Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Notice

A notice to anyone who reads this, and there is no counter on this site for me to know if anyone does, but here will be limited blog postings as I will be going to the Harassment Den itself, my parents' place in town for three days.

They have a CRT display and the perps like me to stay away from magnets these days. Accordingly, their mouse is now "malfunctioning" and the opportunity to freely blog is constrained to say the least.

And, in this part of the world, there is Boxing Day, another statutory holiday that follows Christmas Day, and this makes for more "time off" from the real world, as I know it in this perverted netherworld I am cast into. And so, have a unharassed Christmas, about the only ture blessing that I know of. And if you aren't harassed, revel in that, as this infernal purgatory is the most depreaved and venal sentence.

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