Monday, December 11, 2006

Forced Nap with Dusk Onset -short post

Another forced 1.5 hour nap with dusk onset, begining at 1620h. I had a reasonable night's sleep and didn't need anymore. But the reality is that I don't have a choice. The power nap "need" comes over me and I cannot resist. This time there was plenty of hallway activity during the nap, and no doubt that serves to make deeper neural incursions possible. The perps have me bozo-ified at the moment, as if I have a hangover. And the opportunity for getting typo sabotage is immense as I am finding out.

The right eye vision assaults continue, and for a half hour or so, they had me on a two vertical column web page, and any right column reading got the worst of it. Put that in the clinical symptoms list and see if anyone can rationaly explain that.

Somehow the insurance company got my new phone number when my dealings with them were exclusively on the cell phone, that jerkaround the perps pulled on me to cost me more money. This would be another example where strange things continue to persist, and seemingly, it was a planted notion that is aligned with how I would ordinarily percieve.

The "herd" is on the move again; a serial departure of one operative/gangstalker about every five minutes with a room shaking front door closure, even if I am 20' away and the front door no longer binds or jams. Sometimes they make bathroom visitations next door before they head out, and don't use the one upstairs, the floor they depart from. Having the stairwell only 6' from my door is another bonus from the gangstalking perspective.

It is the same with crockery crashing; I handle the dishes so they don't clatter or knock, and yet the noise is applied by remote means, as the dish could be an inch away (making no contact) and yet the assholes program the sound as if it did hit the sink. Another game of pissing me off.

And I will make this a short post to attempt to get back onto a new post at the begining of each day, though that resolve can get fucked with anytime the perps wish it so.

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