Saturday, December 16, 2006

Noise Flurries & All-Quiets

Another 11 hour sleep, with one awakening to hear the orchestrated noises, and likely, to add to the perps' ongoing deep neural noise association over the nightime hours. Presently there is a smell offensive on, some kind of cleaner smell from the hallway has erupted though no one is actually undertaking the task.

There have been on-off noise and activity flurries since I got up and continue to the present. At one juncture when shaving, three vehicles simutaneously arrived in the adjacent parking lot, then nothing for 20 minutes, then a exodus flurry. When I first got up there were four crimson red vehicles parked in the adjacent lot and adjacent street with one mobile, driving between the parked street vehicles. All the same color of red, and all in differing modes of orientation and mobility.

A pre-lunch smell offensive continued and was the reason for opening the window wider, and still the smell of cleaning agent permeated the room. Nothing like yesterday where the wind swept through a narrow window opening and coursed through the room where I was in bed 8' away. Then the rain followed to complement the perversity.

And there are hyper moments of activity and noise followed by an all-quiet spell, even the arriving vehicles make less noise under these latter circumstances. And the perps have me cranked up to be totally intolerant of their incursions, and spooked by the all-quiet spells. It is a day of feeling strange, from the managed environmental activity to the mind-fuck games of feeling disassociated and stoned almost. In this case, that strongly suggests the de-energization of my brain's temporal lobes, and the assholes attempting to dig deeper into the neural structures they cannot yet fuck with from remote locations.

This is not unlike the games they play with my hands, numbing them down when used on the mouse or often in bed. What they have to gain by this I am not sure, but the acupuncture diagrams of the meridians of energy in the hands suggests they are high energy areas of the body. Hence all those goofy nose touching, ear rubbing, neck rubbing games that go on when the operatives are on ambulatory gangstalk duty. Like peas in a pod, on the street, on the bus, in elevators and escalators, their hand signals and hand energetics games are uniformly similar. A new one a few days ago was pointing the index finger at the ground. Fucking bizarre.

The glass bottle bashing act has resumed today as part of the noise and activity offensive; I should be prepared for a full noise spectrum today, and somehow the anticipatroy thoughts don't come to mind like they usually do. More managed mind-fucking to serve the sickos' agenda.

Recall the Cling Wrap harassment; today for the first time in four years the Cling Wrap behaved normally. One hopes that facet of normality will spread to other parts of my life.

The perps have invaded the one peaceable activity they allowed me over the last week; they have spoofed the mp3 files I was listening to by adding in screaming noise in two independent files (different artists). The second I stop Realplayer and take off the headphones, they begin pounding the floor above me. Obviously they expected great things from that stunt, but I am totaly pissed they have polluted music listening. If I have any say in matters, I won't be listening to another music download until those assholes are long gone.

So much for the notion that normality might seep back into my life; more continued depravity of the first order, spoofing music and introducing sick minded noise into it. Though it is not the first time the perps made modification to my music. They have degraded the sound to make it unlistenable and have swapped CD's on me, the one I put in the player isn't there, but another one is in its place.

A serial parade of operatives has been coming down the stairs and entering the bathroom next door to my room. The question is, why don't they use the bathroom upstairs? And besides, about 1% of their visiting the bathroom sounds authentic; mostly they are loitering and then flush the toilet as some kind of cover story that does not add up. Rarely to they even pee in there. The most visible evidence is the cigarette ash they leave in the sink, and yet there is no smell of smoking going on, and nor is there a fan to duct away smoke. Anyhow, the entire train of visiting operatives is most mysterious as to what they are doing in the bathroom.

The plasma and maser games continue as an everyday and all day phenonmenon; sometimes the perps have these arrive from outside my room, and travel through the window toward me where they seem to dissapate before hitting me. Once when out running I felt a whack to my eyeball and saw a striated pattern etched on my retina. The only possible source was a pickup truck parked 30' away, and when I got to it, the headlight had exactly the same pattern etched in my retina. So it would seem that the perps drove an invisible spectral beam at my eye (IR or UV), to the level that it powerful enough to be felt, and could do this remotely by co-opting the optics of extant objects without anyone knowing it was done. And they could hit my eyeball with me moving (running) at the time. Which is a good demonstration as to how accurately they can target a person with a light beam anytime they want to, as they would have to get the beam through the pupil of my eye, something that also changes in dimension, though not radically. This wasn't the only time I felt a whack from a beam to my eyes, but it was the one time I could identify the source.

Enough of the sicko anecdotes for today, and call this a posting, and before long, go to bed and hope that the perps aren't anywhere as hyper tommorrow as they were today. They now have two continuous days of shut-in time which, from experience, makes them extra aggressive in gangstalking the next time out.

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