are more gangstalkers with walking impairments now, at least one per 20 minute roundtrip on the street. And more waddlers and oversized gangstalkers, that somehow cross streetside paths again, the staged happenchance of pedestrians finishing their "shopping" in my neighborhood about the time that I am returning having finished mine. Three today, when one is exceptional, and both ensuring they are on the same side of the road that I am on.

The "roofers" arrived outside my window before I got out of bed, and they seem to be slowly acclimatizing themselves in making noise at selective intervals or with coincident events. Plus they get an excuse to dress up like clowns; all in yellow, orange and blue etc. As before, they have their own parking regimen, and all others adapt to their monopolization. They came with two variants blue pickups, and later, after I came back from my trip to LD, they put a black pickup with the ubiquitous ladder projecting forward from the box, over the cab. This ladder arrangement is virtually standard in this town for the pickups without a ladder rack.

The yellow dressed "roofer"' came to gangstalk when I was standing at the sink brushing my teeth, without my glasses on, and then he departed again. The exaggerated "come to have a look" stunt, is now a instant marker for a gangstalker stunt. All this is to get more action from the W. side, after the prodigous amount of activity in the hallway (E. side) for the past few weeks. (And the hallway action has diminished this week). All part of the game, including tossing objects off the three story roof, coincident with me reading about the incarcerations in the US over recent immigration arrests as well as that in Iraq, where seemingly, there is no accounting for the prisoners they have taken. (And as I wrote that, a coughing and hacking eruption arose in this rooming house and outside tape measure noise began.)

After a rage-ified lunch making again, all while the "roofers" were yapping and making noise outside, I get some PC time, but no rest. The post-meal time is a big obsession for the assholes, so they have brought the squeaking steering belt under my window outside, and ensured there was plenty of protracted airtime in "negotiating" backing the vehicle out. For lunch preparation it was the usual food flicking and then the cutting board spining while using it (not related to my actions, being careful not to supply an excuse for the perps to "augment".)

The house and room shaking is starting up in this post-mealtime digestion activity; Sometimes two slammings a minute, and "somehow" the vibration travels 20' down to my room and shakes and rattles objects in here.

The perps pulled and interesting stunt in the morning while I was in bed; they created some sensations as if someone else was in it, e.g. deforming the matress and having that sensation travel to me, and when I realized this was a jerkaround, the noisestalking came on from above. [It seems that the perps are screwing me over again for typo's again.]

A rare lengthy call with Ms. C of the story, which ultimately lapsed into the clinical bullshit line, and then the games of having me recount the early overt harassment details and meanwhile, there were white strobing plasma flashes on my fridge while I detailed events the perps haven't been able to fuck with yet. Yet again, "somehow" I was not resistive in explaining this to her, as it goes nowhere each time. She being as obdurate as any paid-for physician. And note, the Open Letter to Clinicians was never read by the doctor and "forget" to mention to her to abate the conversation.

And the perps like me to get into the collective improbabiliy of all these unlikely events happening. Even if I mention that if I see six red vehicles around me at an intersection, then anyone else would too. But the perps also scare me as they want to know every last detail about how I know I was being fucked with when and how, and who was aiding (or not) at the time. And it was equally tedious to explain that if magnets work 100% of the time to limit painful irradiations (then), there there is a good chance that the issue is not of clinical origin. Anyhow, there is nothing wrong with Ms. C's recall (better than mine), and somehow she didn't remember that I have been down all the roads she was "suggesting". (Read, scripted prompting line to have me delve into more recall).

And the weird thing is that she never calls me by name; "Kiddo" is what I get, and strangely, the mind-fucked "I" doesn't wish to call her by name either. There is something odd about this, both at the conversational level and the bigger metaphysics of it, and that is a long standing trend of most of "my" friendships.

And the latest mind-fuck incursion is to have me insert (cut/paste) the text in the wrong location; this began yesterday, and is extremely vexing on top of all the typo and syntax repairs the assholes force me through. And what could the clinical explanation of that be for a 16 year Windows user?

The hallway spraying of "air freshener" has reached new levels of silliness; the manager opens his door and sprays the aerosol from his doorway and then retreats back in his room. And how did he know to spray the hallway in the first place? As always, the smell has a rapid uptake in my room and up my nostrils. And is becoming more of a post-dinner event like the overhead clunking (tonight also), and the flurries of serial egress with a room vibrating closure of the front door.

Another hallway spraying, which causes me to wonder if the harassment merits of a rooming house are too seductive for the perps to let me out and get a subsidized place. They can fuck with the bathroom, hallways, noise levels, heating, and it is all outside of my control. And also, plant all their gangstalkers in serial egress to the bathroom next door, and in the hallway to shake the building when they exit. Better than the hospital gig they incarcerated me in for no organic condition whatsoever.

The noise front is entering its elegant phase; drive me to put on the earmuffs by making annoying noises through the pipes (ostensibly) and then later, with earmuffs on, pound the floor overhead, or wall in front of me penetrating the ear muffs, when I read specific words/concepts which have been defined in advance. Tonight's trigger word is Faraday Cage, a screen of metal to prevent electromagnetic energies from penetrating inside an occluded space. Anyhow, it is fucking tedious being the object of all this, and the assholes are always on the offensive.

Another wall pounding for no reason, and the perps timed a zap to go with it which pisses me off all the more. The wall poundings began today, and so far there has been three that "somehow" happened when none did before. It is similar to the heat vent games that now go on; nearly every next door bathroom visitor now undertakes adjusting it, as if they have a pressing need, which was never the case. Like most things, the perps do not see the total idiocy of this, pounding on someone's wall in an attempt to delve deeper into their subject's minds while pretending such behavior is normal. All this for a billion dollar program. They way is usually works is that when "I" summon enough outrage (read, mind-controlled reaction), to confront the asshole, it will be the last time they will use this harassment method.

More reading of Kozyrev's work; very interesting and contains likely explanations for the perps' abiding need to have vehicles circle or turn around me, or me around them (when I was driving). It is the torsional fields that mainstream physics is in denial about, not to mention some premature deaths of prominent physicists; e.g. de Palma, Willick and Mallove.


Anonymous said...

Yes, insane is the correct term for this nonsense! Read some of my experiences at the following link:

Theft of Liberty

- Regards,
- Another TI (one of many)

AJH said...

I did read your stories and found them interesting; one was an entire warehouse of employees in a stock-still state for a minute or so. I have never seen this before, and here I thought I had seen enough crazy stuff happening.

I hope you can find a way out of this, though being a TI means being guarded about such concepts as hope, as it is governed.

Thanks for your comments.