Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Stormy & Internet Impaired Day

There is a storm raging outside, and I am supposed to think that I am fortunate in that "only" my web access is down and not the power. There have been a number of power outages in the past month, and on Northern Vancouver Island there have been locations without power for over a week. Anyhow, I won't get into past "coincidences" as to how some (not all) power outages in this city are
connected to my goings on. Over a year ago there was a power outage to the Olympic Peninsula and a red comet "happened" to streak by at that juncture. Enough of improbable coincidences over power outages.

My mother came by to pick me up and take me on a shopping trip to Hillside Mall. I bought a book and gift certificates for my daughter for her Christmas present. That will be the most of Christmas shopping for this year. And for the perps, who constantly monitor my money supply to the minimal retained funds, I am now $250 in the hole (overdraft) until I gain some revenue by selling my cell phone to my brother and perhaps get a cash present from my parents. Hopefully that will right the financial ship before year end.

And that grim financial picture was determined after I spent the money on a gift, as I would of spent a whole lot less if I had kept my Quicken records up to date. And it was only "because of" the web access being down that I decided to update my Quicken records, and find out how much in the hole I am, post expenditure.

It was a major gangstalk at Bolen's Books and Hillside Mall; they were all over me at first; anytime I turned around there were at least two of them crossing paths behind my back. The usual suspects in the usual order; blondes, reds (jacket color), MIB males in black fleece, greens (jacket color), grey haired, white haired, the obese, red haired, sports jackets, chemo-like hats covering all head hair and then combinations. It is so fucking tiresome to be singled out and then be stalked in this exasperating depravity.

And as a farewell from the mall, Mr. WIN of this locale who gangstalks in "stand there" mode "happened" to be standing with ridiculous shades on at the entrance when leaving, (in this raging storm). It is the same gangstalk operative that also "showed up" at the laundromat last week, the bus once, and was a regular weekday "worker" at the proximate Women In Need (WIN) store, a used clothing and charitable operation. In late November Mr. WIN appeared to have stopped his work there, and ceased to gangstalk outside this building, though he is getting stalking time in other gangstalk scenarios, today's mall entrance/exit being one. His facial features remind me of one of my thought-to-be college friends, who was a trained teacher when he graduated, and is possibly a perp operative, the almighty job opportunity for anyone who has participated in this venality in the past. This same dude also showed up at a bus stop two weeks ago post dental appointment, and followed me on the bus and imediately off it, as it wasn't headed the direction I needed. He even wore his college days jacket that I was familiar with then.

And still no internet access with Shaw Cable being out, and so to blog away in Notepad, my favorite Microsoft application. More of the same constant leaching of my financial resources and the perps are keeping me on the "must have" chocolate track, and taking the less expensive kind out of circulation. As mentioned before, the perps had me on a didn't-want-to smell-it diet for a week in late 2002, but ever since their brown games resumed in early 2003, they like me to buy the expensive kind. As it turns out, they also reduce the pleasurable sensations when eating it, and it tends to get shovelled down as a consequence.

And more Quicken update fuckery; they had me insert the wrong record in three locations in sucession; this kind of "problem" never happened before, and yet is becoming commonplace. That again would suggest that it is either a deep neurological problem or blatant mind-control. And I am still looking for clinical interest in even reading my story, never minding some feedback. It won't happen; as far as I know, no one has read this blog save two TI's, and there must be some kind of restriction on it, perhaps keeping it on an operative run intranet. I get ~32 processes running on my PC when I boot up, and I cannot figure out what they are for the most part.

The perps won't let me delete them either, as I don't have enough authority, even if I am the administrator. And to no surprise, I am not allowed to clip it and display it here.

The wretchedness of making dinner again; that is, with the perps flicking food crumbs about, and then they decided that the olive oil needed to be dumped on the floor again. So they unilaterally moved it by remote means and let it drop between the fridge and the wall, nothing spilled. As I type this I am getting the overhead pounding noise, and so it would seem that the assholes like me to recount tales of their fuckery, all the more for noisestalking.

And as my web surfing occupies the better part of the day, the perps have me highly constrained as to what to do; noisestalking me in Notepad instead of Blogspot, which is a big deal to the assholes, and they likely spent weeks on planning this out. And who knows, maybe the real reason is to play with the lights on the two modems.

More plasma games are abounding; I get a 1" wide orangish line moving up and down on this display, moving amongst the text into more text dense areas, and then less, and then skewing this plasma beam off the horizontal for more fun and games. Non-stop juvenility all the time.

And more voice morphing games; they were fucking me out of selecting a block of text to paste, and then wouldn't let me, so "I" verbalize my complaint, and a newfound roaring voice erupts to bitch at the sick fuckers. There are more of these kind of sudden voice-morph overs, and they occur with others nearby, and they don't say a thing.An orange plasma beam erupted off screen, and that could be related to thoughts that the assholes don't yet control. Even punctuation get its own noisestalking; someone slammed the door and vibrated this house when I keyed in the period of that last sentence. Enough baiting the perps, time to find some other kind of game on this PC.

More of the operative herd is egressing this rooming house and each exit or entrance "results" in this entire building shaking somehow, epspecially this room, 20' away from the door. A noise flurry erupts even if there is still driving rain outside. And I wanted to look at my wishlist export file, and it takes forever, even if others are a three times the size and display in no time. And someone heard my complaints at they sped up the file display time.

The internet and telephone connection has been established. Though one wouldn't know that from the Windows connection manager; all connections were said to be in place. And there were great games in getting the Notepad version of this blog posting into Blogspot. The perps just love text amalgamation games, and that was the essence of it as a number of extra carriage returns were embedded in the text when first pasted into Blogspot.

A new cougher has arrived in this rooming house; one to "take over" where the regulars are getting better (sort of), or at least are known quantities such that don't they alert my attention at first coughing jag. And for that observation, the overhead clunker has arrived and is now hammering at the floor (my ceiling).

And my copy of my anti-virus software, expiring in 2007, has somehow been blacklisted and the Kaspersky site is a bit confusing as to how to remedy the problem. The worst case scenario is that I will have to buy my own licence copy, but the real question remains, what tripped it to not update, and ultimately become a out-of-date? Another perp fuckover perhaps to grind me for more money? Maybe, I do wonder why the PC rebuilding technician didn't keep me on my MacFee licence I had and be done with it. Not doubt this jerkaround was scripted well in advance as they usually are. Enough for a blog posting and to end the typo sabotage.

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