Sunday, December 17, 2006

Squeak On

The squeak of a door that is not there seems to be the preferred sudden onset noise the perps are laying on after a relatively quiet morning. Nothing like yesterdays flurries of noise with alternating all-quiets. This squeak sound emantes from the hallway but is not associated with any human movement so I can assume that it is a planted noise by way of their projected sound capabilities. At about >30 times per day, it is a whole lot of egress over something that isn't tied to operatives' activities.

The perps created another mess of coffee grounds on the work surface, this time they "flew" some 12" from the pot, and absolutely none of it came from me carefully loading the Bodum pot. Past readers will know that coffee mess is a stunt that goes back decades. I am now knowledgeable for the reason that my brother would regularly do this after I cleaned the kitchen up when living with my parents. And also, the insoucient attitude that went with it; "Who me?", "Yes you, just like the last time, and the one before that...".

Another nightime wake up so to be noise stalked again, though nothing too blatant this time. This episode was good for some 30 minutes at least, and no doubt all these awakenings are an attempt to build a complete night's profile of light sleep. What they did do though was to supply faint electronic cheeping noises while I was awake. Seeing that they have kept me without sleep for three days in their past antics, I wonder why they are so genteel about this now. Perphaps all that hyper-depravity of chasing me up and down I5 in Seattle and Puget Sound all night in 2002 didn't accomplish much except to expend my financial resources.

Another round of pissing me off through cooking dinner has ended, and now it is overhead clunking and squeaking time, the post-meal digestive period which is of extreme interest to the perps these days. And they have been on this one ever since they went overt in 2002, and proceeded to crap upon ever aspect of my existence, as if they hadn't already. But in fact, they were only introducing themselves in their depraved way, jerking me around in more ways that I never thought possible. Most of that is in the story, which is out of date, but serves as a starter because the reality is that the perps have been on me since birth, and ditto for my daughter. Anyhow, water under the bridge, as it boils down to day to day functionality; what got broken, fucked with, soiled, "used up" or "worn out" (prematurely), stolen, moved etc. Then on that, add the overhead of someone derailing your thoughts in adapting to the latest stunts, and very possibly guiding "one's" entire response, if not controlling it. And so it goes, being singled out to be fucked with and letting the entire city in on the act, if not by knowledge, then by financial compensation. It is a 24x7 criminal operation and to think that they have owned this town for decades. Enough on that.

As I begin this, the sudden squeak noise erupts to noisestalk me in making the decision to blog the missing bookmarks that "I" had just discovered. Then the assholes spoofed the web sites that had the link and thereby ensuring more futility. That is the big game these days, offering/giving/instiganting and then withdraw the object of it all by arranging vexacious jerkarounds. Same line that other TI's get, though in differing forms, and possibly less of it. For me, it is an every day occurence.

The perps are going hyper on noisestalking me as I elect to open a new web page, or think of another topic to write about. And they are reprising yesterday's colossal smell, even though the putative cause, cleaning of the bathroom does not smell (today) anywhere nearly as strong. In fact, I didn't notice it this morning, though the bathtub was sparking clean, there was no associated noise activity. Another one of those "suddenly got done" events, just like the wires in the sidewalks that are getting placed on my beat. There are small yellow plastic tags to denote"Buried Cable". but as there is no civic use, and no civic maintenance activity for installation, I can only assume the perps are putting this in the ground for reading me and everyone else that travels by.

Now my vocalizations are getting noisestalked; these are the litany of swearing and taunts directed to the perps assholes in response to their stunts, and as when I complain out loud, these too are being accompanied by planned environmental noises.

And the perps are creating more ear popping noise which is not related to any ostensible cause. The assholes are starting up a major typo sabotage, time to break off.

I am at my parents' place for Sunday Family Gangstalking; Their PC is purposely pathetic and the Start bar is vertically arranged on the right side. Of course they would suggest my daughter changed it, but rest assured, all these games of placement of dialog boxes, scroll bars, windows, and every static feature of the diplay as well as color is of immense interest to the perps. Never mind the temporal component for now, as it seems too much for them to handle as they even let me in on a Firefox extension, Ad Block (?) which is very good at removing all the ads and the frenetic clutter it brings.

The perps put on their best emo-trashing games again; when watching 60 Minutes they had me nearly blubbering over two pieces; the Holocaust records being opened up and the one of the foster girl finding her mother and extended family and wanting to move in. This just pisses me off no end that the emotions they plant on me are not of my own origin, but some sick mind-fucker jerking me around.

Naturally, the plasma and masers were flying around and no one said anything. Anyhow, this blogging is a chore under these circumstances, especially with the erratic mouse and the typo sabotage. The vertical scroll is missing and I cannot re-read ths blog to catch yet more typo sabotage; I am publishing anyway.

Noisestalked Words ju Jour

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