Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Backpack Squad

The backpack is one of the most widely utilized "extras" among ambulatory gangstalker, more than plastic bags even. I can only surmise that it offers extra color-energetics interaction on the person's back, the seeming all important body area that the gangstalkers like to present and I assume, measure. One TI told me that the perps read one's back, or spine, like an aerial, and this may well be true, although for more than electromagnetic energies IMHO.

And also, there is a big surge on of gangstalkers changing their clothes in public, often outside their vehicle, as some kind of between state of color interaction (vehicle and garment color).

The vision impairments have been stepped up this morning, and not just when reading or typing from this LCD display. They can selectively dither the appearance of an object in vision or of the light properties itself. And more fogging of my glasses is "erupting"; it can be coffee or the accumulated "crud" that arrives on my glasses ovenight.

And with an inordinant 10.5 hour "sleep" time, the perps have launched a near continuous noise assault all morning. A barrage it seems, and the coughing and hacking noise of the "neighbor" is front and center. And the assholes make sure that I am particularly irritated by this noise, and don't consign it to being another "background noise".

Another harassment trait of late has been cranking up the temperature of this room, and naturally, there are no heat controls anywhere in here or in the hallway. They also have heaters installed overhead at the checkout area of the grocery store and make sure that I am "toasted" when making the transaction of purchase along with the simutaneous coughing and hacking, closing in shuffling of gangstalkers and the rest of the games/ambient action that go with purchasing anything.

The noise and vibration barrage continues; three room shaking front door closures 20' away inside of one minute, that is busier than a frat house. The glass bottle bashing act now comes from two locations, the room to the east, and from outside, the west. Everything I do is getting noisestalked; even picking something up, touching a brown crumb that ejected from my tortillas at lunch etc. And, it is not only noise, but also the constant room vibrations and often the "instant crumbs" that can arrive in my face or on nearby surfaces, usually in a contrasting color. It should also be mentioned, though I may correctly assume that readers might know, but in addition, there are constant occurences of masers and plasma beams, even on this display as I type this. The first mentioned are seen as point sources of light, grey beams, fuzzy grey balls hopping in formation in my visual field, and also as trails and squiggles that shift about, all in a unitary formation. The plasma beams are less varied, though there is a huge color variance in these subsecond light flashes, usually projecting off nearby objects, often as a "alternate" color and spatial representation. Just a normal day, save a greater frequency and variability of occurrences.

It is the continuation of what has been going on all morning, this being the post-lunch digestive period that the perps like to noisestalk so much. And they are getting more daring/experienced in their location of specifically colored parked vehicles. This morning they put on an unheard of four brown vehicles in the adjacent parking lot and street parking, and after that, a deep burguncy colored vehicle flanked by two white vehicles, again on the street, some 60' away. It would seem that the perps' color games are now able to be employed at greater distances than before, and this would aid in their objective of understanding all interacting color and energetics of a given individual (me, presently).

And the perp's cut that was inflicted on my left thumb has healed in an unusual manner; it is still bright red instead of a scab brown, is larger than it was when they first ripped my skin, and has a reflective and smooth surface to it. I have never seen any cut or abrasion heal, if that is the right word, so oddly, and there were no unusual causal events. There might be no coincidence that a similarly colored vehicle has been parked in view of my window all day today, along with the regular black colored one. More who knows, as I am the last to know.

The coup de gras of vehicle color and model, a brown Volvo 245 (my former vehicle model), "somehow" arrived in the adjacent parking lot outside my window. It must have been teleported in as I did not hear it arrive, even with the window open. I only heard it start up and depart, likely because of too much brown exposure time, a parameter the perps seem to govern assiduously. This "brown color exposure time" applies to vehicles, clothing of ambulatory gangstalkers (especially blondes), and to skin color of the same. The perps sickos usually arrange a fleeting exposure time to blacks, in the order of less than a minute, and are currently playing games in spoofing their televised and real-world appearance by having them look blacker than they already are. Whatever is the perps' problem with the color brown isn't mine, so why am I being harassed over this every waking minute?

