Thursday, December 21, 2006

Solstice Shenanigans

A noise flurry has started up, 20 min. post-lunch (brown tortillas), and with it, a brief jabbing pain in my nose. Standard now, noise integration, which really means simutaneous occurence. Other phenomenon also join in, masers, plasma beams, gangstalkers in the hallway and adjacent bathroom, room shaking with noise and sometimes some stroboscopic flashes.

This is an example of the constant fuckery that goes on with the perps spofing my web content; a planned "mistake" of having the entity "Greece" not attributed to the state of New York, and instead, leading me (and/or mind-fucking me) into thinking it was the country and not the city.
A $14.8 million state grant will help build a next-generation ethanol plant in Greece that will be the first of its kind in the United States and could position the region as a leader in a growing field.
Mascoma's goal will be to help prove that cellulosic ethanol can be produced on a large scale. The plant will produce 500,000 gallons of ethanol annually, only about 1 percent of the output expected for the Orleans and Seneca county plants. Pataki expressed optimism that Mascoma will eventually choose to build a full-scale production facility in the area.
This was clipped from one of my sites, The Cost of Enegy that "I" choose to read most days. And that took 2 passes to clip out because the buffer was partially depleted and another 3 passes to paste because the latter paragraph was displayed instead of allowing a paste action before it. And it wasn't until "I" yelled at the assholes did they allow pasting. Fucking sick that the assholes are ragging the shit out of me over cutting and pasting in Windows.

The wall whacking noise that I get to listen to from the building opposite, 12' away, is the putative sound of a squash court, as heard from the outside, as there is a squash club in the building. Except that this is the S. end of the building where the liquor store is, so why would I hear such noise in close proximity? It is all part of the projected sound abilities the perps have, and having me once believing that it was a squash court when I first moved in, they seemed to have gained the needed "credibility" until I found out otherwise, and then, it didn't matter. Anyhow, the reason I mention this is that the "wall hits" are suddenly, as of the winter solstice, more frequent, as if some supercharged players were selected, which is not the case. Anyhow, it is only one more noise in the constant mix that I am cast into.

Another game that is gathering annoyance, is the clattering noise of the dishes where thy don't contact anything, and are visibly clearing any potential objects by one inch or more. And they have me cranked up to "find" this annoying, and with some stock phrases to complain with. [Now more typos to contend with, and a jab in the ass as I write about this mind fuck assault].

This is another post-food digestion noisestalked time. I have finished "my" afternoon tea and chocolate, and there is now a stream of loud vehicles heard and outside voices, The very moment I was folding the chocolate's metal foil wrapper up, there was an immediate noise confluence of a next door bathroom visitor, a coughing and hacking noise of a "resident" and outside vehicle noise. I suppose, that there are small electromagnetic fields created by the bending of the foil, though my interpretation is that there is another etheric field that is being perturbed, the same one that the brain uses to organize itself, and that the perps can manipulate from a distance.

I have read a recent article on "torsional fields" and I assume it is the same as etheric fields. And as this is the digestion time of a brown colored food item, there is more reason for the perps to go nuts. And there are other reasons; it is the Winter Solstice and I am wearing a yellow shirt, one that they go silly over each time.

At today's laundromat visitation, they had a "customer" change his sweaters some five times, and ultimately settle for a burgundy sweater under a lime green one, and a burgundy scarf. And this dude just had to come close by, within 6' and make a performance of his sweater changing show. There were other feints and strange getups, but the worst was the sight of translucent yellow and red plastic baskets holding laundry from an open-mouther operative in a burgundy colored sweat shirt. The latter is a color I cannot stand the sight of, and for whatever reason it is an obsession of the perps to place this in my proximity typically in the form of plastic bags. Anyhow, this unusual landromat attendee had each basket full of white clothing and emptied them into washing machines in my view, 15' away, and then nested them for the color combination when finished. Thankfully this was only for the last 15 minutes of my time there, but I wasn't done yet. And if this is how the perps are conducting color response testing, I have another year in purgatory at least.

When I exited the laundromat, the perps had a female gangstalker in black ahead of me, carrying a translucent red file folder immediately in front of her, keeping it from being seen. Anyhow, I got ahead of her, and marched past this collusion of red plastic arranged for the perps purposes. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for it?

Another 1979 UBC Forestry class graduate was on gangstalk duty yesterday, and like all the time now, the perps will not let me recall his entire name, only his first name, with full "recall" being planted/allowed one day later. This has happened at least three times in the last three weeks in the same circimstances; an arranged crossing of paths of former colleagues. And why has this partial name "recall" only happened in the last 6 to 8 months, and never before? Either it is more examples of mind-control/fucking or else the sign of a deeper and darker neurological problem. (Maybe this is the perps' next move, and having me telegraph a clinical query is a typical occurence that they like to arrange in advance).

Another perps obsession is a copper (the metal) fetish. They like me to visit websites on copper cooling pipes and fins for CPU's, and today, a cast copper rotor for an new electric motor design. On the family and relatives front, the words "copper beech" come up, every month or so. And as I write this, a number of mold smells are being delivered to my nose. Usually I don't really care about their "fetishes" or trigger words/concepts as there are so many it is near impossible to avoid them. Most TI's I know are acutely aware of them, and I am sure that the perps like to foment this to create mutual TI suspicion and discord.

It is time to do the dinner again, a task I have come to loathe for all the harassment that goes on. Of late, the perps have been sliding the fry pan around on the hotplate burner as if it were on ice. And the food flicking is almost gauranteed as well as cranking me up to a state of rage-ification.

The post-dinner games are still continuing one hour later. The room shakings, the over-extended coughing of putative "residents" (louder today), sneezing through the wall from the bathroom etc. As a bonus, the perps have increased the emanations off the LCD display and make reading web pages almost problematic. But there is a plan; the room shaking (with noise of the "source" front door closure) is also timed to happen just when my eyes momentarily close from the perturbing emanations. More coincidences to deal with. And at 5 to 7 room shakings every ten minutes, and at 5 to 10 seconds apart sometimes, it gets to be fucking tedious.

Another new perp game is to have the mouse pointer jump by itself, by no action of mine, and select a whole new page I had no plan in displaying. It is a case of "we need x in your face now".

More front door closure noise with augmentation and a room shaking with a simutaneous zap added into it. I fucking hate being zapped, and yet the sickos keep this up. The operative came from outside, closed the door, came to the adjacent bathroom, stayed there for two minutes and did nothing except flush the toilet, then left again to create another room shaking. This is fucking sick.

The bizarre holiday like parody of "spray the halls" erupted again. An aerosol spray from the manager opening up his door, spraying air freshener and then disappearing into his room again. Which tells me, this very moment is a higher stakes energetics data collection time, hoping for a augmentative hit from my olafactory (smell) system, as the smell rapidly (mysteriously) percolates into my room through the spaces under the door. All part of this comedy show if I wasn't in it.

Another noise flurry; motorcycle noise (near incessant), water in pipes, overhead clunking, next door bathroom heating register kicking, door slamming and room vibration and someone tromping up the stairs. This is happening while I am looking at images of the moon, as the perps have me on an obsession over anomalous structures, and then jerk with my availibility of images and create a protracted game out of it. Enough for a blog posting, I hope my mind-controlled typos and syntax jerkarounds aren't too prevalent.

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