Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Knife Instead of a Fork

This I predicted over two years ago; the perps had me pull a knife from the drawer when I wanted a fork, and "I" wasn't let in on this until 20 seconds later. I always use a fork for my lunch and dinner, now for a lifetime, and the assholes had me take the wrong implement out. The assholes are sabotaging typing again, the latest trick is to hide the cursor and have me complain out loud, and then it suddenly appears.

I will repeat my perspective on these "errors" of fundamental and/or long habituated knowledge; either they represent deep neurological impairments that a neurologist should examine, or it is mind-control from a distance. Nothing in between, and I am willing to debate that one anytime with any clinical representative. And funny, how "I" never remember to mention this dichotomy to the doctor whenever I see him, just to push that lark some. ADD, the only real diagnosis I have, cannot account for why this is happening, and that it suddenly occurs in this 4.5 year long overt harassment.

I think I solved the mystery as to why the perps took out my copy of my anti-virus software; they wanted me to order and install it, for the purposes of creating another noisestalking event. As mentioned in past blogs, they have an obsession over all things (of mine) financial, and they wanted an in-room order and transaction, and so, what better than ordering online?

And while doing so, including the protractions by way of sabotage, the perps moved their operatives up and down the stairway noisily, through the front door to have it shake this room, had them chatting in the hallways, still coughing away (they never get better), and other noise events. Meanwhile, while they sabotaged online form filling, password entry (twice), re-displayed the same page three times because the activation code was to have dashes embedded in it (a first), held up the install because the anti-virus software was already running (without updates), and otherwise made it a total pain in the ass while their noise flurry was on. Been there, done that. Not good enough for the sickos, they keep hammering on me for something else to happen, whatever that is.

The perps are laying on their vision impairment games while reading the news online; it was bad enough when dealing with the online form filling to order the software.

Another zapping, this one with simutaneous coughing that erupted in the bathroom next door. It is just the latest assault method, and I am truly pissed at being the subject of this depravity that is out of control. Why cannot I be left alone? I have been fucked with enough, right down to what air I breathe, and it is extremely disconcerting to be jerked around at any moment of one's existence, including typing this very complaint. (Typo sabotage).

The perps got me plenty pissed off while making dinner, as they do everytime; the most enraging stunt was to foil my left hand grasp when attempting to grab the tortilla; they kept moving it away from my fingers until the right hand grasp made it more convenient. Another was to slide the frypan on the burner (a level surface) as if it were gliding on ice. Naturally both hands were tied up at that very moment, adding to the consternation as I couldn't easily remediate the stunt.

And to think, I have made the same dinner and used mostly the same ingredients for over 4.5 years and they are still harassing the living shit out of me with their action-at-a-distance stunts and won't declare themselves and their objectives. Truly pathetic and supremely depraved.

The perps are up to their games again; deleting one page of a thre page printout, the one with the most important information, the activation code for the anti-virus software download. The solution, per script, is to paste it into Wordpad and print from there. This juvenilty is a big deal for the assholes, and I have no idea why. And another part of it is to print one form in light grey, and another in black on white. Then they jerked me out of staples, and when I was to grasp a bulldog clip instead, they would let me hang onto it, but kept it slipping in my grasp for 30 seconds.

And in another harassment event, they wouldn't let me separate pages of the newspaper, the weekly. "My" fingers were kept from separating the pages for 20 seconds per time, all for some juvenile sickness they have and won't remedy. Fucking sick.

It is cell phone ring-a-ding time; a new stunt where "neighbor's" cell phones ring and they don't pick them up, just for more noise variety it would seem. Funny this hasn't happened before

A male jocularity and cheering event is playing out next door; as usual, a Cheers-like conviviality happens, and all are buddies, at least for the show they are all watching next door.

And it was the same at the laundromat this morning; a strange conviviality with a "regular", who is happening to be there when I visit, usually Thursdays or Fridays, and hanging around to do his laundry (today at least). He also makes a big deal out of hanging about in the doorway, taking a full minute to finish his jive-talking and actually exit the building. He might be one of my former employer's workers, and went by the name of Mac when I knew him.

And the story on Mac was a slight morphover version of him came as a member of the moving crew in 2005, and as soon as I figured out it was him, they swapped him out because he "got sick".

The perps are also moving me into different seats, and have my usual E. facing ones filled with operatives or other shills. But the W. facing seats face the major artery of Cook St, and at least 30 pit lamping vehicles came with headlights trained on me in the chair inside the laundromat. Someone had that one figured out long ago, perhaps even decades. Naturally the vehicles came in slowly and often dithered about to give me more time to be in their headlights.

And the perps are also giving the headlights strange properties of being brighter and having some kind of beam that has broken rays emanating from the lights. And in this arrangement, they will have their gangstalkers backlit, with the source behind them, as if the bright light were needed to energetically differentiate the stalker from me.

I went for a late evening grocery shop, and I had plenty of street and gangstalker action. Three dudes of the color spectrum, one with a blue jacket, one in red and the other in yellow happened to be walking three abreast toward me on a sidewalk of a major artery road called Cook St when outbound to the grocery store. No big deal, could be innocent. And is is still a fluke when the same three are coming at me on the same stretch of the sidewalk in the opposite direction when I am returning 15 minutes later with my groceries? I don't think so, and there are too many of these coincidences going on.

Anyhow, the perps would have me purchase my drinking water in the late evening for over a year, and they stopped that once I sold my vehicle. But now, they have resumed that stunt, though I don't know if it is good or bad. Are they getting closer or are they floundering? They still have me off fruit and red onions, as "I" never remember to get those items any more.

The perps never miss a move; I open my window for air, and within 10 minutes they have scripted a cougher below my window.

A two siren noisestalking event with a simutaneous wall basher from the operative in the bathroom next door. It is the new gangstalker protocol; slam the door, kick the shared heating vent, slam the intervening wall (while pretending to be going to the bathroom), slam the toilet seat and add a few more once the putative reason to be there is accomplished. Yet another collective behavior change in my midst.

Time to bail, the emanations from this LCD display are very strong tonight.
Noise/thought stalked terms du jour;
ether, action-at-a-distance, molecule (2)

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