Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another Bead Shop Stalk

The usual parade of operatives in their entrances and exits, either at the front door to "cause" this room to shake, or the next door bathroom where they seem to hang about and then flush the toilet, bang the heating register or otherwise bring their noise acts closer to me than from their supposed rooms. And that was on top of what they did last night while keeping me awake for three hours alternating the lie of my head, right then left in a more aggressive cycling, often only a minute before mandatory head flip time. During this episode, the cougher/hacker act "decided" to come to the next door bathroom and pull this stunt when they have a sink in their room. Very curious. The overhead pounding noise also arrived about the time that a cat-like scratching noise erupted in my room, hidden from view of course.

That followed the rare opportunity of the perps allowing me to listen to music samples on CDBaby last night. Another integrated event was to force me to take a shit, the identical follow-up activity to the previous music listening occasion of two days ago. This time they didn't force a shower cleanup or have a gangstalker/operative waiting to get in without his shirt on.

I am due to head out and aid my mother in a third repeat visit to downtown for her specific shopping and then to the bead shop with a likely lunch afterward. If this sounds familiar, it is, and has been written up in past postings, though there will be some new stunts, and repeats of old ones.

Maybe they will enhance the black dude exposure; there was two yesterday, and the latter one was on a very loud Harley motorcycle, one of the major noisestalking noises of the past three years. So it would seem that this integrates their deep neural noise detection to the color of his skin as he moves away (distance dependent fuckery), one of the brown color problems the assholes created for themselves on account of their colossal stupidity in my child development period. Though to be accurate, I don't know for sure if the perps chose to create these color traumatization associations at the time, or if it was on account of their hubristic stupidity over their ignorance of the day. Anyhow, 4.5 years of not being able to take a shit without fearing toilet blockings and/or a shower to clean up their shit plastering act is an obscene intrusion on top of all the others.

There was a supreme ambulatory gangstalk time while downtown with my mother on the above itinerary. More of the weird crowd, garish anoraks, MIB loiterers; too many to recount. And at least two of seen-before operatives who circulate around me in clothing stores and then are suddenly gone. Today's themes were grey and white haired, elderly, a bad wig job, chemo treatment-like covering of all head hair with a hat, obesity, and brown clothing. The brown skinned East Indian came with the young blonde woman in the next booth in the restaurant. One of my Forestry classmates was on the street in a crutches act on the street, we looked at each other, and "I" wasn't moved to speak with him, a mind-control fuckover stunt as this has never happened before. And follow-on gangstalkings; the cashier at the tea shop "happened" to arrive in the restaurant 30 min. later, three blocks away, and then a MIB act at the latter location "happened" to be on the street some blocks away 20 minutes later.

Onto more music sampling; an opportunity to not be dealing with harassment detail all the time. not that I have escaped; every 30 minutes or so a room shake comes through to rattle this desk, my hand, and the LCD display. Masers and plasma beams on the side or in front of me perp usual.

There a TV stalking in hallway; it arrived late yesterday and now has a black coat on it for color reference games. And more crumbs are "arriving" in my room; black, white and brown in the morning to accompany the mealtimes. The usual cereal is now pre-spotted with black and white speckles (on brown flakes) from the package. Before, the perps would add these into the bowl after I poured the milk in since 2005, but is now in a "ready to colorstalk" state.

I figured this was coming; the perps are creating outside noise to penetrate through the headphones while listening to music. Now I have the assholes flicking lights in the adjacent parking lot if I remember something of my recall they cannot yet fuck with. Enough for a post, even if all the eventfulness on the 1.5 hour downtown gangstalk hasn't been detailed.

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