Thursday, December 28, 2006

Operatives by the Herdfull

A late start morning begining with a 10.5 hour "sleep", and delays in getting to the bathroom by parties that made no noise in getting ahead of me (a next door bathroom). Normally I am privy to every next door bathroom visitation by way of extra deadbolt clicking, room shaking "from" door closure, extra squeaky floorboards, and toilet seat slammings. And more recently, coughing and hacking was added to the operatives' noise repetoire, and as of today, mumbling. So, when I go to use the bathroom next door, it is always a surprise when it is in use and none of the usual noisestream was evident.

It has happened before, and the assholes like me to be unexpectedly skunked in my plans, which usually applies to anything I do regularly.

Currently, the herd of operatives is on the move, coursing through the hallway and in or out of the door, with the (faux caused) attendant room shaking and door slamming. The frat house analogy applies, as there seems to be a serial rush, and then it goes slack after a while. Other noise joins the noisescape, the most favored is the coughing and hacking, and at least three nearby "residents" in this putative rooming house got new colds over Christmas, just when it was taking five weeks for their last round to diminish some. Never have colds been so prevalant and persistent among my "neighbors", just like at the last apartment building before.

This is the post-mealtime gangstalk event, where the perps lay on the noise, shaking and visual perturbances to keep their standard and predictable harassment activities more obvious than they usually are.

And in doing laundry at the laundromat this morning, more coughing and hacking erupted from the operative who likes to stand by his washing machine, leaning on it even, while it cleans his clothes. Naturally the fucker came in close, again without benefit of manners, to examine the pile of magazines behind me, this time from the right and left sides. He in a shirt the same color as my coat, another amazing coincidence. When I departed, he was sitting on a high folding table watching his laundry in the dryer. Fucking absurd, plus some other games that unfolded, which only add to the litany of odd events that erupt around me, though not of significance to recount here.

The latest stunt for the perps is to plant the sensation of a fart coming on, then nothing happens. Or at least when expected, and it sometimes "disapates" or is re-scheduled by them. Just an annoyance on top of one already.

Over the past 4.5 years of overt harassment, the perps have made no bones about shaking or moving things in my presence. One of their favorites was to shake the contents of pop bottles in the supermarket whenever I was near them. They would shudder in unison, without any possibility it was vibration (concrete floors, and normal walking). Even my doctor gave up trying to explain that one, and consigned it to the "delusion condition". But, if it happens everytime, then what is it doctor? That would be the kind of question that I am not allowed to ask, and never "comes to mind" when in his office.

But over time, the perps managed to control this ambient and proximate object movement, and I assumed it was because of greater energetic control of my environment, a benefit from hounding me in the same locations all the time. Of late, they have dropped this practice, and are now constantly wiggling the two towels beside me, even if there is no ostensible cause. One is white, the other is blue, and because of these tight quarters, about 80sq. ft., there isn't much room to put often used items. I would assume this regular wiggling is to delve deeper into the energetics around me, an opportunity to assay more ways to fuck me over. Of late, and possibly in concert with towel wiggling, they have been spasming my muscles in certain regions, e.g. back, thigh, upper arm etc.

A quiet spell, then a every two minute room shaking in one of the fastest serial egresses in rooming house history, and then the overhead floor pounding and tromping. This is the two hour past mealtime level, and I cannot say why this timing is important to the assholes. Any anticipation of their games gets and immediate overhead clunk, so one can be certain that this is no fluke, especially the repetition of it all.

And more noisestalking of conjugated verbs as to tense (past, present and future) as well as other suffixes, e.g. ion, ation etc. Not only am I mind-fucked into typing the wrong suffix, I then get noisestalked over making fixes to the word/suffix. And as I explain this, a loud mufflered vehicle came to visit the outside adjacent parking lot. And other "rooming house" noises are also erupting. One can predict the nature of the typos now, as they follow a pattern like vnever before. More for the clinical excuse assholes and shills to explain.

Now, the trying-too-hard coughing has erupted while I read about some loudspeakers from Italy. That mentioned country is of interest to the perps, and I cannot help but notice the coincidence of where my ex-wife and daughter went in Europe for holiday this year. Anyhow, the perps are making sure that I am mightily irritated by the coughing jags of the supoosed residents around me, even if a new round of "infection" has started up.

A zap in the right foot to go with my recollection of a film some decades ago. Then a maser hit to the upper lip to follow, and then a sudden reverse video of this very LCD display. Now more mindfucking; a sudden and transient loss of knowledge as to where a certain keyboard key is. I was better off on this some three decades ago when I began with finger pecking. So why is my ability to find a specific key now impaired? Another question for the asshole shills who tritely suggest this is a clinical problem. And as I finished typing that, the coughing and hacking erupted. I would get a life if I was allowed to have one.

The noise flurries erupted when I made and cooked dinner, then again for doing the dishes. In this post-dinner period, digestion time, the overhead clunking and floorboard squeaking (ostensibly) has erupted, and if I am not mistaken, this is a very common occurence that is also journalled in past blogs. For the clinical shills, should they break rank and read this, what kind of clinical condition is this when the "symptoms" are consistently attendant to my circumstances?

Now it is the turn for glass bottle bashing, another near everyday occurence that has erupted in the past month. fucking tiresome being under a microscope. I read in a recent book on spying and counterintelligence, that if the FBI should suspect one of being a spy they follow your every move, and even have a specialized division of "everyday folk" who undertake this intensive form of surveillance. Naturally I compared this harassment situation to that, and there isn't any doubt; harassees and related mind-control research victims are under the tightest possible scrutiny, much more than some traitor stealing classified military documents. I cannot even look at myself in the mirror without being noisestalked, and I have at least three assholes/gangstalkers everytime I pay for my groceries. If you are of Robert Hannsen's or Aldrich Ames level of disclosing secrets, then you have it easy, whenever you may get caught.

There are more sick, or more like faking sick, people in this boarding house than in the hospital. These 20 minute jags of constant coughing and hacking from supposed residents that were getting better last week, and who have uniformly all got worse this week. It just doesn't add up. Yet again, my "neighbors" at this and the last place, don't ever seem to recover from their cold symptoms.

Now, the perps are alternating their operative's coughing and hacking; one bows out, and another resumes the noise.

Time to blog off, even if it has been relatively quiet for the past hour, save some outside sourced voices contriving to "walk by". The vision imparing emanations are getting too much to take, and are worse now than at any other time in the day. Perhaps this means forced book reading.

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