And as part of the "brown color chronicles/perversity", the perps also stuck some shit on the inside of the toilet bowl this morning, the communal bathroom being a singular disadvantage for me, and a riotous coup for the assholes that sustain this juvenility. Said shit was resistant to being flushed away, and was eventually cleaned up by the manager who somehow knew about it, though not by visiting this stunt in person. A prediction for 2007; more of this stunt, as they seem to be on a shit obsessive streak these days. And it is no coincidence that my brother has a colonoscopy in two weeks, his first 4 year "inspection", for whatever the original problem was. And of coincidental interest, that was just before the perps went into overt harassment (BOH) in 2002, and timed within weeks of my sort-of-girlfriend at the time, who had one also. There is much more of a story to unfold on this one, and who knows how else such intimate color energetics information is obtained, though cattle mutilations are one that fits the profile (anus core samples). War zones might be another.

More room shakings and noise all afternoon. Sometimes three room shakings a minute, all under the cover story of being a rooming house egress when it seems that I am the center of attention, even if unacknowledged. I have mentioned in the past that the last apartment residence I had, a 10 story concrete building of 140 suites, appeared to have only one occupant, and that was me. There too, there was noise assaults, some being identical to here (e.g. overhead clunking and zapping), but when it came time to view the residents when a 0300h fire alarm stunt was pulled, there were very few people on the street. It was all about having me walk the neighborhood at that time of day while the fire department played up the notion of a fire as I came to experience it later when I returned.

Just to think that the LEO forces in this city, police, fire department and emergency attendents are falling over backwards to aid the perps, when their colleague in New York City got snuffed on 09/11/2001. When are these insufferable stooges going to connect the dots and tie these two events together? And for making that comment I got some extra overhead clunking and water in pipes noise added into the mix.

A new aerial "popped up" overnight and is visible where I eat by the window. It has the innocous appearence of being a TV antenna, and just like the one that was erected opposite my parents' house, likely in honor of me staying the odd night there. And when I looked at this new antenna, some 300+ feet away, a silvery blackish emanation came off it and was directly aimed at me, though there was no impact or other adverse event. As I have written before, there are way too many aerials in this town, and some are even arranged for dips in the road where there is a likely shadow from a larger aerial complex nearby.

A session in backing up my blog files on a local disk; this too is an object of intense interest for the perps and is likely related to their same interest in select, cut/copy and paste. The entire rooming house went quiet while I was doing this, save the church bell they were ringing. And it can be considered to be a perp intrusion as it rings any time the assholes want it too, including weekday mornings when I am about to get out of bed. The church is a short block away, and is of Ukranian denomination. Beyond that, I am no expert on what goes on there each day, but the bell ringing seems to have a remarkable coincidence with my activities, not unlike all other noises.

More clunking overhead; the assholes seem to pose questions to my internal voice and when I answer, they pound the floor over top of me, finding my position exactly. Then they have me yell at the supposed asshole, though normally I don't do this. And there may have been a simutaneous zap in the mix just to piss me off all the more.

More zapping, this time simutaneously with the suddent onset squeak noise of no attributable cause that erupts from the hallway. The perps seem to know which sounds are highly annoying for me, and emphasize those with the extra zapping for more piss-off result.

nother press suicide I read; Paul Sanford

a prominent Aptos, California, attorney, who accused Karl Rove of treason in the Plame outing case, took a leap from the Embassy Suites Hotel in Monterey Bay on Christmas Eve. Police describe it as "probable" suicide, even though it appears Sanford was not depressed.

I do not know his work or his circumstances, but I will say from personal experience that the perps can suck you down into places that you never dreamed could be so bleak. Therefore, I treat all such stories with a measure of circumspection and ponder how they might have been a pain in the ass for prominent politicians. I won't make a call on this one as to what really transpired, but there is a history of some reporters who have irked the powers that be who have come to a premature end, even if it might be a disease or some seeming "natural" cause.

Blogging off...

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