Friday, December 01, 2006

Laundry and Other Stalkings

It was a laundry day today, and that is a perp fetish; that is, they assign an inordinant amount of effort in gangstalking me during that activity. And they even caused the liquid detergent in a tighly closed leakproof bottle to leak on the way back onto the newly laundered sheets. This is in addition to the blood marks they added about 6 weeks ago, and the blood spatter added three weeks ago. And at no time did I ever have any cuts or lesions from where it could come, and am curious as to how it got there under the pillow but did not mark it. As for the spatter, there is even less of a cover story as to how it got there weeks later, as it requires some kind of physical action to scatter it. Another example of the perp's abilities to manage unconventional energies to apply extra-conventional physicalities at a distance.

I have been blanked out as there were a few topics in mind that somehow haven't been recalled, a common enough experience with these assholes on top of every thought and how it conforms to what they have programmed me to write or say. Last night there were more ructions for which they woke me up to hear the pounding of the floor of the room overhead, and they put a zap into it to simutaneously to piss me off and complain out loud. This would of been sometime around 0400 - 0600h, as they let me sleep until 0900h again for a 10 hour total, 2 more than needed. This is the same thoughtstalking activity that has been covered in other blogs, and it is always similar; wake me up enough to think about things, and at the planned moment/thought, they pound the floor in the room overhead. Fucking rude and sick and I have no idea where this is going, as all I know is overt harassment for 4.5 years, where even the smallest and long running routine has to be perturbed and fucked with; taking a piss, shaving, putting something away on a shelf, etc. The current favorite of the juvenile assholes is to suck the tea bag tag (at the end of a string) into the central retaining basket of the teapot while the hot water is being poured into it. Now playing for four straight days.

The laundromat experience was the usual parade of strange acts culminating in a blonde woman who I "sort of" recognized. (Read, mind-controlled recall depletion as I never ever forgot a face after the first sighting until today). She was in a mid brown wool garment coat, and she just had to hang about and view the magazines behind me with the usual rudeness of the last one who pulled this stunt. "Excuse me" just doesn't fit the perp's vocabulary anymore.

The perps had a mega pickup truck in a dark metallic red color parked behind me while I was reading a magazine for the entire 1.5 hour stay at the laundromat. It was on the other side of the windows, and that too is an attraction for the sickos, as glass gives them problems in remotely reading energy interactions IMHO.

An effective defence might be to mix equal parts of iron dust, glass dust, and titanium dioxide dust and coat it onto fabric panels underneath one's clothes. This deals with creating a variable electromagnetic field, a light scattering and a sidereal energy scattering (says Tom Bearden) respectively. The perps have blocked my access to obtaining the first item years ago, and I haven't bothered to check since. I also know they burned a hole in a coat of mine that had a shiny near reflective lining, and they also stole a vest that had magnets sewn in for "magnetic therapy". That they let me buy it, or more likely mind-controlled me to acquire it, and then stole it two weeks later suggests they are flying by the seat of their pants, or at least then in late 2002. But it kept the head pains away, and the doctor had nothing to say about that.

There are many TI's who investigate devices and shielding to relieve themselves of the harassment, and often the pains and immediate suffering will be ameliorated, which is all for the good. Though in my now "mature phase" of harassment, any of the earlier ameliorative objects will aid the perps, as they like to get me around electromagnetic devices like cell phones, although only in short durations. My acquisition of cell phone service was duly taken out by the assholes after a month and a half, and they only let me listen to 10 CD's with headphones on before they stopped that. The Grado headphones with the bigger magnets have been fucked with and only one channel comes through, another example of jerking me around.

The perps have been busy on the musical parking lot stalls today and made sure I noticed their rapid turnovers. There was a mid metallic brown Vovo 244 in the stall of the parking lot outside my room, which I passed when coming back from the laundromat. They then replaced it with a ~2000 model silver-grey Volvo 850 wagon, a very good looking model before Volvo "jelly-beaned" them with the V series and had the doors sculpted as if someone had stove into them. That lasted about five minutes before it took off, and within a minute a mid-grey 2 seat sports car Pontiac arrived in the adjacent stall. It is a regular visiting vehicle, and starred in the recent snowfall to be the last one to gangstalk me at the window. Then a dark metallic green minivan arrives in the stall vacated by the silver-grey Volvo, and it is parked there for about five minutes and then departs. Then a white minivan arrives shortly to park in the vacated stall. All this vehicular turnover action in 20 minutes or less, when there really isn't the traffic to support this activity. Anyhow, I do sense from the perps' activities that there are residual energies being left behind in the asphalt, and that there are some related chromatic properties still problematic. Meanwhile, they cook me all the time with their plasmic irradiations, and are continuing in harassing me for all their large energetics assay objectives aside from mind-control; e.g. food digestion, asphalt interaction, laundry interaction, shaving energetics, metal contact energetics, elimination energetics, specific color interaction (red, yellow, green, brown), inter-racial energetics etc.

Anyhow, the overhead pounding has started up, and the typo fucking is getting severe, time to log off for a later blog posting.

The overhead pounding has started up again in earnest; anytime I note some bizzare Windows behavior, a mighty clunk comes down from overhead.

More bizzare harassment is that the perps don't like me to look at what I am doing, and re-direct my attention to elsewhere which gives them a golden opportunity to fuck with the outcome; run my hand into something, cause the item to slip from my grasp, all that minutae.

The games with the putative residents of hilarious over-exaggerated coughing in the hallway continues outside my door. It is meant to be pathetic sounding, and my door being the magnet for all the coughing games as well as litter that "happens" in the hallway.

The perps went hard on vision assaults first thing in morning; they attacked me doing my routine activities, and seem to think that my vision is their playground. And as I write this, I am getting more overhead clunking, exactly over my head, and somehow, the "person" upstairs, the putative cause in conventional terms, knows where I am sitting.

Another game has been to shoot sharp transitory (mostly) pains in my ass or my leg. In the latter case they scripted it for putting the fry pan on and pouring the olive oil in it and kept the pain persistent for a minute or so, likely to force me to touch and lift my jeans and examine the location for the "cause". All part of the game, laying on this gigantic game of pretend, meanwhile I cannot type my name out with coughing, pounding, building shaking or such adroitly timed simutaneous scripted noise .

More website spoofing is going on; mispellings are planted as well as repeat phrases re-injected into the story for me to find. (No reward though). They also play games with upper and lower case text, mixing them up; sometimes the same web page will be altered when coming back to it. And they have taken to displaying the top of the web page when coming back to it, where I would have been deeper down in the file. This is to force more sight-seeing for them, as they want me to review the page again. This is on top of the link color annotation stripping they do, and they have kept this up since my PC was rebuilt in October, only a month and a half ago.

And more masers hopping about; a pair of fuzzy grey spots are circulating between me and the LCD display, and they manipulate them left and right and put a big slo-pitch arc in the trajectory.

More head pain unless I complain out loud; then they back off and try again. Meanwhile protracted bathroom use is going on next door and the front door closures are also causing this room to shake. All part of the "under the microscope" experience that goes on 24x7. Time to blog off.
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